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Relaunching Tourism in Lombardy: A proposal for an Enogastronomic Product Club
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Relaunching Tourism in Lombardy: A proposal for an Enogastronomic Product Club



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  • 1. Module 4 Business Plan Relaunching tourism in Lombardy:A proposal for an Enogastronomic Product Club (Part II) AUTHORS TUTORS Andrea Scacchioli, Martina Placucci, Francesca d’Angella Mirko Chianesi, Sarah Chow, Sara Monfregola*, Stefania Sossi Andrea Rossi*phase 1 Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 1
  • 2. SUMMARY1) THE ASSIGNMENT 4) FINANCIAL STRUCTURE2) INTRODUCTION 5) PERFORMANCE3) THE PRODUCT CLUB EVALUATION • Product club definition 6) THE OFFERING SYSTEM • The features and the logo of the P.C. • Itineraries, Workshops & • Vision and Mission Single Attractions • Objectives and Advantages 7) APPENDIX • The offering system for the members • Members involved • Public & Private Partners • Requirements • Entry&Exit mechanisms • Interorganizational structure • Roles and Functions Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 2
  • 3. The AssignmentLombardy Region (LR) is working on the development of a new tourismpositioning, a new marketing plan on the international market and thus a newtourism portal.Our job was to develop an innovative tourist pilot product: the cultural productcluster.Our goals were:• To build the organizational structure of the product club;• To choose the public and private bodies to involve;• To pinpoint the offering system of the product club;• To structure the proper financial model of the organization.The idea of the product club that we created has to be seen as a pilot test for afurther development of this type of tourism organization. If this pilot test will besuccessful, the LR could think about implementing other product clubs in thefuture, focused on other tourism offer (e.g. cultural cities, Alps, etc.). Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 3
  • 4. Introduction «Culture, or civilization,… is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habitsacquired by man as a member of society» (Tylor, 1871) ―Everything having to do with food—its capture, cultivation, preparation, and consumption—represents a cultural act‖. (M. Montanari, Food is Culture, 2006) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 4
  • 5. Introduction As the academic definitions of E. B. Tylor and Montanari claim, culture can mean a lot of different things; if we consider the traditional meaning, it can include music, art, literature, theatre, cinema... However we think that Culture is something more than this, especially in Italy, where asimple habit of everyday life, such as eating, hasbeen transformed into something more… a way of life. That is why we think that the enogastronomic culture is a good starting pointto relaunch tourism in Lombardy. It is from here that the idea of our Product Club is born. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 5
  • 6. The product clubWhat is a product club? A tourism product club is a product development partnership established and led by the tourism industry stakeholders including small- and/or medium-sized companies. The group pools its resources to develop new market ready products or to increase the value of existing ones. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 6
  • 7. The «Enogastronomic» Product Club Why a «Enogastronomic» product club? Ancient tradition of enogastronomic culture; Growth of enogastronomic tourism (+60% in 2010 with 5mln € of revenues*); Enogastronomic heritage of undisputed value;*Source: Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 7
  • 8. The «Enogastronomic» Product ClubPresence of many high quality restaurants and culinary innovation;It is strictly related with the theme of the 2015 Milan Expo(Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life);As the data coming from our D-WEB analysis of European Regionsshow, the enogastronomic offer is an important part of Tourism alsoin the other European Countries (see graph below). Enogastronomic Offer YES NO 54% 46% * based on the 182 regional websites of the D-WEB analysis. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 8
  • 9. VISION To make the flavours, the colours and the smells of the food and wines ofLombardy region as an icon of the Enogastronomic Culture all over the world. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 9
  • 10. MISSIONThe «Enogastronomic» product club ofLombardy region has to link together themain actors of the enogastronomicheritage of the region in order to create aset of tourist activities that lead visitorsto discover the area throughculinary experiences. The product club will be able to create a network of industries, public and private actors that will join their efforts and their knowledge to offer an unforgettable experience for tourists interestes in the art of food. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 10
  • 12. The Logo of the Product Club THE LOGOThe creation of the Enogastromicculture product club logo is based inthe willingness to enhance theattractivness of the marketingproduct club. ENOGASTRONOMIC PRODUCT CLUBThe logo represents the Lombardyterritory plunged in theenogastronomic culture “color”. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 12
  • 13. Objectives of the Product ClubThe main goal of the Enogastronomic Culture Product Club isto create a network among the main regional stakeholders inorder to maximise the benefits of promotional activities addressedto the Enogastronomic Tourism Industry.These activities need to be supported by infrastructures andeconomic resources provided by the regional administrations.The product club will also provide initiatives and resources in thefield of promotion and marketing. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 13
