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Human Resource Practices






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  • Six Sigma is a not just measurement of quality – but a strategy to improve growth and productivity. It is pervasive throughout our corporation and our business and affects everything we do- from the way we listen to our customers, develop our products and design our various processes – manufacturing, to quality to HR.

Human Resource Practices Human Resource Practices Presentation Transcript

  • Human Resource Practices
  • Overview: Honeywell International
    • Diverse businesses, technologies and
    • products
    • A global $ 34.6 billion Fortune 50 company
    • Over 110,000 employees in nearly 100 countries
    • One of the select companies represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average
    • A Six Sigma Company
    ACS 2006 Revenues $34.6 Billion 32% 14% 38% 32% Specialty Materials Aerospace Transportation Systems
  • Journey of an employee……..
  • Philosophy of HPD
    • Overall philosophy is to differentiate great performers through a strong talent management system, link pay to performance, and ensure the right developmental opportunities are made available to our most talented people
  • HPD in Nutshell
    • Induction – Session on HPD
    • - HPD Process
    • - 5 Initiatives and 12 Behaviors
    • - HRBP drives the HPD process in each BU
    • HPD training for all managers
    • Employees and managers need to meet the deadlines as prescribed by the HRBP
  • 5 Initiatives 5 Initiatives
    • Growth
    • Productivity
    • Cash
    • People
    • Enablers
  • 12 Behaviors 12 Behaviors
    • Growth and Customer Focus
    • Leadership Impact
    • Gets Results
    • Makes People Better
    • Champions Change and Six Sigma
    • Fosters Teamwork and Diversity
    • Global Mindset
    • Intelligent Risk Taking
    • Self-Awareness/Learner
    • Effective Communicator
    • Integrative Thinker
    • Technical or Functional Excellence
  • Components of HPD
  • HPD Process
  • The Performance Philosophy
    • Results + Behaviors = Performance
    • Employee’s Results reflect the “what”
      • What goals are achieved?
      • What results are delivered?
    • Employee’s Behaviors reflect the “how”
      • How are goals executed?
      • How are results achieved?
    • Together, both components measure an individual’s performance.
  • Prepare PDS: 9 Block Placement Results: Exceeded targets for most goals Behaviors: Consistently demonstrates outstanding. Serves as a Role Model. 1 Results: Exceeds targets for most goals. Behaviors : Demonstrates expected behaviors. 2 Results: Exceeded targets for most goals. Behaviors : Regularly falls short of meeting HON Standards 3 Results: Met targets for most goals Behaviors: Consistently demonstrates outstanding behaviors. 4 Results: Met targets for most goals Behaviors: Demonstrates expected behaviors. 5 Results: Met targets for most goals Behaviors: Regularly falls short of meeting HON Standards. 6 Results: Failed to meet targets for multiple goals Behaviors: Consistently demonstrates outstanding behaviors. 7 Results: Failed to meet targets for multiple goals Behaviors: Demonstrates expected behaviors overall. 8 Results: Failed to meet targets for multiple goals Behaviors: Regularly falls short of meeting HON Standards 9
  • PDS Talent
    • Gives a high-level view of appropriate next steps for this employee’s career
      • Determine whether this employee would do well at the next level
      • Refer to the employee’s Career Profile for background
    • Identify potential next moves based on assessment
    • 1) High Potential
    • 2) Promotable
    • 3) Valuable Contributor
    • 4) Placement Issues
    • 5) Too New
  • Development Plan
    • Development planning
    • Recommendations for actions that will help employee achieve potential and reach “next moves”.
    • Potential Next moves
    • Addresses what other areas of responsibility employee can take on in the future at Honeywell, given appropriate development actions.
  • Example1
    • Resident Engineer:
    • The scope of work is to resolve 50 calls in a day
    • Needs Improvement : Attends to 40 calls resolves and resolves 30 out of them
    • Meet Expectations: Attends to 50 calls and resolves 50 out of them.
    • Exceeding Expectations: Attends to 50 calls, resolves 50 out of them , documents the resolution , finds out ways to resolve the issue in an effective and appropriate manner.
  • Example 2
    • Sales Manager:
    • The scope of work is to achieve the regional target with 15% margin
    • Needs Improvement : Achieves 70 percent of the target with below 10% margin
    • Meet Expectations: Achieves 90-95 percent of the target with 15% margin.
    • Exceeding Expectations: 150 percent of the target with 15% and above margin.
  • Training & Development
  • Honeywell recognizes its continuing responsibility to provide the type and caliber of training. Rapid changes in dictate that Honeywell remains flexible and responsive to training requirements. To provide the best training available and enable employees to excel in customer satisfaction, customer support, professionalism as industry leadership continues to be a standard at Honeywell. Need for Training and Objective
  • Training Programs
    • Training & Personal Development
      • TT (Talent Transformation Team)
      • Levels of Training Based on the Grade
      • Trainee needs to be nominated by the supervisor as per the grade
      • Soft skill training (1 Day Training)
        • Advanced Communication Skill
        • Proposal writing
        • Interview skill building
      • Basic Leadership training (5 Day Program) Sales Manager
      • Advanced leadership training (5 Day Program) RSM
      • Honeywell Leader training (5 Day Program) HRO & VP
  • Training Programs
    • Technical Training
      • Product & Service training (Open for all the Grades)
      • Monthly Trainings (Compulsory )
  • Rewards and Recognition Program
  • Philosophy & Objective The objective of Rewards and Recognition programme is to Encourage and reward significant individual/team contributions for company’s Success. The contributions should be “above and beyond call of duty”
  • Rewards
    • Types of Awards
    • Monthly Bravo Awards – Star, Peer Star, Bronze & Silver
    • Quarterly Awards – Bravo Gold (Cash) & Team Awards
    • Annual Awards – Bravo Gold (Champion’s Club) Award, Staff Award, Long Service Award
    • Star Award
    • President Club Award- Award given by Honeywell CEO. Trip to USA along with Spouse
    • Honeywell Partner Award – Award given by HAIL on behalf of the Customer
  • Incentive Scheme - Features
    • Linked to Revenues (Products and Services) – absolute achievement
    • Strong linkage to achieving absolute Gross Margin targets
    • Encourage focus on high margin business
    • Help us reward high performing sales people with more than 100% achievement
    • Drive divisional & organizational priorities by
      • Services Attached Sales
  • Eligibility
    • This policy is valid for the Quarter and is subject to revisions
    • Only sales employees with a variable stack. This does not cover any Principal incentive schemes – these will be treated outside the scope of this policy.
    • Incentives have a minimum qualifier gate viz.
      • Achievement to be atleast 70% of absolute Topline target (Revenue in case of Products & Services business for the quarter
      • And atleast 70% of absolute Gross Margin target for the quarter (Actual GM for Products & Services business )
      • Both the above are in absolute numbers
    • All incentives will be paid based upon quarterly achievement of the assigned individual targets
  • Payout Matrix
    • Minimum achievement of 70% on both Revenue & Gross Margins – for you to be
    • eligible for incentives. Anything below 70% on either of these factors – will bring
    • down the incentive to “zero”
    • Performance of more than 100% achievement on Revenues has a built in
    • accelerator hence a built in reward for overachievement on Revenue
    • over-achievement
    • For a 150%+ achievement on Revenue & Gross Margin performance, your target
    • incentive can get multiplied by 5.06 – ie a 506% accelerator !!
    • Thank You !