Golden Words of Swami Vivekananda


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Golden Words of Swami Vivekananda

  1. 1. GOLDEN WORDS OFSWAMI VIVEKANANDA2When there isa conflictbetween theheart and thebrain, let theheart befollowed.
  2. 2. 3A man of intellectcan turn into adevil, but never aman of heart.4Religion is not atheoretical needbut a practicalnecessity.
  3. 3. 5Renunciation doesnot mean simplydispassion for theworld. It meansdispassion for theworld and alsolonging for God.6There is no miserywhere there is nowant.
  4. 4. 7The secret of life isnot enjoyment,but educationthroughexperience.8Every newthought mustcreate opposition.
  5. 5. 9Renunciation isthe withdrawal ofmind from otherthings andconcentrating iton God.10Every man whothinks ahead ofhis time is sure tobe misunderstood.
  6. 6. 11In this short lifethere is no timefor the exchangeof compliments.12Do not wait tocross the riverwhen the waterhas all run down.
  7. 7. 13The greatest sin isfear.14Better thescolding of thewise than theadulation of thefools.
  8. 8. 15If you love Godscreation morethan God, you willbe disillusioned.16Everything can besacrificed fortruth, but truthcant be sacrificedfor anything.
  9. 9. 17God has becomeman, man willbecome godagain.18If it is impossibleto attainperfection hereand now, there isno proof that wecan attainperfection in anyother life.
  10. 10. 19That part of theVedas whichagrees withreason is theVedas, andnothing else.20If you want to doanything evil, doit before the eyesof your superiors.
  11. 11. 21Happinesspresents itselfbefore man,wearing thecrown of sorrowon its head.22If one is a slave tohis passions anddesires, onecannot feel thepure joy of realfreedom.
  12. 12. 23If you cant attainsalvation in thislife, what proof isthere that you canattain it in the lifeor lives to come?24Never mind ifyour contributionis only a mite,your help only alittle, blades ofgrass united intoa rope will hold inconfinement themaddest ofelephants.
  13. 13. 25The cow never tellsa lie, and the stonenever steals, but,nevertheless, thecow remains a cowand the stoneremains a stone.Man steals andman tells a lie, and26again it is man thatbecomes the god.When even mannever hears thecries of the fool,do you think Godwill?
  14. 14. 27Strength is life,weakness is death.28Never are thewants of a beggarfulfilled.
  15. 15. 29We want theeducation by whichcharacter isformed, strength ofmind is increased,the intellect isexpanded, and bywhich one can30stand on ones ownfeet.Let the heart beopened first, andall else will followof itself.
  16. 16. 31Tell the man hisdefaults directlybut praise hisvirtues beforeothers.32Activity is life andinactivity is death.
  17. 17. 33Salvation is notachieved byinactivity but byspiritualactivities.34Even the leastwork done forothers awakensthe power within.
  18. 18. 35New things haveto be learned,have to beintroduced andworked out, but isthat to be done by36sweeping awayall that is old, justbecause it is old?The man who sayshe has nothingmore to learn isalready at his lastgrasp
  19. 19. 37As long as I live,so do I learn.38No one can save aperson who hiresa carriage to gofrom one street toanother, and thencomplain ofdiabetes.
  20. 20. 39By the control ofthe subconsciousmind you getcontrol over theconscious.40It is the constantstruggle againstnature thatconstitutes humanprogress, notconformity withit.
  21. 21. 41The very essenceof education isconcentration of42mind, not thecollecting of facts.As we get furtherand further awayfrom sense-pleasures,“knowledge for
  22. 22. 43the sake ofknowledge”becomes thesupreme pleasureof mind.44It is through themany that wereach the one.The soul is the circleof which the
  23. 23. 45circumference isnowhere, but thecenter is the body.God is a circlewhosecircumference isnowhere, but whosecenter iseverywhere.46The body itself isthe biggestdisease.
  24. 24. 47If any one of youbelieves what Iteach, I will besorry. I will onlybe too glad if I canexcite in you thepower of thinkingfor yourselves.48When the world isthe end and Godthe means toattain that end,that is material.When God is theend and the worldis only the meansto attain that end,spirituality hasbegun.
  25. 25. 49The fear of God isthe beginning ofreligion, but thelove of God is theend of religion.50Do not give upanything! Thingswill give you up.
  26. 26. 51The sage is oftenignorant of physicalscience, because hereads the wrongbook- the bookwithin; and thescientist is too oftenignorant of religion,because he reads thewrong book- thebook without.52Experience is theonly source ofknowledge.
  27. 27. 53Do one thing at atime and whiledoing it put yourwhole soul into itto the exclusion ofall else.54Where there islife, there will bedeath; so getaway from life ifyou want to getrid of death.
