Intelligence and memory recall stimulation in mice via
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Intelligence and memory recall stimulation in mice via






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Intelligence and memory recall stimulation in mice via Intelligence and memory recall stimulation in mice via Presentation Transcript

  • Intelligence and Memory Recall Stimulation in Mice via Music Hunter Kelley
  • • 1600 – 1700s Classical music• Bach, Beethoven, Berlios, Brahm, Mozart• B. Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Newton, Watt
  •  Fast Forward • 2012• Metal rock, rap, pop, country• No genius’
  • Correlation?• Caltech V. Griffith• Facebook• Colleges, SAT, Music• Correlation ≠ Causation• Beethoven + , Lil Wayne –
  • Maze Runners• Merrell, David• 72 Mice• Homicidal heavy metal• Classical -8.5 minutes• Metal X 3• Control -5 minutes
  • Testing 1..2..3• Testing mice intelligence• Water maze vs. Regular maze• Variance of Regular
  • Hypothesizin’• The hypothesis that was developed based on the above information is that the mice that are listening to the classical music will be able to recall the way out of the maze faster than the mice who are in the control tank and the ones that are listening to the country music. This is also the hypothesis for if the mice are placed into a makeshift Morris Water Maze, the classical music listening mice will most definitely have better times than the other mice.
  • Required Tools• Twelve white mice of the same • Enclosed room litter • Notebook• Four glass tanks with mesh tops • Pens• Name brand mouse or similar • Stopwatch food • Reward food• Pine or Cedar bedding (bread, cracker, peanut butter)• 3’ by 3’ wooden maze • A bathtub• Two wooden holding blocks • X Gallons of luke warm water• Water dishes or bottles • Small mesh platform• Tap water• Sharpie markers or Food Dye• iPods or mp3 players (x2)• Earbuds (x2)
  • Instructions• 12 mice, 4 tanks• Adjustment• Music length
  • Resulting In…• Morris Water Maze• Time to recall• No drowning
  • GRAPH!!Figure 2
  • 2nd Trial Morris Water MazeFigure 3
  • Original 12 and Female OffspringFigure 4
  • Thoughts…• Adults not retain• Infant – toddler best times• Hypothesis = TRUE!• Statistic = 14.7 %