It's all about the Apps!
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It's all about the Apps!

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Short slideshow to give folks a idea what "apps" are and why they are a big deal! Usually project from my iPhone. April 2009

Short slideshow to give folks a idea what "apps" are and why they are a big deal! Usually project from my iPhone. April 2009

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  • 1. It’s all about the Apps Scott Kehoe, Consultant, Northeast Mass. Regional Library Sysytem >>> AIM: bibliotechy >>> revised: 03/2709 1
  • 2. What’s an App? • Apps = programs that perform one task or related tasks on a portable device / smart phone. • App Examples = calendar, address book, stocks, weather, Google Maps, Facebook, Texas Hold’Em ... • Mobile devices using Apps: iPhone Google phone(s) Blackberry Palm Treo & Pre iPod Touch 2
  • 3. iPod Touch a mobile computing device • WiFi • touch-screen • Apps = applications • email / IM / web browser • dedicated Apps for New York Times, Google, You Tube, Wikipedia, stocks, weather, sports scores, tides, ... • calendar/appointment book & address book • games! • it’s a mobile computer • it’s also an iPod ... 3
  • 4. Mobile Webpages vs. Apps • positive mobile computer experience = quick access to useful web site • mobile version of a web sites ≠ positive mobile computer experience 4
  • 5. An App in Action Accessing the New York Times 1: Press NYTimes icon 2: Choose your section 3: Font size, email, save 5
  • 6. Apps working with other Apps 1: choose earthquake app 3: goto USGS website for details, pinch & slide to enlarge an earthquake 4: goto the map 2: choose an earthquake 6
  • 7. Your TV & DVR in your pocket? watch & record with i.TV app ... kinda ... Pick a show. View clips, previews, reviews. Wikipedia, photos. Pick a show. Record on TiVo Add to Netflix. Email a reminder. 7
  • 8. Watch live TV on the go!? CBS app ... maybe ... First LIVE sports app. CBS Sports March Madness On Demand •Every NCAA tournament game •WiFi only Pick a show. •App costs $5, then what? View in segments. Not all current shows. The Future - very convenient, ease of use? - locked down by big media & cell carriers? 8
  • 9. Scott’s Ideal Library App • access my patron record • renew & reserve items NOBLE Like • view my overdue & This! hold notices • search catalog • download e-books, audiobooks & video directly to my device • IM with a Librarian MassAnswers 9
  • 10. Where to get more info from Scott • Scott's techy & gadget bookmarks: • Scott’s all-things digital media website: • Scott’s gadget, webware, and all-things digital blog: STT • These slides online (for sharing) at Slideshare: • Scott Kehoe, Technology Consultant, NMRLS / 978-762-4433 x16 IM: AIM-bibliotechy / MSN-bibliotekky /Yahoo!-biblioteky 10