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Cross Channel Customer Engagement
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Cross Channel Customer Engagement


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Steve Kemish's presentation from the CMO conference in Paris, June 2011.

Steve Kemish's presentation from the CMO conference in Paris, June 2011.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Cross-channel customer engagementSteve KemishDirector, CyanceChair of IDM Digital Marketing Council, UK © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 2. Before we get all excited…first things first The data© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 3. Take data seriously Precise targeting of your prospects© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 4. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Plato© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 5. Introducing Jeff Wedeward© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 6. One Google search tells us…© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 7. He’s not all work, work, work© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 8. Too far for B2B!just because your customers are on Facebookdoesn’t mean they want to hear from you orthink about you.Recognise and respectJust because you can find somebody to talkto doesn’t mean they want to talk to you! © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 9. If I can do this in 15 minutesWhat can you do with your customer database?Your prospect database?How can you arm your sales team?How does this influence your marketing activity?How do influencers influence your marketing activty? © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 10. This is not data mining, this is sifting for gold.© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 11. But respect data• It goes missing.• It gets stolen.• It goes out of date.If collected badly, it can only be used badly. © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 12. Take social media seriously Precise targeting of b2b prospects© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 13. Social is not just Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 14. building on past and present behaviour• What they have purchased.• Enquired about.• Seen.• Watched.• Wanted.• Hated.• Influence ( © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 15. Klout – find influencers
  • 16. Multi-channel for b2b: corporate hospitality © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 17. Data selections/cells© Cyance Limited 2011
  • 18. © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 19. © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 20. The Open - results• Online traffic increased by up to 250% following emails.• Over 500 leads resulted from the campaign, many with national companies who are now also looking to book Open Golf hospitality at Sandwich 2011.• Total revenue from campaign delivered a x24 ROI © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 21. Used for…• Telemarketing follow-up.• Triggered email messages.• Website personalisation – news, offers, & content dynamically changed.• Search optimisation. © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 22. Further thoughts for you• Data is the bedrock of any multi-channel• “Look with your eyes”• Seek influencers to help do your job for you• Map everything to the sales cycle• (and what works best for your customers)• Multi-channel can be multi online & multi offline• Be channel agnostic. © Cyance Limited 2011
  • 23. Thank you© Cyance Limited 2011