  28. 28. 55Records of greatspiritual men ofthe past do us nogood whateverexcept that theyurge us onward todo the same, toexperiencereligion ourselves.56We may read allthe Bibles of theworld, but thatwill not give usreligion.
  29. 29. 57The brave alonecan afford to besincere.58The balance is sonice that if youdisturb theequilibrium of oneatom, the wholeworld will come toan end.
  30. 30. 59Save the spiritualstore in your bodyby observingcontinence.60The wicked see inGod wickedness.The virtuous seein Him virtue.
  31. 31. 61When good nectaris unattainable, itis no reason whywe should eatpoison.62Love to enemies isnot possible forordinary men.
  32. 32. 63Everything thatcomes from Indiatake as true, untilyou cogentreasons fordisbelieving it.Everything thatcomes fromEurope take asfalse, until youfind cogent64reasons forbelieving it.
  33. 33. 65The benefit ofYoga is that welearn to controlinstead of beingcontrolled.66Never talk aboutthe faults ofothers, no matterhow bad they maybe.
  34. 34. 67All quarrels anddisputationsconcerningreligion simplyshow that religionis not present.68You must notcriticize others,you must criticizeyourself.
  35. 35. 69What you haveinside you is whatyou see in others.70Our business is toverify not toswallow.
  36. 36. 71How can that beloveless whichcauses love in me?72You cannot judgea man by hisfaults.
  37. 37. 73You must believein yourself andthen you willbelieve in God.74If you are pure, ifyou are strong,you, one man, isequal to the wholeworld.
  38. 38. 75Mother representscolorless love thatknows no barter,love that neverdies.76We trust the manin the street, butthere is one beingin the universe wenever trust andthat is God.
  39. 39. 77My motto is tolearn whatevergood things I maycome acrossanywhere.78The secret ofreligion lies not intheories but inpractice.
  40. 40. 79Seek for thehighest, aim at thehighest, and youshall reach thehighest.80There is an oceanof differencebetween idlenessand renunciation.
  41. 41. 81The self-seekingman who islooking afterpersonal comfortsand leading a lazylife, there is noroom for him evenin hell.82Hope is thegreatest of allmiseries, thehighest bliss lies ingiving up hope.
  42. 42. 83No one eversucceeded inkeeping society ingood humor andat the same timedid great works.84Know that talkingill of others inprivate is a sin.
  43. 43. 85This Atman is notto be attained byone who is weak.86Whatever fostersmateriality is nowork.
  44. 44. 87Why look up tomen forapprobation, lookup to God.88He who knowshow to obeyknows how tocommand.
  45. 45. 89Want of sympathyand lack of energyare at the root ofall misery.90India is the onlyplace where, withall its faults, thesoul finds itsfreedom, its God.
  46. 46. 91It is the heart thatconquers, not thebrain.92All the strength isin you, have faithin it.
  47. 47. 93The body must gono mistake aboutthat. It is better towear out than torust out.94In every attemptthere are manyobstacles to copewith, butgradually thepath becomessmooth.
  48. 48. 95One must raiseoneself by onesown exertions.96Both attachmentand detachmentperfectlydeveloped make aman great andhappy.
  49. 49. 97Where there isstruggle, wherethere is rebellion,there is a sign oflife, thereconsciousness ismanifested.98Isnt it man thatmakes money?Where did youever hear ofmoney makingman?
  50. 50. 99He who alwaysspeculates as towhat awaits himin future,accomplishesnothingwhatsoever.100Fear is one of theworst enemies.
  51. 51. 101If one intends toreally find truth,one must not clingto comfort.102We manufactureour own heavenand can make aheaven even inhell.
  52. 52. 103The satisfaction ofdesire onlyincreases it, as oilpoured on firemakes it burnmore fiercely.104Both happinessand misery arechains, the onegolden, the otheriron; but both areequally strong tobind us.
  53. 53. 105The world isneither true noruntrue, it is ashadow of truth.106Let us get rid ofthe little I and letonly the great Ilive in us.
  54. 54. 107Concentration ofthe mind is thesource of allknowledge.108Keep yourthoughts onvirtue; what wethink we become.
  55. 55. 109What we are, wesee outside, for theworld is ourmirror.110Resist not evil.Face it! You arehigher than evil.
  56. 56. 111Anything we doourselves, that isthe only thing wedo. -----112Be cautious nowand do not bow,however sweet tochains.
  57. 57. 113Anything thatbrings spiritual,mental orphysicalweakness, touch itnot with the toesof your feet.114Everything thathas selfishness forits basis,competition as itsright hand, andenjoyment as itsgoal, must diesooner or later.
  58. 58. 115This is abattlefield, fightyour way out.Make your life amanifestation ofwill strengthenedby renunciation.116Be the witness,never learn toreact.