  • 14. Objectives of the Product ClubThe Enogastronomic Culture Product Club aims also to: To boost the distinctive features of the territory in order to attract tourists and to increase the average overnight stays; To incentivate the tourism in the low season through an offer not subject to seasonality; To create sinergies among the different stakeholders of the Tourism Industry; To take specific and sinergic actions in collaboration with unions and tourism organizations, particularly related to enogastronomic niche markets; To extend the promotional campaign abroad with a specific action aimed to reach foreign international market. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 14
  • 15. Advantages to be part of the P.C.To be present in the map guides, the catalogues and the webiste that will becreated. These will be the main promotion tools used by the Product Club;The creation of a enogastronomic network that will allow to link more allthe production areas;To get benefits from the market research and studies that will be held bythe Product Club;The integration of the enogastronomic offer with other tourism products;A core promotion of those rural areas that are not usually included in themain tourism itineraries;The opportunity to take part of events of a certain importance that willhave a great impact on tourism promotion;To be assisted by tourism professionals in the development of tourismpackages and promotion; Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 15
  • 16. The offering system for the members The Enogastronomic Product Club of Lombardy region offers products and advantages both to its members and to the tourists (the final clients): FOR THE MEMBERS: FOR THE TOURISTS: Periodic reports: related to the  Enogastronomic Itineraries members trend, the evaluation of  Culinary Workshops the satisfaction of each product  Single Attractions club components. General statistics: on a national and regional level. Marketing&Promotion support Professional assistance (training programmes & refresher courses) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 16
  • 17. Who is involved?The Enogastronomic Culture Product Clubwill be composed by: Local food and products producers Wineries Local adminstrations Events and Festivals organizers Biological FarmersAssociations Traditional accomodations and restaurants Service companies related to enogastronomic and cultural tourism Travel Agencies and Tour Operators specialized in enogastronomic tourism Consortia of local products producers (e.g. Grana Padano, Bagòss, etc.) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 17
  • 18. Possible partnersPUBLIC PARTNERS: Lombardy Region Lombardy provinces Chambers of Commerce Tourism Offices like APT, IAT, EPT UNPLI Regional Committe for Lombardy Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 18
  • 19. Possible partnersPRIVATE PARTNERS: Events, Exhibitions and Local Festivals (i.e. Sagre) organizations Tourism Consortia for Lombardy Local and Traditional products and wine Producers Consortia Territorial associations and others tourism promotion organization of Lombardy Wines and flavours’ roads Federations of Lombardy Folk, cultural and traditional heritage associations of Lombardy Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 19
  • 20. Compulsory Requirements Compulsory requirements to become members of the P.C.:GENERAL To be located in the Region Lombardy Territory; To be able to speak one or more foreign languages; To provide brochures, thematic maps and other communication facilities; To promote incoming flows of tourists; To organize or participate to exhibitions, festivals and events related to Regional Enogastronomic culture and traditions.PRODUCERS To produce one or more traditional products – see Annexes/Table 1; To respect the seasonality of the products; To respect the consistency and the traditional method of production processes. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 20
  • 21. Compulsory RequirementsHO.RE.CA. Each dish must be prepared utilizing ingredients and local products with DOC/DOCG/STG/IGT/DOP /IGP labels in a percentage of 75%; To sell local products with DOC/DOCG/STG/IGT/DOP /IGP labels; To be able to offer menus based on traditional recipes even if revised in a modern way; To change menus according to the seasonality of local products ; The 75% of the total wine offer must be covered by local wines; To offer alternative products, like vegetarian, biological and gluten-free food; For accomodation and lodging: to be able to provide also additional services as: Reservation System, Telephone, Internet, Fax/email, TV, Air conditioning, Heating, Parking, Credit Card Payment, Facilities for disabled people, WC, Pet friendly policies. Compulsory requirements for new members of the P.C.*: * to be achieved in the first two months of the membership To give high visibility of the Product Club Logo (pubblished on the menus, brochures, own website, etc); To expose in a key point of the structure the whole map of the itineraries and give general information about the P.C.; To provide brochures and other facilities in order to make visitors able to achieve the Vision and the Mission of the P.C.; To provide monthly report about their activities to the Analysis Department. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 21
  • 22. Organization of the Product ClubEntry mechanisms: In order to become a member of the P.C., the applicants will have to fill up a written application form and fullfill all the compulsory requirements. The founding members will analyze the application form and then evaluate the admission of the candidate. In the future the founding members will merge with the associates of the P.C. and become part of an Assembly that will be the main decisional and executive organ. The Assembly will also elect the President of the P.C. by majority. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 22
  • 23. Organization of the Product ClubExit mechanisms: Each member has the right to exit the P.C. It has to present the resignations to the Assembly that will evaluate the motivations. Dissolution of the Assembly. In case of dissolution and liquidation of the organization, the Assembly will identify an association with similar objectives and will devolve the remaining net assets. If the member does not fulfill anymore the initial requirements, it will be excluded from the P.C. If the member does not pay anymore the membership fee, it will be excluded form the P.C. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 23
  • 24. Interorganizational structure As a premise, we believe that the Product Club should be integrated in a more broaden tourism organization and therefore Lombardy Region should think to build a DMO as a starting point for a successful tourism offer in the long term. We think that the Product Club should have a democratic inter- organizational model; The decisions will be taken by majority during scheduled quarterly meetings* (or during the extraordinary Assembly meetings); All the members will have representatives during the club meetings; The club will have a general manager who will take care of the coordination of the organization.*The period of meetings has been chosen according to the main statistics organizations. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 24
  • 25. Organization Organigram Assembly Members Operative Functions Marketing & Public Sector Communication President HO.RE.CA. Analysis Dep. GeneralLocal Producers Manager Finance &Tour Operators Administration &Travel Agencies Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 25
  • 26. Assembly CompositionAssembly Members Public Sector: it represents the institutional stakeholders in the Assembly. It is composed by 4 members: 1 representative for Lombardy Region 1 representative for the Provinces involved* 1 representative for the Chambers of Commerce 1 representative for Enti territoriali (Tourist Local Boards) HO.RE.CA.: it represents the needs and proposals of the hospitality part of the Product Club. It is formed by 2 representatives: 1 representative for the Hotels and Restaurants 1 representative for alternative accomodations (B&B, agriturism, albergo diffuso) *based on annual rotation Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 26
  • 27. Assembly CompositionAssembly Members Local producers: it represents the needs and proposals of the local producers in the Assembly. It is composed by 4 members: 1 representative of wineries 1 representative of cheese producers 1 representative of salumi producers 1 representative of fruit and vegatables producers T.O.&T.A. and Event Organizers: it represents the needs and proposals of the retail and event sectors. It is composed by 1 members: 1 representative of T.O.&T.A. and Event Organizers Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 27
  • 28. Roles and FunctionsPresident: He is the representative figure of the Enogastronomic P.C. of Lombardy region; He represents the P.C. during public and official events; He chairs and moderates the Assembly meetings; He executes his tasks within the Assembly; He supervises all the activities of the P.C.; See also slide n°30.General Manager: He plays the key role within the P.C.; Assistance and collaboration with the President during the Assembly’s meetings; Human resources functions; Coordination of the P.C. Operative team (he is the CEO of the team); He is the main responsible for all the activities and programmes of the P.C.; See also slide n°31. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 28
  • 29. FunctionsOperative Functions Marketing & Communication: The department is composed by 1 employee; To develop, establish and maintain marketing and communication strategies in order to meet the organization’s objectives; Effetive management of the advertising campaigns, promotions; Public, press and B2B relations; To take care of the image of the P.C. Analysis Department: The department is composed by 1 employees; Data collection from all the members of the P.C.; Analysis of the data and production of the annual report in order to provide valuable, analytical and decision making tools for the organizations and for all the members. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 29
  • 30. FunctionsOperative Functions Finance&Administration: The department is composed by 2 members; Collection of all the application forms and first evaluation of them; Accounting functions (financial reports, budgeting, etc.); Payrolls and administrative expenses; Administration of the financial resources; General administration (mail, transportation, logistics, etc.); They take care of the insurance coverages, the employees assistance programmes; Draft of the Assembly’s meeting reports. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 30
  • 31. Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its membersThe Product Club is characterized by a hierarchy structure in which every single member plays a different role. The Product Club is so structured: The Assembly The President The General Manager The Members Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 31
  • 32. Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its members THE ASSEMBLY1. Can be ordinary or extraordinary; it is composed by the members of the Product Club (publics and privates). In the assembly each part is represented by a delegate. The assembly shall meet when convened by its President.2. The assembly is convened: • When the President considers it as necessary and • On reasoned request of, at least, one 10° of the members • To deliberate on the necessary modifications to bring to the statute • To deliberate on the dissolution of the Product Club and the devolution of the assets (of the product club) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 32
  • 33. Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its members3. The ordinary assembly is held at least two times a year to deliberate on: • The appropriation account within five months the closing of the financial year • The public budget and the Product Club’s annual programme for marketing and the promotion.4. While the extraordinary assembly is held to deliberate: • on the amendments’ proposal of the current Statute; • on the Product Clubs’ dissolution.All the deliberations are adopted if approved by the majority of its members. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 33
  • 34. r Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its members5. Assembly’s main tasks and activities: • To approve the final balance, the public budget and the Product Club’s annual programme for marketing and promotion; • To take into account the exit requests; • To engage, replace and dismiss the President and the General Manager; • To approve the Product Club’s rules of procedure; • To establish the associates annual fee and the tarif that every associate has to pay in order to achieve the Product Club’s annual programme for marketing and promotion. This has a different weight for each member; • To deliberate for the admission or exclusion of the members; • To deliberate on general issues which are not competence of the extraordinary assembly. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 34
  • 35. Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its members The President (within the Assembly)• He is elected by all the members’representatives;• He is in office for three years;• He convenes the Assembly as well as being at the head of it;• He gives advice concerning the execution of the decisions adopted by the members;• He makes sure that the main operations are in compliance with the interests of the organizations;• He accomplishes the task assigned by the assembly;• He supervises and shows the final balance and the public budget to the Assembly;• He approves the inquiries regarding the admissions and the recessions of the members;• He supervises the rules of procedure to be submitted to the Assembly;• He proposes the possible changes for the Statute to be submitted to the extraordinary Assembly’s approval. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 35
  • 36. Rules & Roles of the Assembly and its members The General Manager (within the Assembly)• He is hired by the Assembly according to his experience in the Tourism Industry;• He coordinates the relations among the members of the organizations. He is the bridge between the the internal structure of the P.C. and all the members;• He assists the President in all the association’s activities;• Together with the President, he supervises the annual marketing & promotion programme of the P.C. Votes• A representative expresses as many votes as the number of members he represents;• In the Assembly all members have the right to express a single different weighted vote; This is structured by show of hands and the decisons are made by majority of total members (51%);• The President and the General Manager have no right to vote in the Assembly. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 36
  • 37. Membership Composition* Public Sector MEMBERSHIP COMPOSITION Public Sector 14 Producers & Consortia Producers & Consortia 14 Tour Operator/Travel Agencies/Event Organizers 12 Tour Operator/Travel Agencies/Event Organizers HO.RE.CA. / Agritourism / Other Lodging Fac. 23 HO.RE.CA. / Agritourism / Other Lodging Fac. 22% 37% 22% 19%* This is a membership composed by 63 members considering an average of 1-2 participants per province Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 37
  • 38. Financial Structure - Expected Revenues - Annual Fees % (in K of €)1. Public members 12,5k 175k 24%2. Private members (avg fee)* 0,6k 30k 3%3. Marketing activities contributions** 200k 26%4. Region funds for annual programmes 350k 47%Total 755K 100% * Private members’fee is calculated on their volumes (# of rooms, # of seats, # of bottles, etc) ** From public/private co-participants not involved in the PC membership Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 38
  • 39. Financial Structure - Prospected Cost - Annual Costs % (in K of €) 1. Investment for the annual programme 300k 40% - Enogastronomic&Culture: website, 2. General costs for programme management 50k 7% 3. Marketing&Promotion 200k 26% - brochures, campains, exhibitions, fairs etc 4. Employees payroll (with VAT and taxes) 205k 27% - President 25k - General Manager 50k - 3 Operative Team 100k - 1 Administrative Responsible 30k Total 755K 100%* The idea of this structure of the Revenues and Costs has been inspired by the one of UdP Appennino. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 39
  • 40. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FOR PRODUCT CLUB FOR MEMBERSSEMESTRAL ANALYSIS OF SURVEY FOR TOURISTS’STATISTICS: related to number of visitors SATISFACTION: on our membersof the Product Club website (e.g. Google performance, by the means of distributingAnalytics); questionnaires in our different locations andSATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE: to offices or online.evaluate members’ satisfaction about theperformance of product club (annual based). BLIND AND OFFICIAL INSPECTIONS:INCREASE OF THE NUMBER OF checking the quality of product: referring toMEMBERS who want to join the P.C. food certifications, facilities provided, goodMEDIA COVERAGE of the Product Club. environmental quality. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 40
