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GCSE Religious Studies Revision
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GCSE Religious Studies Revision



Created for my Year 11s to support them with last minute exam revision.

Created for my Year 11s to support them with last minute exam revision.



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  • I'm trying to update some of the exam questions asked in previous years on my blog: http://stmregcse.edublogs.org/2010/04/30/year-11-past-papers/ Hope they might be of some help in the final two weeks of revision. All the best everyone for 18 May!
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  • dont appreciate the language guest70f2e63
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  • thanks for this it has realy calmed my nerves down
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  • Just to reiterate, this is a slideshow that I made to help me classes - I use it as a backdrop while we go over the topics. It is not a slideshow that should be used in isolation from other revision notes - it is only a list of the topics that are covered! I would suggest that for each subheading you look at your notes and see if you can make 4 points about it.

    I hope that your own revision is going better and you can find some other things that help!
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  • Sorry to hear that! Might be too late now, but my school blog http://www.stmregcse.edublogs.org/ has links to places where you can revise your key words, and there are examples of exam questions that might help. Or not. Hope you are taking plenty of exercise and water, and make sure you have a good night's sleep before the exam. Good luck!
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GCSE Religious Studies Revision GCSE Religious Studies Revision Presentation Transcript

  • GCSE Revision Unit C Edexcel: Catholic Christianity
  • This slideshow was created to help my GCSE classes with their last minute revision. It is in no way attended as a stand alone resource, and should be used alongside notes from lessons, copies of past papers and mark schemes, podcasts and other materials. To my classes: I wish you all the very best!
  • C1 Believing in God
    • Religious upbringing in a Catholic family
    • Religious experience (Numinous, Answered prayer, Miracles, Conversion)
    • Arguments for the Existence of God based on design and causation
    • The search for meaning and purpose
    • Religion and belief in God
    • Non-religious explanations of the world
    • Non-religious explanations of miracles; agnosticism and atheism
    • The problem of unanswered prayers
    • Evil and suffering
    • The problem of evil and suffering (omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent?)
    • How Catholics respond to the problem of evil and suffering (service, prayer, free will, preparation for paradise etc)
  • C2 Matters of Life and Death
    • Different Christian attitudes to life after death (heaven, hell, purgatory, resurrection, immortality of the soul)
    • Why Catholics believe in life after death
    • Non-religious reasons for believing in life after death (paranormal, ghosts, mediums, NDEs)
    • Why some people do not believe in life after death
    • Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life
    • Abortion: what it is, UK law
    • Different Christian attitudes to abortion
    • Different Christian attitudes to contraception
    • Euthanasia: what it is, UK law
    • Different Christian attitudes to euthanasia
  • C3 Marriage and Family Life
    • Cohabitation and marriage: changing attitudes in the UK
    • Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage (pre-marital sex; adultery)
    • The purposes of marriage in Christianity (lifelong loving relationship; bringing up a Christian family)
    • Divorce: changing attitudes in the UK
    • Different Christian attitudes to divorce
    • Homosexuality: changing attitudes in the UK
    • Christian attitudes to homosexuality
    • Family life: changing nature in the UK
    • Catholic teachings on family life and its importance
    • How churches help with the upbringing of children and keeping the family together
  • C4 Social Harmony
    • Women: growth of equal rights in the UK
    • Biblical teaching on the roles of men and women
    • Different Christian attitudes to the roles of men and women in ministry
    • UK as a multi-ethnic society
    • Problems of prejudice (belief), racism and discrimination (action)
    • Catholic teachings that help promote racial harmony (eg & teachings of Jesus: Samaritan woman, Parable of the Good Samaritan; St Paul: all one in Christ; vision of Peter)
    • Contribution of one Christian to racial harmony (MLK)
    • UK as a multi-faith society
    • Religious freedom and pluralism
    • Christian attitudes towards other religions
  • Religion: Wealth and Poverty
    • Catholic teachings on wealth
    • Catholic teachings on stewardship and the relief of poverty
    • Causes of world poverty
    • Need for world development
    • St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP): work of Catholics for relief of poverty in UK
    • CAFOD: work of Catholic agency for world development (long term development fund; emergency aid; fundraising; educating UK about need for development)
  • Conversion miracle numinous prayer design causation agnosticism atheism moral evil natural evil benevolent omnipotent omniscient heaven hell purgatory immortality resurrection paranormal sanctity of life abortion contraception assisted suicide euthanasia non-voluntary euthanasia voluntary euthanasia cohabitation marriage adultery pre-marital sex promiscuity faithfulness remarriage annulment homosexuality extended family nuclear family re-constituted family equality sexism multi-ethnic society discrimination prejudice racial harmony racism multi-faith society religious freedom religious pluralism Key Words
  • Top Tips for Success
    • Learn those key words!
    • Watch your timing – about 1 minute per mark.
    • Outline – describe, about three points, 2 sentences per point.
    • Explain – use the word BECAUSE and refer to the Bible and “the Catholic Church teaches that …”
    • Do you agree? … Always state why some people would agree, why others would disagree, and what your opinion is (and don’t worry, if you don’t have an opinion, make one up! The Examiner won’t know.)
    • Write something for every question that you answer, and check your answers at the end.
    All the best!!