The Rise of Local in Hospitality


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Hotels are differentiating themselves in an increasingly competitive and complex market by promoting a more local travel experience. Or, what more and more travelers of all ages refer to as an “authentic” travel experience. This report will show the variety of ways that hotels are connecting with their communities to bring together guests and residents in the pursuit of localism.

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The Rise of Local in Hospitality

  1. 1. The Rise of Local in Hospitality SKIFT REPORT #4 2013 Hotels are attracting the next generation traveler by engaging with their local communities to provide more authentic and immersive travel experiences. SKIFT.COM
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  3. 3. The Rise of Local in Hospitality SKIFT REPORT #4 2013 Introduction Courtesy Kimpton Hotels In this hyper-connected world, travelers of all ages and socio-economic demographics are seeking a deeper connection with the destinations they visit. One of the major reasons for this demand is that guests are arriving to hotels with a wealth of information previously sourced through online research. Innovative hotel brands are answering that demand by introducing guests to a diverse network of people and places in their local community. While hotels have always been gateways to a destination, the boutique/design/lifestyle hotel surge in the late 20th century elevated the urban hotel into a destination in and of itself. The idea of a neighborhood hotel acting as a community portal with a strong local following became a market differentiator for an exciting batch of new hotel brands. Within the last decade, the large global hotel brands have jumped on the trend, and there’s also a new wave of mid-market brands reimagining the localism trend for middle income brackets and secondary markets. Now, throughout the hospitality industry, there’s widespread realization that delivering a more immersive, layered travel experience for today’s more educated and connected traveler is, if not a 4
  4. 4. The Rise of Local in Hospitality SKIFT necessity, a competitive advantage. Savvy hotel brands are becoming more local in a variety of ways. Some of the themes examined in this Trends Report include: by local residents to create a deeper, more personal relationship with a community. and off property. creative, destination-specific interior design to evoke a more local travel experience. sophisticated social media strategies and robust blogs. nerships, unique design and event programming is attracting local residents to the hotels, further immersing guests within the community. 5 REPORT #4 2013
  5. 5. The Rise of Local in Hospitality SKIFT REPORT #4 2013 Table of contents Executive summary 3 About Skift Skift is a travel intelligence company that Introduction 4 services to professionals in travel and professional The Rise of Local in Hospitality 7 make smart decisions about travel. Skift is the business of travel. In the beginning: Kimpton and Morgans 7 The creative class morphs: From exclusive to inclusive 8 Visit for more. Starwood scales the community hotel 10 The corporate lifestyle hotel: Andaz by Hyatt 11 Corporate hotels go local: Park Hyatt 13 Business travel/meetings go local: Renaissance RLife LIVE 14 Local insider experiences: InterContinental Hotels 16 17 18 20 21 Digital case studies 23 23 24 Morgans Hotel Group 25 Pullman Hotels 26 Independent Collection 26 citizenM Hotels 27 Generator Hostels 27 Singita Game Reserves 28 Rosewood Hotels 29 Key strategies to boost community engagement 30 About Skift 32 6