  • 41. The offering system The Enogastronomic Product Club of Lombardy region offers products and advantages both to its members and to the tourists (the final clients): FOR THE MEMBERS: FOR THE TOURISTS: Periodic reports: related to the  Enogastronomic Itineraries members trend, the evaluation of  Culinary Workshops the satisfaction of each product  Single Attractions club components. General statistics: on a national and regional level. Marketing&Promotion support Professional assistance Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 41
  • 43. SEGMENTATION PROCESSMaster in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011
  • 44. SEGMENTATION PROCESSMaster in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011
  • 45. SEGMENTATIONS• Nature , • Italian CHARACTERISTICS • Business • Aged from • Prefer to Sports lovers lifestyle, people, 60 or above shorter haul language, transistors • Retired trip• ECO history & people travelling culture • Short trip for • Prefer to join • family supporters a few hours guided tours oriented • Student activities summer course • Price inelasticGreen LearnTraveler In-A- Silver Family Italian Hurry Market • Explore new, • Relatively • Young Couple • Art Lovers exciting affluent, things exploratory activities • Honey moon • Interested in purpose the Art & • High energy Design of approach to • View Food travel vacation as opportunities of relaxation Luxury Romantic Artistic Young Escape Esprit Lovers Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 45
  • 46. ITINERARY FOR GREEN TRAVELLERS The Discovery of Cheese and Wine in Valtellina through a natural trek ( 1/2 days trip). • Starting point: in the Stelvio National Park at 2160 m.a.s.l. at Forni refuge, close to S.SONDRIO Caterina Valfurva. • Trek: it‟s a 7 hours trek in the Stelvio National Park going through Cedec valley till Zebrù valley. The highest pick is located at Zebrù pass (3010m). • Why to choose this excursion: is a long way trip in a great natural environment, where the enogastronomic culture is deep and well widespread. Several are the cheese and wine label products of this territory that are possible to taste and experience directly in the alpine pastures and refuges along the way (Forni hotel- Pizzini refuge- Pastori hut). Here it‟s also easy to find an accomodation for the night. • (see + local products like CASERA & BITTO CHEESE Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 46
  • 47. ITINERARY FOR LUXURY TRAVELLERS Brescia & Milan (1 or 2 days Trip) • Spumante tasting tour: Head to Brescia with a luxury private car and driver for the zone Franciacorta, Italys most distinguished sparkling Il wine made by the traditional method of second Salumaio fermentation in bottle. D.O.C.G. since 1995, is a Franciacortas guidelines, which are the strictest guidelines in the world for sparkling wine production. • Lunch in Milano, luxury gourmet restaurant with elegant courtyard, il Salumaio, opened in 1957, Wine cellar located in the polished zone Montenapoleone, where they can try the local food. Milanese, and good variety of classical regional and Italian wines. • Shopping at the Wine Celluar, Enoteca Ronchi, where provided different kinds of red wines from allMILANO Italian regions, apart from the great historical names such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunell and Amarone and the prestigious Supertuscans. • Relaxing Spa at ―L’E’ Spa at Gianfranco Ferré ‖ located in the fashion district, founded from the famous Italian designer Susan Harmsworth. Spa at • Dinner at Boccondivino, which is famous of meats & Gianfranco cheese, with the professional wine advice from expert Ferré expert sommelier. • Ending the day trip at the world class opera house La Scala to be inspired by the talent of musicians from the local philarmonica. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 47
  • 48. CULINARY WORKSHOP -LEARN ITALIAN LIFESTYLE- CULINARY WORKSHOP IN FRANCIACORTA AGRITOURISMThe workshop takes place in an agritourism inFranciacorta where is possible to arrange severalcooking lessons lerning how to prepare a typical meal(starting from appetizers, to the desserts) anddiscovering the history, culture and traditions that linktypical products with its territory.The course address everyone that would like learn theitalian lifestyle and discover lombardy culinary culturethough theoretical and practical experiences.Duration: half a day.Max. participants number for course: 10/12.In the end of the course will be possible to taste thedishes prepared during the lessons. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 48
  • 49. ATTRACTION FOR “In-A- Hurry” TRAVELLERS Castle Winery Visit • Bergamo is the perfect option for the business people to visit since there is an airport nearby, it is definitely a convenient wine tasting destination while they have a few hours gap during their business trip. • A beautiful castle which is also a winery, The Tenuta Castello di Grumello is located in the Valcalepio hills between medieval Bergamo and the pretty Lake Iseo. • The winery produces about 100,000 bottles of wines a year. All made with grapes from their own vineyards.Bergamo • Red Wine: Colle Calvario Moscato Passito, Valcelepio Rosso • White Wine: Aurito • A Wine tasting course is provided at Knights‟ Hall, explaining how the wine is made, and tasting of the various wines • Private lunch / dinner in the castle / garden, typical Bergamo food are provided: – Casoncelli: It looks like ravioli, pasta filled with ground meats, and usually served in a butter sauce – Polenta alla Taragna: steaming, golden polenta with taleggio cheese inside – Polenta e Ösei: Bergamo‟s signature dessert. Cakes with hazelnut cream filling & covered with a polenta-looking layer Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 49
  • 50. TABLESMaster in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 50
