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  • 1. Fitnesse is used for acceptance testing = or conforming that the system satisfies the requirements set by the stakeholders. Fitnesse is a software collaboration tool. Used to automate User acceptance test. Works with Java, Python; Fitnesse is present as Wiki Web Server. No configuration. Jar file fitnesse and start with a port, and then call as localhost:4444 and we get the fitnesse home page.
  • 2. The above screenshot shows how the java code is converted into a fitnesse table with the class as the table name and the functions are the column names and ?means that the class required to return a value Boolean or integer etc. How to download the jar file and then execute the jar file in port 2222; Then we need to open the browser and login to http://localhost:2222; Here is a sample calculator class which is being tested in fitnesse. There are setter methods and sum method which returns the value of the total.
  • 3. Above is the dashboard of Fitnesse. In the edit section we write the code and then press test to run the tests and then properties to add or remove features and then versions and recent changes which show the tests run recently. We can create test suites and add many tests to it say SimpleAdd and SimpleSub and then write the respective code involving many data as input and then run the suite periodically or as a whole. As we can see the table name is the class name and the column names are the names of functions and the values input and the expected output from the sum? Column. There is code imported and where the code is present is mentioned using path. Save this page and click Test.
  • 4. Above we can see the passed results are in green and the failed results are in red. By this we can know the extent of the build of the system matching the requirement of the stake holders.