B2B marketing is dead. Long live marketing


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Presentation from TFM&A London in Feb 2013 - looking at why traditional b2b marketing is dead. Goodbye single-channel blast and hope, hello to multi-channel marketing, for ever!

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B2B marketing is dead. Long live marketing

  1. 1. B2B marketing is dead, long live marketing Steve Kemish MD, Cyance. Chair, IDM Digital Marketing CouncilPart ofthe B2BTrail:
  2. 2. Declining down Comments? @skemmo
  3. 3. The game has changed, but has the approach? Comments? @skemmo
  4. 4. Hang our heads in shame Comments? @skemmo
  5. 5. Is it like this where you work?
  6. 6. Single-channel marketing:It’s not big, it’s not clever
  7. 7. Build it and they probably won’t come…or find it, or read it, or share it, or comment
  8. 8. Where to start Comments? @skemmo
  9. 9. Step 1 of 7: Discovery• Objectives – what are they?• Strategy – what is their current go-to-market approach?• Offering – what is their product or service?• Customers – what is their target audience and why?• Behaviour – how do their customers make buying decisions?• Collateral – do they have any marketing assets and are they fit for purpose?• Data – is their target market well defined and do they need more or better data?• Operations – what challenges prevent success?• Success – how will the client measure success? Comments? @skemmo
  10. 10. Right message, right time Case Study Syndrome Comments? @skemmo
  11. 11. Easy tiger!You wouldn’t ask somebody to marry you after three minutes of speed dating…
  12. 12. Easy on the case study
  13. 13. Suspect 1 Suspect 2CEO/MDIT Director Suspect CIO Prospect Nurture Search Email MQL Tele BANTWebsite Sales Ready Lead
  14. 14. Buying cycle Persona Content Nurturing channel Content Audit1.2. CEO/Owner, CFO & CTO and mappingNot considering, not aware ordo not see any /sufficient risk CMO/Head of Events 1. Thought leadership – Whitepapers & EBooks Email Socialrelating to business topic 3. Professional User Blog Web nurturing workflowAware of business topic, not 1. CEO/Owner, CFO & CTO 1. Thought Leadership –sure if it is an issue 2. CMO/Head of Events Whitepapers, Ebooks & As above + 3. Professional user video TelemarketingInvestigating risk and impact 1. CEO/Owner, CFO & CTO 1. Blog As above +upon their business 2. CMO/Head of Events 2. Video channel 3. Professional User 3. Ebooks 4. Case studiesBenchmarking 1. Head of IT/Security 1. Blogsolutions/vendors/VAR’s in 2. Head of Purchasing / 2. solution suite Pass to Telemarketing ormarket Office Manager 3. Security solutions member sales 3. Professional User 4. Field Mobility solutionsSourcing solution type and 1. Head of Purchasing 1. Case studies Web nurturing or membersuppliers 2. Head of IT 2. Product/solution matrix salesPurchasing 1. Head of Purchasing / 1. Special Telemarketing qualify and Owner / Office offers/Promos/Bundles generate lead Professional user 2. Case studiesLooking to switch solution or 1. Head of IT/ Owner / 1. Upgrade promos Email + telemarketingupgrade Office Manager campaign Comments? @skemmo
  15. 15. Comments? @skemmo
  16. 16. What about international? Comments? @skemmo
  17. 17. Comments? @skemmo
  18. 18. Comments? @skemmo
  19. 19. Rich-media (with a long tail) Comments? @skemmo
  20. 20. Lead scoring approach Event signup page Data capture form Data capture form Text explaining Sales Sales the CTA Landing page Data capture form Data capture form Strategy-led promo Useful Intro piece to disrupt and contentProspectProspect Text engage – looking for form Microsite >25point data data Microsite event explaining Sales Sales submission (Inquiry) s? the CTA Webinar Further info Case promotion study/WP Contact us formHouse listHouse list Non- Data capture form Benefits/case/WP Contact us Data capture form opens/clicksSocial &Social & Contact Cyance Slide deck Cyance Search Search details Lead scoring model Content scores >25 = sales qual Case study =8 Slide deck = 5 10-24 = nurture White papers = 12 via event Web analytics 1-9 = promote No of pages (2+) = 5 content No of visits (2+) = 15 Time on site (3 min+) = 5
  21. 21. About us... At Cyance we live and breathe a connected approach to building customer and channel engagement programmes. From target identification all the way through to the sale and ongoing customer relationship, Cyance helps you with the insight and understanding to make your B2B marketing work harder. results@cyance.com www.cyance.com Follow us @cyance
  22. 22. Read more Multi-channel marketing in an international world www.cyance.com/TFMAComments? @skemmo