  • 51. – TABLE 1 – TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS MEATS AND COLD CUTS caprino vaccinoagnello di razza brianzola prosciutto mantovano casatta di corteno golgibastardei quartini doca sotto grasso casoletborzat salam casalin (salam casalin dei contadini mantovani) casorettabresaola affumicata salame (cremonese, della bergamasca, di filzetta, di montisola, mantovano, milano) crescenzabresaola di cavallo salame con lingua fatulicacciatori doca salame da cuocere fiorone della valsassinacapretto da latte pesante salame di testa fiurì o fiuritcarne secca salame pancettato fontalciccioli salame sotto grasso formaggella (della val brembana, della val di scalve, dellaciccioli doca val sabbia, della val seriana, della val trompia, della valciccioli mantovani salamelle di mantova camonica, di menconico, tremosine)cotechino (bianco, cremonese vaniglia, della salamina mista formaggella del luinesebergamasca, mantovano alla vaniglia, pavese) salamini di capra formaggio dalpe mistocuz salamini di cavallo formaggio dalpe grassodurelli doca salamini di cervo formaggio dalpe semigrassofegato doca grasso salamini magri o maritati formaggio val serianagrasso doca salsiccia di castrato ovino formai de livigngreppole sanguinaccio o marzapane garda tremosineluganega slinzega di bovino granone lodigianoluganega di cavallo slinzega di cavallo Italicolughenia di passola soppressata bresciana latteriamortadella di fegato verzini magnocamortadella di fegato al vin brulè violino magropancetta (con filetto,con pisteum, della bergamasca, violino di capra magro di latteriapavese) CHEESES magro di piattapatè di fegato doca agrì di valtorta matuscpetto doca stagionato bagoss motelìpisto bernardo nissoprosciuttini (della valtellina, della valtellina al pepe) branzi nostrano grassoprosciuttino doca stagionato cadolet di capra nostrano semigrassoprosciutto cotto caprino a coagulazione lattica panneroneprosciutto crudo marco doggiono caprino a coagulazione presamicaSource: Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 51
  • 52. – TABLE 1 – TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS carcent ricciolino ricotta artigianalerobiola bresciana casoncelli della bergamasca sbrisolona VEGETABLESrobiola della valsassina scarpinoccsalva castagnaccio, patuna amarene duschione schiacciatinascimudin caviadini spongarda di crema asparago (di cilavegna, di mezzago)semuda croccante tirot castagne secchesilter cupeta torrone di cremonastael focaccia di gordona, fugaschia di gordona cipolla (di sermide, rossa) torta bertolinastracchino (bronzone, della valsassina, orobico, tipico) frittella conserva senapata torta del donizettistrachet gnocchi di zucca torta del paradiso cotognatastrachitund graffioni torta di fiorettotombea grissini dolci fagiolo borlotto di gambolò (faso) torta di grano saracenotorta orobica marubini farina di grano saraceno torta di lattezincarlin masigott torta di mandorle farina per polenta della bergamasca FATS meascia dolce o salata torta di s. biagio (Butter, Oils, Margarine) marroni di santa croce miccone torta di tagliatelleburro mele di valtellina nocciolini torta mantovanaburro di montagna pan da cool tortelli cremaschi melone (di casteldidone, di viadana) BAKERY PRODUCTS pan di segale tortelli di zucca (Pasta, bread, pastries, cakes, etc) mostarda di cremona pan méino tortello amaro di castel goffredoagnello del monaco mostarda di mantova pane comune tortionataamaretti di gallarate pane di pasta dura treccia doro “crema” patata di campodolcinobaci del signorebaci di cremona pane di riso ufela pesche allo sciroppo del lago di monate, i perzic de munàbisciola pane di san siro FISHES & SEAFOODS radici di soncinobiscotin de prost pane giallo alborelle essiccate in salamoia pane mistura coregone risobrasadella (dolce)braschin panettone di milano missoltini sugolobrutti e buoni panun pigo tartufo (nero)bunbunenn pazientini HONEY, MILK & CO. zuccabuscel di fich pesce daprile mascarpin de la calzabussolano (di soresina) pizzoccheri della valtellina mascarpone artigianalecapunsei (capunsel) polenta e uccelli dolce miele resta Source: Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 52
  • 53. – TABLE 1 – DOP-DOC-DOCG-IGP-IGT LABELLED PRODUCTS CHEESES WINESBitto (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1263 del 01.07.96 (GUCE L. 163 del 02.07.96); Reg. CE n. 1138 del 25.11.09 (GUCE L. 311 del 26.11.09) D.O.C.G. D.O.C. I.G.T.Formai de Mut dell Alta Valle Brembana (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Franciacorta Bonarda dellO.P. Alto MincioGorgonzola (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) e REG. CE n 104 del 3/2/2009 (GUCE L 34 del Oltrepò Pavese Botticino Benaco Bresciano4/2/2009 Scanzo Buttafuoco dell„O.P. BergamascaGrana Padano (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Sforzato di Valtellina Capriano del Colle Collina del MilaneseProvolone Valpadana (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Valtellina Superiore Casteggio Montenetto di Brescia Cellatica Provincia di MantovaQuartirolo Lombardo (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Curtefranca Provincia di PaviaTaleggio (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Garda QuistelloValtellina Casera (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1263 del 01.07.96 (GUCE L. 163 del 02.07.96) Garda Colli Mantovani Ronchi di Brescia OLIVE OILS Lambrusco Mantovano Ronchi Varesini Lugana SabbionetaGarda (DOP) Reg. CE n. 2325 del 24.11.97 (GUCE L. 322 del 25.11.97) Oltrepò Pavese SebinoLaghi Lombardi (DOP) Reg. CE n. 2325 del 24.11.97 (GUCE L. 322 del 25.11.97) Pinot grigio dell‟O.P. Terrazze Retiche di FRUITS, VEGETABLES & CEREALS Pinot nero dell„O.P. SondrioPera Mantovana (IGP) Reg. CE n. 134 del 20.01.98 (GUCE L. 15 del 21.01.98) Riviera del Garda Bresciano Terre LarianeMela di Valtellina (IGP) Reg. UE n. 171 del 01.03.10 (GUUE L. 51 del 02.03.10) San Colombano al Lambro Valcamonica San Martino della Battaglia MEATS Sangue di Giuda dellO.P.Bresaola della Valtellina (IGP) Reg. CE n. 1263 del 01.07.96 (GUCE L. 163 del 02.07.96) Terre del ColleoniSalame Brianza (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) ValcalepioSalame di Varzi (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1107 del 12.06.96 (GUCE L. 148 del 21.06.96) Valtellina rossoSalamini italiani alla cacciatora (DOP) Reg. CE n. 1778 del 07.09.01 (GUCE L. 240 del 08.09.01)Salame doca di Mortara (IGP) Reg. CE n. 1165 del 24.06.04 (GUCE L. 224 del 25.06.04)Salame Cremona (IGP) Reg. CE n. 1362 del 23.11.07 (GUCE L. 305 del 23.11.07)Source: Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 53
