The mobile office and the knowledge worker


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The mobile office and the knowledge worker

  1. 1. The mobile office and the knowledge worker Sotiris Karagiannis IT Architect Director of Commercial Operations, N. & W. Greece, Space Hellas S.A.
  2. 2. Mobility: The real numbers
  3. 3. Challenges Organizations face • Supporting work-life balance, • Attracting and retaining talent, • Improving job satisfaction and • Managing global deployment To meet these challenges effectively, companies are increasingly embracing mobile work strategies.
  4. 4. Defining the Mobile Worker Busting the 3 Myths MYTH #1 : Mobile workers are young females TRUTH: Most mobile workers are more than 40 years old, 65/35 male-to-female ratio MYTH #2 : Mobile workers are mainly technology workers performing individual, lower-skilled tasks TRUTH: Most mobile workers occupy professional, managerial and executive positions MYTH #3 : Only specialist workers (e.g., salespeople, auditors, consultants) spend significant periods away from the office TRUTH: All levels of staff in an organization are working outside the office (with customers)
  5. 5. Knowledge & Mobile Workers Over 40% in Managerial positions • • • • • Leaders (13.3%) Consultants (13.1%) Problem Solvers (8.2%) Coordinators (7.5%) Subject-Matter Experts (6.5%) • Mature: 65% were more than 40 years old • Family-oriented: 82% were married or living with a partner • Hardworking: 75% were working more than 40 hours per week • Professionals: More than 80% held professional, managerial or executive positions
  6. 6. Where is the mobile Office ? need for team space at primary location Need for conference room space No need for individual space at employer locations Mobile Workers … do their best independent work at home find collaboration to be positive Could use social enterprise toolset
  7. 7. The Mobile Knowledge Worker’s Challenge Focus on his work Share Knowledge Keep up with Team Be part of the Social Enterprise
  8. 8. Cost of Knowledge Sharing in the Enterprise Mobile Workforce Problem #1 : Fragmented communication and collaboration tools for knowledge sharing $26,250  Per Year / Per Employee Cost of using fragmented services for knowledge workers Contacting People Scheduling meetings 14hrs a week Duplicating Communication Finding Key Information 59minutes 26minutes 31minutes 54minutes Problem #2: No motivation to share valuable tacit knowledge?
  9. 9. Knowledge in the Social Enterprise: Your network in and out of the company conferencing E-mail Chat Other s Workspace Voice Chat Who You Don’t Know In Your Company
  10. 10. New Knowledge Sharing tools Legal Financial services Construction Energy/ Oil Business Consulting Pharmaceutical
  11. 11. The 4 steps to Knowledge Sharing GET RESULTS help employees effectively share and capture knowledge across departments help managers motivate professionals to share knowledge and monitor it 1 Identify the right internal experts, and approach them at the right time Search for and ‘connect’ people Light-weight but powerful realtime communication and collaboration tools 2 Communication Toolset Record, edit, curate and share valuable knowledge with ease 3 Knowledge Capture and Re-use View personal and departmental knowledge sharing activities and objectives. 4 Analytics
  12. 12. Knowledge + Mobile = Performance • Knowledge Transfer Impacts Performance • Mobility Amplifies Synchronous Knowledge Sharing There is now disruption on how individual knowledge workers apply knowledge processes to support their dayto-day work activities (problem solving) and learning practices. The future is interesting…
  13. 13. Thank you Contact : Sotiris Karagiannis IT Architect Director of Commercial Operations, N. & W. Greece, Space Hellas S.A. Email : Twitter : @skaragiannis Linkedin: