Top 10 Things I Learned in PR Publications
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Top 10 Things I Learned in PR Publications

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This is a short powerpoint of what I learned in Barbara Nixon's PR Publications class.

This is a short powerpoint of what I learned in Barbara Nixon's PR Publications class.

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  • 1. Top 10 Things I Learned in PR Publications
    By Sarah Farmer
  • 2. CRAP!
    This in an acronym for effective design principles created by Robin Williams
    All good designers should know the importance of “crap”
    These concepts should be used in every publication one creates.
  • 3. 1.) Contrast
    “Use contrasting fonts, and/or contrast in size, color, weight, form, direction.”
    By using this concept, the designer has the ability to move the readers eye to the most important information first.
  • 4. 2.) Repetition
    “Repeat (existing) elements as a way to unify the page/site.”
    For example if you are creating a brochure, use the same font for each header to create effective repetition.
  • 5. 3.) Alignment
    “Stick to one alignment. Make the most of existing alignments: texts, photos, etc.”
    Texts and photos that are scattered all over a page can confuse a reader and even cut back on the time he or she looks at the publication.
    Choose an alignment that is pleasing to the eye.
  • 6. 4.) Proximity
    “Group information that belongs together and pay attention to the alignment of info that is separate but still related.”
  • 7. 5.) About the Eagle Print Shop
    Prior to this class, I truly did not realize that Georgia Southern University even had a print shop.
    Barbara Nixon took us to the print shop where we learned how helpful it can be now, as well as in the future (even after graduation!).
  • 8. 6.) How to use InDesign
    Prior to this class, I had already worked with this Adobe program before, however Mrs. Nixon took us through the “how-to’s” of this program step by step.
    This was a very helpful reminder of how to use the program; the use of the multiple different tools can easily be forgotten.
  • 9. 7.) How to Make a Business Card
    I learned that one does not have to use or create a business card that is in the typical format.
    There are a multitude of over creative ways to make one, check out the cards out on the link below:
  • 10. 8.) How to download a font
    Before taking this class, I did not realize how many interesting fonts were online that anyone can download to their computer. has an abundance of cool fonts.
    Also, on Mrs. Nixon’s blog, there is a youtube video that demonstrates exactly how to download one:
  • 11. 9.) The importance of blogging
    This semester, professor Nixon had us blog about certain aspects of her class.
    She explained that this is one of the best ways to get your name out on google.
  • 12. 10.) Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics
    By Linda P. Morton
    The textbook we were assigned to buy for this semester is one of the most helpful texts books I have had to buy yet.
    This is a wonderful tool to turn to when you have questions about designing publications.