How conserve the planet yeidi


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How conserve the planet yeidi

  1. 1. HOW CONSERVE THE PLANET. Through the years the world has changed its appearance. Due to, different environmental problems, which has been caused by the way the human race act in it. The human race in its eagerness to industrialize, modernize and economic purposes too; has negatively affected the earth planet. Today when the deterioration of the planet has increased in astonishing levels, the human race begins to realize of the damage it has caused. However there is lack of awareness about the problem. The different kind of pollution of air, water and soil by chemical compounds and other environmental problems too have become in an issue huge and worrying. In spite of we recognize of the reality in which we live; we often have not contributed with good actions in order to help the improvement. So that we have solutions to the scope, it just needed be mindful that the people around the world need of our planet; and start acting to avoid more damaging. One of the worst product used by the humans is the plastic. People around the world have needed the plastic for different things since many years ago. There are objects elaborated with it and many time the food, objects and shopping in general needed a plastic bag in order to be carried by its buyers. People has continued using this kind of product and they have not good usage to it; and have increased the visual pollution and land pollution through that. Recent research on pollution studies have shown that the fate of misuse the plastic is the sea and has caused the death of many marine animals. Strong winds are responsible for carrying polluting waste and then these go to the bottom of the sea. The research suggests a large average plastic waste are at sea. The marine animals feeding on these deteriorate and die. As a result, the only way to avoid contamination of our planet is to be aware and sensitive to nature in our daily lives, avoid using plastic and other polluting substances or objects that cause disastrous damage to our environment. We can convert our private habits actions to change the look of the land contaminated in a better place and future for generations to come.