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  1. 1. KITELOOP Th e S tu den t K itesurf ing Magaz ine Is s u e 3 : Se pt e mbe r 2 0 1 0THE SKA - REBORN 3 Stop national tour Events for all skills Chicks only weekends NATIONALS | ALI B INTERVIEWED | JOHARA’S GUIDE FOR GIRLSKiteloop.indd 1 27/09/2010 11:36
  2. 2. Ska_Ion_ad_HR.pdf 1 2010/08/20 3:10 PM NEW RASHVESTS C OUT NOW M YCMMY Proud sponsors of theCY Virgin Active Kitesurf Channel Crossing Visit shop. exifoil.comCMY K Kiteloop.indd 2 27/09/2010 11:36
  3. 3. CONTENTS NEWS 6 Student Nationals 8 Beach Break Live 14 2010-2011 CalendarHVESTS NOW Regulars 10 12 16 18 The Girl’s (brief) Guide 24 Trick Clinic 27 ON THE COVER © Kiteloop.indd 3 27/09/2010 11:36
  4. 4. “ S o, we know its been a dent nationals on the 5th and 6th while, but were back. of March. No excuses this time. Like, really back. SKA Make sure youre there! What legends, Alex Hill and comes before that I hear you cry? Well, the folks down at Plymouth handed over and given myself and will be hosting a slider jam and Fe- the rest of the brand spanking new buary will see a wave event come SKA committee a massive task to to Wales. Hood optional. Boots take on. Fear not however eager essential. student kitesurfer, because holy cow have we got a treat for you... But what if you dont care about competing and just want to start This year will see a three stage doing some sweet upwind cruis- national tour take place with each ing? Thats OK, because this stop hosted by a different uni. The academic year will see multiple tour will end up in Calshot where beginner events hitting beaches Southampton will host the stu- all around the UK for those whoKiteloop.indd 4 27/09/2010 11:36
  5. 5. also for those who want to nail that traditionally amazing SKA partiesboardstart and start shredding. where our media partners expixDont want to travel miles? Never will be there to record the ensuingfear, because the SKA will be trav- mess for all to see.elling around the country to makesure that everyone gets a slice of Not content with all that? OK. Wellthe SKA pie. be running a holiday abroad too so keep your eyes and ears peeled forOK. So youre past boardstarts updates. This year is going to bebut youre not quite at competition big. Very big. Many of you will notlevel? Dont worry trusty interme- have experienced the events whichdiates,: there will be events for you the SKA used to put on for us buttoo. Well be hitting more beaches if this coming year can be half asaround the UK just for you guys successful as the last one whichso you can try out some spankers Alex and Ben ran, then I think wellnew kit or even get trick tips from have done good. Our goal is to runthe pros. Well have you stomping an association which will providehasslehoffs in no time. Dont know help to every student kitesurfer inwhat they are? Google it. the UK, and have the longevity of other Student Associations suchAdvanced: Whether youre al- as the SWA.most pro or just a wannabe, wellbe having some weekends aimed We’d like to shout out a massiveat you guys where you can learn thanks to Flexifoil for the free t shirteverything you need to know from campaign (if you don’t know whatthe pros about how to get the best this is you should probably hop toshots taken of you on the water to our website) and also a big thankskeep your sponsors happy. Cam- to the SKA comittee who haveera whores required. been working hard over the sum- mer to get everything sorted forAs well as our trusty new events you folks. If you fancy getting in-secs, we also have people on the volved then just click your way tocommittee who represent everyquestions, then drop them a mail. See you soon.They love it and get bored if youdont. ParkerKiteloop.indd 5 27/09/2010 11:36