  59. 59. 117The Hindusbelieve that a manis a soul and has abody, whileWestern peoplebelieve he is abody andpossesses a soul.118Of all thescriptures of theworld, it is theVedas alone whichdeclare that thestudy of the Vedasis secondary.
  60. 60. 119I find thatwhenever I havemade a mistake inmy life, it hasalways beenbecause selfentered into thecalculation.120Never forget thata man is madegreat and perfectas much by hisfaults as by hisvirtues.
  61. 61. 121If a bad timecomes, what of it?The pendulummust swing backto the other side.But that is nobetter. The thingto do is to stop it.122This world is ourfriend when weare its slaves andno more.
  62. 62. 123Whatever othersthink or do, lowernot your standardof purity,morality, and loveof God.124The road to theGood is theroughest andsteepest in theuniverse.Character has to
  63. 63. 125be establishedthrough athousandstumbles.Eating, drinking,dressing, andsociety nonsense126are not things tothrow a life upon.He who is alwaysafraid of lossalways loses.
  64. 64. 127Any amount oftheoreticalknowledge onemay have; butunless one does128the thing actually,nothing is learnt.Dont yield tosorrow;everything is inGods hands.
  65. 65. 129In our moments ofanguish, gatesbarred for everseem to open and130let in many aflood of light.Every bit ofpleasure willbring its quota ofpain, if not with
  66. 66. 131compoundinterest.If one gets oneblow, one must132return ten withredoubled fury,then only one is aman.
  67. 67. 133Dont let egoism toenter your minds,and let love neverdepart from yourhearts.134It is a land ofdreams; it doesnot matterwhether oneenjoys or weeps;they are butdreams, and assuch, must breaksooner or later.
  68. 68. 135He whose joy isonly in himself,whose desires areonly in himself, hehas learned hislessons.136I have worked forthis world, Mary,all my life, and itdoes not give me apiece of breadwithout taking apound of flesh.
  69. 69. 137Devotion to themother is the rootof all welfare.138It is religion, theinquiry into thebeyond, thatmakes thedifferencebetween man andanimal.
  70. 70. 139Dare to be free,dare to go as faras your thoughtleads, and dare tocarry that out inyour life.140Every idea thatstrengthens youmust be taken upand every thoughtthat weakens youmust be rejected.
  71. 71. 141The same fire thatcooks a meal forus may burn achild, and it is nofault of the fire ifit does so; thedifference lies inthe way in whichit is used.142Whatever youthink, that youwill be.
  72. 72. 143The moment youquarrel, you arenot going Godward, you aregoing backward,towards thebrutes.144First learn toobey, thecommand willcome by itself.
  73. 73. 145If there is any sinin the world, it isweakness; avoidall weakness, forweakness is sin,weakness is death.146In other countriesgreat priests tryto trace theirdescent to someking, but here thegreatest kingswould trace their
  74. 74. 147descent to someancient priest.We, as Vedantists,know for certainthat there is nopower in theuniverse to injure148us unless we firstinjure ourselves.Faith, faith, faithin ourselves, faith,faith in God – thisis the secret ofgreatness.
  75. 75. 149To have the idealis one thing, andto apply itpractically to thedetails of daily life150is quite anotherthing.One ounce ofpractice is worthtwenty thousandtons of big talk.
  76. 76. 151Let not your workproduce resultsfor you, and at thesame time may152you be neverwithout work.Religion is not inbooks, nor intheories, nor indogmas, nor in
  77. 77. 153talking, not evenin reasoning. It isbeing andbecoming.This Atman is notto be reached by154too much talk, no,not even by thehighest intellect,no, not even bythe study of Vedasthemselves.Whoever hasdared to touch our
  78. 78. 155literature has feltthe bondage, andis there bound forever.If you haveassimilated five156ideas and madethem your life andcharacter, youhave moreeducation thanany man who hasgot by heart awhole library.
  79. 79. 157No good comesout of the manwho day andnight thinks he isnobody.158Follies there are,weakness theremust be, butremember yourreal nature always– that is the onlyway to cure theweakness, that isthe only way tocure the follies.
  80. 80. 159Everything in thislife is fraught withfear. It isrenunciationalone that makesone fearless.160The true man is hewho is strong asstrength itself andpossesses awomans heart.
  81. 81. 161Verily, these threeare rare to obtainand come onlythrough the graceof God - humanbirth, desire toobtain Moksha,and the companyof the great-souled ones.162Why should youfeel ashamed totake the name ofHindu, which isyour greatest andmost gloriouspossession.
  82. 82. 163This religion is sogreat that even alittle of it brings agreat amount ofgood.164Dont believe whatothers say unlessyou yourselvesknow it to be true.