  • 54. - TABLE 2 - - Potential Members’ list*- *according with the main enogastronomic websites Associazione Italiana di Zootecnia Biologica eConsorzi Tutela Vini Sito del MIPAF sulle produzioni agroalim di qualità Biodinamica (ZOOBIODI) Assocciazione Lombarda degli Agricoltori Consorzio per la tutela e la promozione dei prodottiCons. per la tutela del Franciacorta Biologici (ALABIO) "La Buona Terra" agroalimentari mantovaniConsorzio Tutela Lugana Consortium Prodotti di agricoltura storica della Lomellina (PV)Consorzio Tutela Vini Valtellina Strade dei vini e dei sapori Associazione Italiana Agricoltura BiologicaConsorzio Volontario Vino DOC San Colombano Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valtellina Associazioni Produttori Biologici Associazione Lombarda della Zootecnia BiologicaConsorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valcalepio (A.L.Zoo.Bio.)Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio Strada del Vino Franciacorta Associazione per lAgricoltura Biodinamica Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica LombardiaConsorzio Tutela Moscato di Scanzo Strada del Vino Colli dei Longobardi (A.I.A.B.)Ente Vini Bresciani Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda Events & Exhibitions organizersConsorzi Tutela Formaggi Strada Vini e Sapori Mantovani Ente Fiera Promoberg (BG)Consorzio per la tutela dei Formaggi Valtellina Strada del Vino San Colombano e dei Sapori Brixia Expo (BS)Casera e Bitto Lodigiani"Consorzio dei produttori per la tutela e la Strada del Vino e dei Sapori dellOltrepò Pavese Lariofiere (CO)Valorizzazione Strada del Gusto Cremonese nella terra didel Formai de Mut dellAlta Valle Brembana" Spazio Villa Erba (CO) StradivariConsorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Grana Siti di promozione dei prodotti Agroalimentari Cremonafiere (CR)PadanoConsorzio Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano Movimento Turismo del Vino Lombardo Fiera Milano (MI)Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vino Fiera Millenaria (MN)Gorgonzola Organizzazione Nazionale AssaggiatoriConsorzio Tutela Provolone Valpadana Mantova Expo (MN) FormaggiConsorzio per la Tutela del Quartirolo Lombardo Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Salumi Paviamostre (PV)Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Taleggio Associazione Italiana Sommeliers Eventi Valtellinesi (SO) Associazione Italiana Sommeliers dellaConsorzi Tutela Salumi Malpensafiere (VA) LombardiaConsorzio per la Tutela del nome Bresaola della Agrofood (sito promozione aziende Ente mostre di Monza e Brianza (MI)Valtellina agroalimentari)Consorzio Tutela Salame Cremona Istituo servizi per agroalimentari Castello di Belgioioso (PV)Consorzi Tutela Frutta, Oli e Ortaggi Travagliatocavalli (BS) Ente Fiera del Barco (MI)Consorzio Pera Tipica Mantovana Museo Agricolo del vino (BS) Centro fiera del Garda Montichiari (BS) Polo Fieristico Sud Malpensa (MI)Comunità Montane della Lombardia Osteria Girodivite (VA) CORTE VIRGILIANA (MN) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 54
  • 55. - TABLE 2 - - Potential Members’ list-Comuni tà Montana Ol trepò Pavese Hotel Ri storante Impero (VA) CORTE SAN GIROLAMO (MN)Comuni tà Montana Parco Al to Garda Bresci ano Hotel Ri storante Hel Si t (VA) LA ROVERE (MN)Val l e Sabbi a Il Porti cci ol o (VA) AL FUGULER (MN)Val l e Trompi a Ri storante del Ponte (VA) BEATILLA (MN)Val l e Camoni ca Lo Zenzero Ri storante-Pi zzeri a (VA) VOLIVIA RELAIS (MN)Sebi no Bresci ano Trattori a Ci bo Sano (CO) CORTE SCHIARINO LENA (MN)Monte Bronzone e Basso Sebi no Ri storante Croce di Mal ta (CO) FENILNOVO (MN)Al to Sebi no Ri storante Col l i na (BG) OLYMPUSAQUAE (MN)Val l e Caval l i na Ri torante ol Gi opi e l a Margi (BG) CASCINA MEZZULLO (CR)Al ta val Seri ana Ri storante Bonanza (BG) CASCINA CANTONE (CR)Di Scal ve Anti ca Trattori a SantAnna (BG) SANTA MARIA BRESSANORO (CR)Val l e Seri ana Trattori a Anti chi Sapori (BG) BREDA DEI BUGNI (CR)Val l e Brembana Acqua e Fari na (MO) COLOMBAROTTO (CR)Val l e Imagna La Dama di Bacco (MO) CASCINA LOGHETTO (CR)Val l e San Marti no Ri storante Romagnol o da Otel l o (MO) LAIRONE (CR)Lari o Ori ental e Mati née Restaurant & Cocktai l s (MI) CASCINA VALENTINO (CR)Val sassi na Val varrone Val D’Esi no e Ri vi era i storante Coci nari um (MI) LA CAPANNINA (CR)Tri angol o l ari ano Ri storante da Gi ul i a (MI) LO STAGNO (CR)Lari o Intel vese Ri storante Re Sal omone (MI) CASCINA SANTA MARIA (CR)Al to Lari o Occi dental e Ri storante al Cri vel l i (MI) CANTONAZZO (CR)Al ta Val tel l i na Ri storante l Angol o (MI) LA STALLA DEL CORIGGIO (PV)Val tel l i na di Ti rano La Stel l a del Fi ume (MI) PICCOLO BACCO DEI QUARONI (PV)Val tel l i na di Sondri o Osteri a Perbacco (LO) CASTELLO DI LUZZANO (PV)Val tel l i na di Morbegno Isol a Caprera (LO) TENUTA DEL BOSCONE (LO)Val chi avenna Ri storante Del i zi a dOl trepo (PV) BOSCHI (BS)Val ceresi o Trattori a al Santuari o di SantAnna (PV) LA TESA (BS)Val cuvi a Ostaja (PV) ARRIGA ALTA (BS)Val ganna e Val marchi rol o Breda de Bugni (CR) VILLA GRADONI (BS)Val l i del Lui nese Ri storante La Locanda degl i El fi (CR) IL BROLO (BS)Rete degl i Orti Botani ci del l a Lombardi a Ri storante l Anti co Sapore (CR) IL GRANO (BS)HO.RE.CA. Ri storante Bosco Laghetto (CR) AL ROCOL (BS)La Lepre (BS) Ri storante Pancapanna (CR) QUELLI CHE IL VINO (BS)Ri storante Sostaga (BS) Ri storante Al Pesce dOro (MN) CASCINA LE CASELLE (BS)Ri storante da Genny (BS) Corte Sgarzari (MN) CANOVA (BS)Sfi zi da Gourmet (BS) Agritourisms CONTI TERZI (BS)Borgo Scacci aventi (LC) CA DEL VENTO (MN) CALOJERA (BS)Ri storante Tetto Bri anzol o (LC) FAMIGLIA CASARI (MN) IL GHETTO (BS)Al Terrazzo Vi l l a Gi ul i a Hotel (LC) CORTE BASAGLIE (MN) SCUDERIA CASTELLO (BS) Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 55