  6. 6. Student Nat Back in March, when Britain was still & James Boulding and Slingshot’s in the icy grip of winter, there were James Longmuir. They were also rumours down south of something kept dancing to the fantastic beats exciting stirring in the Solent. A gath- provided by Red Bull from 8.30am ering, a battle of epic proportions, to 5pm. Quite a day! the likes of which had never been With the wind forecast predict- seen before... Ah, sod it, enough of ing no wind on Sunday, the comp the dramatic story telling.... organisers went full steam ahead The Nationals were SICK! to complete all heats for both cat- The fact that the weather over the weekend was exceptionally grim and the water temperature was barely above freezing didn’t seem to deter the competitors. The two cat- egories, intermediate and advanced were closely contended. There were tricks ranging from the old school classics such as the ‘hand drag’ and the ‘wave hello’ to the rather more complex ‘roll to revert’, ‘s-bend’ and egories and the riders managed to hold out against the elements just long enough to crown the kings (and queens) for the day with Richard Burton (Edinburgh) taking 1st place in the advanced category and Ma- nuel Paiva of Solent University win- ning the intermediates. Then there was the party. And in true SKA fashion, it was a good un’. The evening’s events even the odd ‘low mobe’ thrown into started off with the prize giving with the mix. Spectators on the beach goods supplied by sponsors King were kept laughing by the witty com- of Watersports, Dakine, Naish, Pro- ments from the panel of judges, pro limit, Aquapac, Beach Break Live, Hooked on and Kamikaze. ThereKiteloop.indd 6 27/09/2010 11:36
  7. 7. ationals 2010 were awards for all sorts including the biggest bail (which was spec- tacular!) and best trick. Photos of the day’s events (courtesy of our media partners ExPix) were projected onto the big screen and local band Indigo Sun played an awesome set to kick of the evening’s frivolities and then it got... wild. DJ’s from Red Bull kept the atmosphere hot, while the bar kept things cool... or drool? I can’t atmosphere. The guys at SUKS remember which. And that was that. Sunday came Society) did an epic job this year and rather earlier than most would have we look forward to what they can liked. Fortunately the competition was out of the way and the breeze one to miss so we’ll see you there kicked in just enough for a few riders on the 5th and 6th of March 2011! to get out and have an expression For a full round-up see the ExPix session. Most however lay around in website: exzine/events/233-student-kitesurf- ing-nationals the sun on huge bean bags or slept under the Red Bull tent dreaming of the awesome events of the previous Words: Al Shepherd, SKA Vice 24 hours. President- Events It was a fantastic event with a great Images: Expix Kiteloop.indd 7 27/09/2010 11:36
  8. 8. A FEW words on We came. We drank. We conquered. Beach Break Live 2010 saw 17,500 stu- hopes and dreams of getting lashed up and seeing some good music. Amongst - of equipment ranging from the small- tents to a mass enclosure, surround- - as taking a hit for the team and look- hours who needed help. Good lads. Ian from Expix made sure that the - - tos on the beach. Well done Ian. some wind would be nice too... www.beachbreaklive.comKiteloop.indd 8 27/09/2010 11:36
  9. 9. Kiteloop.indd 9 27/09/2010 11:36
  10. 10. Bristol University K Society Members: 40 Regular Spots: SW Wales – Coney Bay, Ab Pembrey, Devon –Brean, Wes Words by Harry Gregory: BUKS Secretary/SKA Beginner Rep/Instructing God/Here at Bristol, we have big plans for expansion with the help of -surfers, with of course the usual smattering of hang-on gradu- Last march we made our grimage to the ‘wind capita bers of mixed abilities took -members making massive improvements. Whether it was wa-bongs and the worlds hottest chili sauce. A dangerous combi-Kiteloop.indd 10 27/09/2010 11:37
  11. 11. yKney Bay, Aberavon, Rest Bay, Llangenith,–Brean, Westonructing God/Super fast pint downer going at least once a month, with of course lots of spontane- themselves before beginner trips start up again in a build upe made our third annual pil- ‘wind capital of the world’ for -abilities took their skills to the - Kiteloop.indd 11 27/09/2010 11:37
