Extremadura in a bag


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Extremadura in a bag

  1. 1. EXTREMADURA IN A BAG Roman helmet – The helmet represents our history. The Romans lived in our lands for six centuries. There are plenty of Roman remains everywhere in Extremadura. One of the most representative sites is the Roman Theatre in Mérida. Arab inscription - (The inscriptionsays Alahhu Akbar-God is great) As part of our history and culture the Moors ruled Extremadura for another five centuries, from the 8th century to the 13th century Emoticon – This ball shows what we are like. We are open, friendly , warm … Acorns – We are nature as well. Acorns grow on holm oaks, which you can see everywhere and pigs are fed on acorn producing high quality pork Grapes – They represent local agriculture. Almendralejo is surrounded by lots of vineyards El Triunfo Sweets – These sweets are well-known in Spain and they are peculiar for their shape. Perrunillas –They represent t our culture and food. These biscuits are made for all kinds of celebrations. They are made with lard, sugar, egg and flour Pantaruja - Traditions. On Bonfire night or noche de las candelas, as we say in Spanish, dolls like this (but bigger) are placed on top of bonfires to keep bad spirits away or as a criticism. This one is a witch but it could also represent a banker. Bankers are not very popular in Spain nowadays. Stork – One of the most representative icons of our region. They have become a symbol of our town as well because they make their nests on top of chimneys and rooftops. There are more than 11000 in the region. Castanets – These are a musical instrument. They are like shells joined by a string and are used in a traditional folk dance called “sevillanas”. Flag – The flag represents our region and the colours have to do with the different people who settled in Extremadura. Apron - It represents our culture. It is from a traditional regional dress that women wear to dance on special occasions.
  2. 2. QUIZ EXTREMADURA 1. What is one of the most representative Roman remains that you can find in Extremadura? a) The Roman Theatre in Mérida b) Hadrian’s Wall c) The Roman Theatre in Seville d) The Temple of Diana in Évora a) How many centuries did the Moors stay in Extremadura? a) Two centuries b) Five centuries c) Six centuries d) They were never in there b) What animals are fed on acorn to get high quality meat? a) Sheep b) Pigs c) Ducks d) Turkeys c) What is the most common landscape around Almendralejo? a) Mountains b) Wineries c) Forests d) Vineyards d) Why are El Triunfo sweets so peculiar? a) For their colour b) For their variety of flavours c) For their shape e) Which of these ingredients is not used to make “perrunillas”? a) Lard b) Flour c) Cream d) Egg f) What is pantaruja? a) Bonfire Night b) A witch c) A bonfire d) A doll placed on a bonfire g) How many storks are there approximately in Extremadura? a) More than 20000 b) More than 11000 c) About 5000 d) Less than 1000 h) In what Spanish dance do the dancers use castanets? a) Bolero b) Paso Doble c) Sevillanas d) Sardana i) What colours are there in the flag of Extremadura? a) Green and white b) Green, white and black c) Black and green