Presentation on Bacardi alcohol beverages


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Presentation on Bacardi alcohol beverages

  1. 1. Outline of today’s Presentation • Determining the characteristics of the target market • Product Positioning • Differentiating Bacardi Breezer from its competitors • Marketing mediums and vehicles
  2. 2. Determining the characteristics of the target market • Demographic characteristics: • Single males aged between 18-25 yrs old • Have some form of steady income • Psychographic characteristics: • Are out-going • Belong to the “experiencers” segment, who have high energy levels and are adventurous. They also spend large amounts of money on clothing, music, food & drinks and other youthful activities.
  3. 3. Males Females• Of the 18-20’s age group who participated, 83% drink alcoholic beverages, while 17% do not.• Of the 20-25’s age group who participated, 78% drink alcoholic beverages, while 22% do not.
  4. 4. 91% 81% Males 50% 50% Females Total 19% 9%• Of the males who participated, 91% drink alcoholic beverages, while 9% do not.• Of the females who participated, 50% drink alcoholic beverages, while 50% do not.• Of the total people who participated, 81% drink alcoholic beverages, while 19% do not.
  5. 5. Once a year Once every few months Once a month Once ever 2 weeks Once a week Once every few days Once a day More than once a day• Among males, the most popular purchase frequency of an alcoholic beverage is once every few months• The second most popular purchase frequency of an alcoholic beverage is once a week.
  6. 6. Product Positioning • Make Bacardi Breezer:  appealing to young single males  more socially acceptable than other social alcohol beverages. • Position against the competition such as:  beer  other higher alcohol content drinks  no-alcohol drinks such as soft drinks
  7. 7. 67% 24% 10%To the question: If Bacardi Breezer was commonly perceived as a cool drink consumed by both males and females, would you consider purchasing this drink or continue to purchase this drink? Of those who were interviewed, 67% said they would drink or continue to drink Breezer, while 24% said maybe.Therefore, our plan is to firstly target the “yes” group, & then to persuade the “maybe” group to drink Breezer’s.
  8. 8. 9.85% 23.30% Beer Spirits Wine36.06% Mixed Drinks Liqueur 26.06% 4.76%• Among all the surveyed drinkers, the most popular type of alcoholic beverage was mixed drinks• Spirits and Beer also had a high percentage, constituting 26.06% and 23.30% respectively.
  9. 9. Differentiating Bacardi Breezer from Competitors • Good taste:  better taste than beer  less stronger smell than other spirits • Variety of flavours:  more flavours than other social drinks • Social acceptability:  personal image  socially acceptable in the mind of females  sense of belonging
  10. 10. Note: 0= No Opinion, 1= Unimportant, and 9= Essential.The data suggest that the most important characteristics of a mixed drink are its Taste, Price andFlavours.As can be seen, Feminine Appeal is rated as the LEAST important. This is the characteristic which we arefocusing our marketing campaign on, and therefore, we hope to increase the importance that FeminineAppeal has in the mind of young males in determining which mixed drink to purchase.
  11. 11. Differentiating Bacardi Breezer from Competitors  The sense of belonging is derived from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self-Actualisation Egoistic Needs Belonging needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs
  12. 12. Differentiating Bacardi Breezer from Competitors - Marketing mediums are the general communication methods that carry advertising messages. Research suggests that the best marketing mediums for Bacardi Breezer would be TV, Magazines, and Billboards (especially billboards at universities) - Marketing vehicles are the specific programs, magazines, newspapers or radio shows that an ad can be placed in. Best for Bacardi Breezer would be: - Advertising during television programs which are popular among our age groups such as Big Brother, and the O.C. We could go one step further with Big Brother and try to organize a deal with the producer’s to actually put Bacardi Breezer’s in the house to further promote the drink to a wide audience - Put advertisement in magazines such as Ralph, For Him Magazine and Men’s Health - Poster-size billboards placed at universities and at clubs
  13. 13. Respondents were asked to rank mediums in order of the ones they mostly saw ads for alcohol(eg:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th). Therefore, the lowest average was the most seen. -Television was the medium which featured the most advertisement for alcohol drinks, with Magazines being the second most popular medium. - Newspapers and Billboards also had a relatively high rating for alcoholic drink advertisements.
  14. 14. Differentiating Bacardi Breezer from Competitors - The use of well-known DJ’s as a form of Celebrity Endorsing The TEARS model: Trustworthiness: the DJ’s are well-known and therefore, have a certain degree of trust among our target market. Expertise: the DJ’s have expertise in the clubbing and party scene, and therefore will have credibility in promoting Breezer’s. Attractiveness (Physically): although this is a very subject matter, DJ’s posses appropriate style in terms of the latest fashion and accessories. Respect: the DJ’s are highly respected in their field and also in the eyes of the target market for their skills and accomplishments. Similarity: the DJ’s are very similar to the target market in terms of their like of music and partying, and also in terms of age. Also sponsor events such as clubbing parties and DJ contests.