  12. 12. Mum g. u’re doin what yo Dear d ou know n a boar s tyle if y to get up o time e trying bit of If you’r spend a t c heck k ely to at makes ome, bu you’re li water th ’s one at h he white he shore, but itMiss ing every dodging t t ir spot! never get loser to out a faout t his sick they it s way c u c an walk s! waves go a good safe, yo f crowdA s far as ll it 4-5ft on nice and no risk o rider this most ca catches SW there’s t free too big, istently way and hilled ou n to the it cons arne rs as If yo u’re a c dow day, but eal for le suit you onditions s wells and is id be ach will ore e xciting c o scare wind’s n ot with m ing likely t ground, and noth way, lots of g to d o if the ood it ’s al, somethin wind’s g than usu e water. Any n... all . If the sh allow you of f th you soo playing b k , and the rt hopef ully see ach brea or the most pa love and a fun be hat f eans t spie xx beach m Ben Gille ison ou’re Lia hough y SKA VP ho re, so alt reen room it’s to the s e g get in th your strap- u nlikely to ne ce to ho able for free- an ideal pla suit ls and is less skil Llangenith, Rhosili Bay Works in: d if you don’t mind NNW, NW, W, SW, an as it comes over the The Journey! it getting a bit gusty y then S and SSE t southern tip of the ba Tide: e of high. Around until an hour either sid get uncomfortably c tide you may have to h and land. to the dunes to launc Local Rules: o swim, surf and k The beach is split int stay north of the zones, and kiters must out onto the beach small river that runs rkiters on the beac same applies to powe well as kitesurfers.Kiteloop.indd 12 27/09/2010 11:37
  13. 13. e doing. a boardf time makes but it’s ir out a facrowds! rider this o the ns conditioely to scare Zac Andrews, nailing a fy, lots o .u soon.. wind day James B ow Airush a ker on his trus bout to ty 2005 his stra session 14m pless st the ‘gen ick ith on the massive Rhosili bay, which runs from North to South and forms the tip of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales don’t mind . If you’ve accidentally parked at the South end of the bay...mes over the unlucky, you’ll have to suck it up and drive the 45 mins backS and SSE too. inland and round to the North of the bay. Be careful you don’t get lost – even the Welsh can get trapped in the labyrinth of country lanes (for more info speak to our Chick Rep, Char- lotte Davies). It’s either that or walk a couple of clicks igh. Around high the beach with all your gear. up mfortably close nd. Drive through Llangenith to Hill End campsite and your only clue that this spot provides some of the most consistent surf and kite next to the only pub for about 10 miles, the Kings Head Innnorth of the – both of which are worth remembering. 5 minutes down the o the beach. The road you’ll reach Hill End campsite. For a few quid you canon the beach as park just behind the dunes, and then it’s a short walk to the Kiteloop.indd 13 27/09/2010 11:37
  14. 14. 2010/2011 SKA We know it’s not quite the centrefold you’re used to, but you 2010 Beginner Event Llangenith 2 Beginner Event Redcar Rhosneiger Intermediate Event BE in tHe KNOW Don’t know which of these eve Hop onto our brand new webs are hosting a a slider jam with and freebies up for grabs (weKiteloop.indd 14 27/09/2010 11:37
  15. 15. KA CALENDARo, but you can still stick this up on your wall and get excited... 2011 Intermediate Event Rhosneiger KNOWthese events or meets is for you? ew website and get more info for yourself... jam with Flexifoil sponsored obstacles. There are prizesrabs (we know how much students hate free stuff) at each Kiteloop.indd 15 27/09/2010 11:37
  16. 16. interviewed After competing in looks better than fannying around slowly. the BKSA tour last Gotta admit I am abit obsessed with go- year, Ali was named ing as big as poss though. Nothing beats 4th best kitesurfer in that feeling when its 40knts and you just the UK. We caught trying to get as high as possible on loops up with him for a and board offs. I love it all. You need vari- quick chat before he ety in life though. If I keep doing the same started Uni. stuff I get bored.What and where are you studying Ali? Favourite conditions and kite?Southampton Solent, Power Craft and How longs a piece of string? For freestyleYacht Design. ate if water and 20knt so 8-10m weather like secon in Western Oz. But then I love 40-45 knts someSeven years now. and massive waves for boosting off which myse is what you get in Cape Town. my heHow did you get into kiting? pinneOriginally I just saw all the kites down at Worst Injury? staplethe St Annes Kite festival and thought it Busting my MCL a couple of years ago. thinglooked pretty fun getting dragged around Couldnt walk for 2 months, and had 4the beach and into the air. So I saved up