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SkillGapfinder helps students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers. Whether you’re planning ahead for your first career, or thinking about making a career change, SkillGapfinder can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what’s right for you. Our research and data is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere on the subject. And, with dozens of easy-to-use tools, we’ve made getting to that information convenient, simple and fun.

SkillGapfinder is an online career guidance tool designed by qualified professionals, after assessing the intelligence, interest and personality of an individual to identify the careers in which the individual will succeed. It helps students to know about matching occupations based on their level of intelligence, interests, personality and to prepare for appropriate careers. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities along with work characteristics and interest are better identified and assessed through scientifically designed online tools. SkillGapfinder, helps individual to identify their skills gaps compared to the surveyed data across millions of people to the matching and/or desired occupations. This is where scientifically validated career assessment and psychometric tests help in evaluating oneself in a short span of time. It also ensures privacy, as the assessment are fully secure and also can be taken at home online.

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Program Review The SkillGapfinder Career Exploration Program provides high quality, career exploration and planning materials at no cost to schools across the country. The Program encourages students to explore a wide variety of careers, rather than limiting their exploration by telling them what they can or should
  3. 3. Keeping Options Open Planning and decision making will benefit students throughout their lives. Career Development is an Ongoing Process Students’ career plans are in formative stage Career plans develop and change over
  4. 4. Importance of Career Exploration Students make decisions about college or careers before they have spent time thinking about the following key areas: The SkillGapfinder Program gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers using knowledge they have gained about their interests and skills through assessment components and structured
  5. 5. Student Benefits The SkillGapfinder Program encourages students to: • Explore – Learn about themselves and the world of work • Plan – Find out what they need to do to “It’s a great break-down of their types, meet career goals and it links seamlessly to appropriate careers. It also interests students in careers they may • Do not have otherwise considered.” – Take steps toward getting -- High School Counselor skills and qualifications for various
  6. 6. School and Counseling Benefits The SkillGapfinder Program gives schools and counselors: • Comprehensive Career Program – Designed for all students, regardless of future career or educational plans – Aligned with current career development theory and practice • Ready-to-Use Activities – Created to guide students through career and coursework
  7. 7. Educational Benefits • Generates standardized/aggregate test data • Meets many requirements for career exploration • Supplies resources and tools that support state or school district career portfolio requirements • Provides a comprehensive career planning product that doesn’t add to school’s
  8. 8. What are the Main Components?
  9. 9. The Main Components • Multiple-Aptitude test – SkillGapfinder MAP • Interest Inventory – My Interests Profile (MIP) • Career Exploration Tool –
  10. 10. Multiple-Aptitude Test SkillGapfinder MAP Test • Assessment of student’s ability to learn new skills • Predictor of success in training and education programs General Science Arithmetic Reasoning Knowledge of life science, earth and space Ability to solve basic arithmetic word problems science, and physical science Word Knowledge Paragraph Comprehension Ability to understand the meaning of words Ability to obtain information from written through synonyms material Mathematics Knowledge Knowledge of mathematical concepts and
  11. 11. Interest Inventory My Interests Profile (MIP) • 60-item interest inventory • Work-related
  12. 12. Career Exploration Tool OCCU-Match • 900+ occupations • Skill Importance Ratings • Occupational descriptions • Career Category linkages • Descriptions for the 23 career
  13. 13. The Career
  14. 14. Career Workshop Overview Who Runs the Sessions? How Long do They Last? • Education Services • 45-90 minutes Specialists • Customized to fit your • High school counselors schedule What do Students Receive? • SkillGapfinder MAP test results • MIP • Web Access Code for Online search
  15. 15. Interpreting Test Scores SkillGapfinder MAP Test Summary Results Sheet Percentile Scores 11th Grade Female Standard Score Bands 11th Grade SkillGapfinder Result 11th Grade 11th Grade 11th Grade Standard Females Males Students Score Career Exploration Scores 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Technical Skills 44 45 45 X 46 SkillGapfinder Tests General Science 56 43 49 X 49 Arithmetic Reasoning 36 34 35 X 44 Word Knowledge 75 74 75 X 57 Paragraph Comprehension 44 56 50 X 51 Mathematics Knowledge 49 56 53 X 48 20 30 40 50 60 70
  16. 16. Interpreting Test Scores • Score sheets show students’ areas of strength and areas of potential growth • Scores motivate students to go forward • Schools receive roster of scores and electronic aggregate data available upon request • Career resources provide tutorials that show the relationship between test scores and
  17. 17. MIP and OCCU-Match • Reveals work-related interests types that link to career development and enjoyment of life • Exposes students to career exploration opportunities and develop a career focus • Helps students understand difference between careers and work • Validates relationship between strengths and interests • Broadens student exploration of careers vs narrowing
  18. 18. Job Category Job Category are to connect what a student learns in school with future employment or career. • Occupations in OCCU- Match link to Job Category • Descriptions for Job Category and Occupations • Search by Job Category or
  19. 19. Career Planning Materials Classroom Activities • Coursework planning based on career interests and goals • My Educational and Career Plans summary • My SkillGapfinder MAP Test
  20. 20. Is the Program Right for Your School?
  21. 21. How does the SkillGapfinder CEP add value? • Important component in career counseling • Objective ability assessment with links The SkillGapfinder MAT test “is to career planning distinguished by superior norms, a thorough • Appropriate career planning investigation of test fairness, and unsurpassed criterion- tool regardless of post- related validity data.” secondary intentions -- M K Gupta Ability Assessment in Career
  22. 22. Administering the SkillGapfinder Test What Role Does the School Play? • Determines test date • Sets aside a quiet, well-lit room for three hours What Role Does the SkillGapfinder Program Play? • Administers and proctors the test • Arranges follow-up interpretation
  23. 23. Let’s
  24. 24. How the Program Benefits You • The SkillGapfinder Career Exploration Program is a comprehensive program for high school students. • Students explore occupations in line with interests and skills, and develop strategies to realize career goals. • The Program is easily integrated into the high school curriculum. • The Program presents a full-spectrum of career opportunities to