  83. 83. 165Rise at theexpense ofanother? I did notcome to earth forthat.166Show your powerby suffering.
  84. 84. 167Our miserycomes, not fromwork, but by ourgetting attachedto something.168The man whocant believe inhimself, how canyou expect him tobelieve inanything else?
  85. 85. 169It is better to dosomething; nevermind if it provesto be wrong; it isbetter than doingnothing.170If we cant followthe ideal, let usconfess ourweakness, but notdegrade it; let notany try to pull itdown.
  86. 86. 171If a man possesseseverything that isunder the sun anddoes not possessspirituality, whatavails it?172First formcharacter, firstearn spiritualityand results willcome ofthemselves.
  87. 87. 173If we sit down andlament over theimperfection ofour bodies andminds, we profitnothing; it is theheroic endeavorto subdue adversecircumstancesthat carries ourspirit upwards.174Truth, purity andunselfishness –wherever theseare present, thereis no power belowor above the sunto crush thepossessor thereof.
  88. 88. 175No claim is madeby the doer ofgreat deeds, onlyby lazy worthlessfools.176To know God is tobecome God.
  89. 89. 177Bring in the light;the darkness willvanish of itself.178Ours not toquestion why,ours but to do anddie.
  90. 90. 179Education is themanifestation ofthe perfectionalready in man.Religion is themanifestation ofthe divinityalready in man.180Conscious effortslead the way tosuper-consciousillumination.
  91. 91. 181Who commitsmistakes, the pathof truth isattainable by himonly.182He, the bravealone, can denythe self.
  92. 92. 183And if this Mayais so beautiful,think of thewondrous beautyof the Realitybehind it.184For one thing wemay be grateful;this life is noteternal.
  93. 93. 185When the mindtries to think ofanything else,give it a hardblow, so that itmay turn aroundand think of God.186If I am impure,that is also of myown making, andthat very thingshows that I canbe pure if I will.
  94. 94. 187Stand and die inyour ownstrength; if thereis any sin in theworld, it isweakness; avoidall weakness, forweakness is sin,weakness is death.188I do not knowwhether I succeedor not, but it is agreat thing to takeup a grand idealin life and thengive up oneswhole life to it.
  95. 95. 189In the west, theyare trying to solvethe problem howmuch a man canpossess, and weare trying here tosolve the problemon how little aman can live.190It is the change ofthe soul itself forthe better thatalone will cure theevils of the world.
  96. 96. 191Teach yourself,teach every onehis real nature,call upon thesleeping soul andsee how it awakes.192Power will come,glory will come,goodness willcome, purity willcome, andeverything that isexcellent will come,when this sleepingsoul is roused toself consciousactivity.
  97. 97. 193You have donewell; only try todo better.194Work out thesalvation of thisland and of thewhole world, eachof you thinkingthat the entireburden is on yourshoulders.
  98. 98. 195Let not the fire dieout.196Is it such a badchoice in thisworld to think,not of matter butof spirit, not ofman but of God?
  99. 99. 197If you attempt toget the secularknowledgewithout religion, Itell you plainly,vain is yourattempt.198Anything thatmakes you weakphysically,intellectually, andspiritually, rejectas poison; there isno life in it; itcannot be true.
  100. 100. 199Love opens themost impossiblegates; love is thegate to all thesecrets of theuniverse.200Never let cursesrise on your lips.
  101. 101. 201Feel that you aregreat and youbecome great.202You cant helpanyone, you canonly serve: servethe children of theLord, serve theLord himself, ifyou have theprivilege.
  102. 102. 203The moment youfear you arenobody. It is fearthat is the greatcause of misery inthe world.204Struggle for thatGrace.
  103. 103. 205If a man goestowards what isfalse; it is becausehe cant get whatis true.206Knowledge is thefinding of unity indiversity, and thehighest point inevery science isreached when itfinds theunderlying unityin all variety.
  104. 104. 207Obey thescriptures untilyou are not strongenough to dowithout them.208Help, if you can; ifyou cant foldyour hands andstand by and seethings go on.
  105. 105. 209Until a manbecomes aprophet, religionis a mockery.210Be not in despair;the way is verydifficult, likewalking on theblade of a razor.Yet despair not;arise, awake, and
  106. 106. 211find the ideal, thegoal.Death is betterthan a vegetatingignorant life; it isbetter to die on thebattlefield than to212live a life ofdefeat.When you findyourselvessuffering, blame
  107. 107. 213yourselves, andtry to do better.The highestdirection is thatwhich takes us to214God; every otherdirection is lower.Understand mywords in theirtrue spirit and
  108. 108. 215apply yourselvesto work in theirlight.I want the why ofeverything. I leave216the how tochildren.