months off the water. Freakin annoying Whatthe money from weeks of doing my paper as you dont really know when its back to Fire bround, and then bought this little 3m kite. strength. You gotta go out on the water and take it easy, but I hate doing that. I you aand then borrowed a landboard from a also smashed my head open. That was nextmate and went from there. It all seems so pretty grim. A wave picked my board up At lea while I was body dragging back to it and penedsession on the water as clear as today. dropped it on my head. Pretty inconsider- WhatBest comp result?1st BKSA Balmedie event Pros DO ITWhat are your sponsors? But itSlinghot kites, Kiteitright, with and jFavourite Trick? imporLow Mobe, But anything can look good percewith your own style. Personally I like to go to wointo stuff with a lot of speed because it simplKiteloop.indd 16 27/09/2010 11:37
  17. 17. wed: Ali B Images: Expix lowly. Boots or Straps? h go- When conditions are right then boots are beats the one. But not every day is for boots. I u just hate people who say they are. So frustrat- loops ing. When I want to go out maxed on my d vari- 6 to do boosts and loops then straps is same where its at for that type of riding other- wise youre just asking for a broken knee or two. estyle North or South? ate if you ask me. Blacked out for a few Hmmmm. Well youre talkin to a north- er like seconds and ended up on the beach erner whos moving south. Ill always be a 5 knts somehow. Packed my kit up and drove northerner at heart no matter how much I which myself to hospital with blood pouring out try otherwise. I like gravy on chips. Thats my head and ended up having 10 stables northern right? And nothin beats Black- pinned into my skull. I think getting the pool on a night out. But. My opinions staples put in was more painful than any- could changed over the next few months. ago. thing else Ive ever had. had 4 Blonde or Brunette? oying What is your party trick? Red. like that dark died red is f***in cool... ack to Fire breathing, But the one time I did it I Although there was this one brunette who water goes to Southampton Uni....... hat. I you ask me. Turning up at college the t was next day with half a face was interesting. rd up At least I had the vid to show what hap- Barrett, bizzle, battered. Depends who t and pened. Im with. sider- What advice would you give to any stu- DO IT. Dont hesitate. Although you will But its such a good sport. Make friends with someone with a small trainer kite, and just rob that loads. Thats the most important bit I reckon. If you have 100 percent control of the kite and dont have to worry about it, then the rest is pretty simple. Kiteloop.indd 17 27/09/2010 11:37
  18. 18. a girl’s (brief) guide to I was at University in Southampton. I bought an ancient old 4-line kite along with some friends and we played around with it on the grass at Calshot. But it wasn’t until I lived in Canada on the water. After my ski season I ended up working for the summer as Site Manager at Squamish Windsport Society. It was a windsurf and kite- surf club, and getting me into kiting © Patrice Moran seemed part of their deal! much easier when you come to think about body dragging up wind and put- back to where I started I was hooked!! ting a board on our feet, as you won’t I went home, saved some money, and have to worry so much about what the went to La Ventana in Mexico to just kite is up to. kite all winter. The rest is history…!! What are the best conditions to learn Well number one is you must get les- The best conditions for you to learn in are a light to moderate wind that is is an extreme sport and if you don’t steady and not too gusty, with plenty learn the correct safety procedures it of room around you to make a safe en- really can be dangerous. So… lecture vironment. It is of course nice to have over… the best way is to join your Uni warmer water, but a good wetsuit club, get some advice and some les- and some jumping up and down will sons, then lots of practice is the key. sort you out if it’s a bit nippy!! Please on the land, you should keep practic- ing until it is second nature before you that it is an easy sport to learn and suddenly it will all click together andKiteloop.indd 18 27/09/2010 11:37