  • 56. - TABLE 2 - - Potential Members’ list-LE FRISE (BS) cta - creative travel & more mappezmondoANTICA CORTE AI RONCHI (BS) dieffe s.r.l. mbrosMACESINA (BS) dream&charme - consulnet travel srl meridiana srlRICCI CURBASTRO (BS) dreamcatcher travel mete sul pianeta sncCASCINA SANTA BRERA (MI) elleworld-piazza san marco michelini s.r.l.LA CAMILLA (MB) eridio holiday my special guestCASCINA BUONA SPERANZA (BG) flight over travel shop naide tourIL FAGGIO (BG) fourthtour italia ocean system s.r.l.MONTE CURA (BG) francoviaggi srl ocean viaggiAL MASO (BG) frigero viaggi s.r.l. okeg viaggi - cremenoBRUDER (BG) g.t.s. Viaggi s.r.l. oltre i miraggiSAN ROCCO (BG) giorni tour di rossi andrea opportunity viaggi sasCIROCCHI (BG) girobus viaggi srl paema viaggi sncCADI RACC (BG) gmt viaggi srl progetur srl gocce di rugiada viaggi e turismo di colmegnaI MARRONI (VA) pv agency - italy dmc nadiaLA CONCA DORO (CO) guindani viaggi rampinini viaggiBORGO FRANCONE (CO) i viaggi della torre antica red sun tourVALCURONE (LC) i viaggi di tels saltours sea air land toursCASTELLO DI VEZIO (LC) il museo dei viaggi di federico prandelli & co. sandy bay srlTour Operators & Travel Agencies (Incoming) il sipario musicale sherpa viaggi di a tutto tondo srlAgenzia viaggi "primo miglio" in & out tour operator srl so long travel sasagenzia viaggi limontours di limtours snc incentive power & events srl t.c.j. S.r.l.agenzia viaggi molinari srl incoming partners srl terramica srlagenzia viaggi nobile di nobile g.&c. Snc jastour viaggi dautore thi srlalbatravel group lambertravel & c. Sas tonidiblu s.r.l.alpitour world welcome travel - filiale di iseo lardi grandi viaggi travel sia srlamico tour legnone tours usanza viaggi liberatore viaggi "mondi nuovi per un turismoandes navi s.r.l. ventiatravel - elle & elle srl sostenibile"ara tours incoming sas limetour srl verso srl - tour operator e business eventsatlapa travel office snc loft studio viaggi snc wellness international networkattimi di viaggio - lord bry viaggi youth point - i viaggi dei giovaniazalea viaggi srlbuonarroti viaggi IDEAL MEMBERSHIP COMPOSITIONclio viaggi Public Sector 14cobianchi viaggi Producers & Consortia Tour Op./Travel Ag./Event Organizers 81 HORECA/Agritourism 93 Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 56
  • 57. - TABLE 3 - Phase 1Best practicesSince the survey shows a low number of websites focused on the enogastronomic segment, it is not possible and even not useful calculate a percentage of the websites committed in building this segment.It seems to be worthwhile, though, highlighting some estimable websites which provide detailed information about gastronomy, wine- based itinerary and wine shopping tours.Gastronomy: Regiòn de Bruxelles-Bruxelles Capital (BE10) www.visitbrussels.beThe gastronomy has been sub-segmented in: Trendy and History & gastronomy.Trendy: The contemporary and minimalist setting of L‟Annexe offers to the visitors an opportunity to discover trendy and innovative gastronomic cooking via one of its themed cookery classes, accompanied by a tasting of wines carefully-selected to complement the food. It is also provided the work-top and the recipe book.Walking and wine: Prov. Vlaams Brabant (BE24) www.toerismevlaamsbrabant.beWithin the more general framework designed for Netherlands as a wine country, this regional website proposes walks across the Vineyard Hill Walk. The tours let the visitor discover the countryside, the ancient artistic buildings and end in the Hageland Wine Regional Visitors‟ Centre, which is located in a neo-gothic building. Here the guests can taste the local wine and watch multimedia presentations about the local wine making tradition. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 57
  • 58. - TABLE 3 - Phase 1Wine shopping: Hannover (DE92) tours: La Rioja (ES23) www.lariojaturismo.comThe region is one of the major wine producers in Europe and there are many activities linked to it. The homepage provides a huge section totally dedicated to the wine tourism with 14 sub-sections.Apart from the typical wine-tours, it is possible join some local Wine festivals Battle of Clarete in San Asensio on the 25th July and Wine battle in Haro on the 29th June. It is also possible get on the Winebus to visit the local bodegas and cultural sites with spectacular landscapes.It is even possible to sleep in a real winery, among barrels and bottles. Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 58
  • 59. References• F.J.Del Campo, Wine tourism product clubs as a way to increase wine added value: the case of Spain, International Journal of Wine Research, Department of Agri-environmental Economics, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Orihuela (Alicante), Spain.• Emilia Romagna Tourism. (n.d.). Retrieved from Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali . (n.d.). Retrieved from• Agriturist. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Spaghettitaliani. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Buonalombardia. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Expo2015. (n.d.). Retrieved from• Apt Basilicata. (n.d.). Retrieved from• LombardyIncomingPool. (n.d.). Tratto da Master in Tourism Management – VII edition – 2010-2011 59