  19. 19. e to kitesurfing .........with Johara Sykes-Davies you will be having the time of your life! Kites… you will want to look for a hybrid or bow kite. (A Flexifoil Proton would © Jonathan Winberg So as I said before, the more you be perfect.) practice on the land before you hit the These kites are easier to relaunch, have more depower, which means it might be worth you having a cou- they are more likely to get you out of a ple of lessons on the land and then buying a land kite between you and in a bigger wind range, so you need some friends so you can practice to to buy less kites. Perfect!! More beer your hearts content. (Something like a money!! You will also have to decide Flexifoil Sting or Quark will be perfect!) what size or sizes of kite you want to buy. It mainly depends on your weight When you’ve got that mastered, and what wind strengths you gener- you’ve had some lessons on the wa- ally go out in. Somewhere between ter and your looking to buy some kit, 7 meters and 10 meters for most girls you will need a harness, one or two should be good, but have a word with kites and board, along with the usual your instructor or your Uni club and wetsuit, waterproof mascara etc! they should be able to help you. Harness… when you are learning it is continued on next page... easier to wear a seat harness. This helps your body position and makes it easier to learn to ride up wind. Once you have mastered that and are pretty - ably want to swap to a waist harness. and it’s easier when you start to learn tricks… plus it looks less like a nappy and allows you to show off your latest boardies ;-) (I wear the Prolimit Pure Girl Edge waist harness which I could © Jenny Young sleep in it is so comfortable!) Kiteloop.indd 19 27/09/2010 11:37
  20. 20. cause they ride and learn in a different way; look to other girls for inspiration! Being sponsored is both a great hon- our and hard work. It’s an honour because the companies that support you think you are worth giving time and money to. But its also hard work because you have to train hard, keep © Patrice Moran your results up and make sure you get enough coverage in the media to keep Board… you can pick up some pretty them happy. good, cheap second hand boards I hope every girl out there that reads years riding. Again, it depends on this goes straight out, joins her Uni your weight and your ability. When club and gets herself some kite les- it is much easier if your board is a bit the increase and we’re beginning bigger. But as you progress to riding to show the guys just how it’s done! upwind and then doing tricks, you will With role models such as PKRA Free- style World Champion Bruna Kajiya a bit cumbersome. If you can use a to look up to, there is no stopping us. So if you get to the beach and there riding, then look to buy something be- are a group of scary guys looking at tween a 128 and a 134 that should do you, don’t turn around and skulk back to the car, but strut your stuff right for girls, the Team 130 and Team 133) through the middle and show them how its done!! You go girls!! Johara Xx Girls are better than boys because they learn in a totally different way. Girls think about things before they go for them, whereas boys just go for it with muscle and not so much brain! Girls therefore learn things slower but with a lot more grace and style. That is why girls should never compare their level or technique to that of a guy be- - site at www.joharafreedom.comKiteloop.indd 20 27/09/2010 11:37
  21. 21. Kiteloop.indd 21 27/09/2010 11:37
  22. 22. 10%Kiteloop.indd 22 27/09/2010 11:38
  23. 23. 10% OFF FOR STUDENTS DISCOUNT CODE: ES2KAA10Kiteloop.indd 23 27/09/2010 11:38
  24. 24. SKA Trick Clinic: THE SETUP » Approach the trick with some solid speed. You should feel in control, not over powered but not hav- ing to work the kite. » Position your kite at about 45 degrees off the wa- ter; it should remain in this position throughout the trick. Your hands should be as close to the centre of the bar as possible. With them here there is less chance of you redirecting the kite whilst you are in the air. » Come off your edge, stand more upright, ride slightly towards the kite. Unhook. Riding towards the kite releases the tension on the lines so that you can unhook easily. » There is no need to rush the set up; if you try and do everything super fast you will lose your composure. outstanding self satisfaction and achievement and I guarantee nothing will be able to wipe the childlikeKiteloop.indd 24 27/09/2010 11:38
  25. 25. THE POP! » Keeping your arms bent at about 90 degrees re-engage your edge. » Cut away from the kite driving the nose of the board upwind by digging in with your back heel. It is this cut- ting motion which gives you the release off the water. » The body position in the air is one that comes when all elements of the trick come together. The pull of the kite and the initial pop off the water cause the legs to be thrown behind the head. Keeping you head up too much during the trick will kill the momentum of you board and stop you from achieving the true raley position. » You head should go between your arms; this not only allows you to see and spot your landing early but gives » The arms should be kept slightly bent; straightening the arms makes it harder to pull in on the bar when it comes to landing. LANDING » You should be spotting you landing almost from the » RIDER: Ben Gillespie moment you leave the water. As you reach the top of the raley, start to bring your arms down towards your front hip and your front knee towards your hands. This brings your board underneath you and pointing down- wind ready for the landing. » With the board back underneath you, you will be coming in hard and fast, bend your knees to absorb the impact and keep your weight balanced on landing. » Continue to ride down wind towards the kite and hook back in; get back on to your edge, compose your-Kiteloop.indd 25 27/09/2010 11:38
  26. 26. get some air... in fuerte Fuerteventura (Fuerte) is the second largest of all the Canary Islands and is famous for its enormous sand dunes, all year round sun & legendry kite and windsurf- ing conditions. Located just 98kms from the African coast, Fuerte is of winter it rarely drops below 20 degrees with around 7 hours a day of sun. As most people think of Fuerte Up: Zac Andrews look forward to uncrowded beaches. Although not the - vourable with around a 50 – 60% chance of 4bft or over. The North and South of Fuerte offer something totally in the North is Flag Beach, just outside the resort of Corralejo. This white sandy beach offers great fre- eride conditions for most of the year and wave riding conditions in winter. The resort of Corralejo offers ex- cellent nightlife with plenty of late night bars. - to beach which is also the location of the Kiteboarding World Cup. Thanks to being located in a wind accel- eration zone this is the most consistently windy spot in Fuerte and the mile-long sandy beach never feels crowd- place for beginners and newbie kitesurfers. The nearby resort of Costa Calma is more low-key than Corralejo but still has a good choice of bars and restaurants with the Fuerte Action Cafe being the most popular meeting point for kitesurfers and windsurfers in the evening. - ter can start from as little as £85. ( offers packages for beginners, intermediates and experienced kitesurfers in Cor- ralejo & Costa Calma. Beginner & intermediate packages start from around 600 Euros per week , rental packages start from 310 Euros per week and accommo- dation for experienced kitesurfers from just 149 Euros per week.Kiteloop.indd 26 27/09/2010 11:38
  27. 27. B IG HIT: Above: Carl. Post-crash.Rider: Carl Bowen-Price him the title of “best bail”. He suf-Event: Student Nationals 2010 fered a broken wrist and had to bePhoto: Expix taken to hospital after, although you know what they say; “pain is tempo-Carl threw down this massive kiteloop rary...”.at the recent nationals which earned Nice one Carl.Kiteloop.indd 27 27/09/2010 11:38
  28. 28. Ska_webstore_ad_HR.pdf 1 2010/08/20 2:58 PM Navy Black WOMEN’S HOODIES AVAILABLE IN ASSORTED COLOURS £29.95 Black MEN’S Grey HOODIES C M AVAILABLE IN ASSORTED COLOURS Y £49.95CMMYCYCMY K Red Black Navy White Black Red Navy MEN’S RASHVEST AVAILABLE IN ASSORTED COLOURS £24.95 BE SURE TO VISIT THE STORE SHOP .FLEXIFOIL.COM UK FREEVERY Specialising in spares and accessories for our full range of I HING DEELERYT ON V kites as well as Flexifoil fashion, with brand new lines coming soon, pop over and have a look today! Kiteloop.indd 28 27/09/2010 11:38