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Ms office shorts cuts word document
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Ms office shorts cuts word document



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  • 1. Page |1Short cuts for MS Office (MS word, MS excel, MS Ppt) (Work In Progress)
  • 2. Page |2Short Cuts With “Ctrl’’ & “Alphabets”Ctrl+A Select AllCtrl+B BoldCtrl+C CopyCtrl+ D Font Dialog Box (in Word), Duplicate slide (in excel)Ctrl+E CentreCtrl+ F Find (Find & Replace)Ctrl+G Go toCtrl+H Replace (History in internet explore)Ctrl+I ItalicCtrl+J JustifyCtrl+K Insert Hyper linkCtrl+L LeftCtrl+M increase indent (In Ppt New Slide)Ctrl+N New File (In Ppt New Window)Ctrl+O Open FileCtrl+P PrintCtrl+Q Canal IndentCtrl+R RightCtrl+S SaveCtrl+T Hanging Indent (In Ppt Font dialog Box)Ctrl+U Under lineCtrl+V PastCtrl+W Close File (Save and Exit)Ctrl+X CutCtrl+Y RedoCtrl+Z Undo
  • 3. Page |3 Short Cuts with “Alt” ButtonAlt+F4 Close ProgramAlt+F4+Alt+F4 Close Program & then Shout Down SystemAlt+F5 Document decrease sizeAlt+Tab Select Program from task barAlt+Space+N Maximize File
  • 4. Page |4 Short Cuts with “Shift” ButtonShift+F3 Font Pattern Capital (Change Case)Shift+F5 Slide Show (In Ppt)Shift+F7 ThesaurusShift+Delete Delete the selected fileShift+→ Select Line
  • 5. Page |5 Short Cuts with “Ctrl” ButtonCtrl+Mouse Wheel Increase/Decrease current Page sizeCtrl+End Go to the end of fileCtrl +F7 Spelling CheckingCtrl+F10 File SelectionCtrl+F12 Save AsCtrl++ Go to the new row (Subscript)Ctrl+ - Delete Current RowCtrl+↑/↓+Spacebar Select Next file on desktopCtrl+F5 In Ppt Decrease Window SizeCtrl+Shift+Enter Next PageCtrl+Shift+F3 Change CaseCtrl+Shift+F3 Change caseCtrl+→ Go to next wordCtrl+← Go to previous wordCtrl+↓/↑ Down/Up one paragraph at one timeCtrl+Page Down(Button) Go to next pageCtrl+Page up Go to previous pageCtrl+Home(Button) Go to start of file (in MS excel)Ctrl+End Go to end of fileCtrl+]/[ Increase / Decrease font sizeCtrl+1/2 Single/ Double line spacingCtrl+5 1.5 line spacingCtrl+T (In Ppt) Font Dialog box
  • 6. Page |6 Some Random Shorts CutsF5 Refresh the whole systemEscape In Ppt Exit Slide ShowSpacebar (Button) In Ppt Next Slide (in slide show)F4+Space Bar button Open Address BarCtrl+Z/R Stop File on KM PlayerTabe (Button) File Info /Detail in KM playerCtrl+E Save As (The running File on KM player)Ctrl+ + Insert New Cell( In excel)
  • 7. Page |7Short Cuts with ”Alt” & “Ctrl” ButtonAlt+Ctrl+Delete Task ManagerAlt+Ctrl+→ Screen on Right sideAlt+Ctrl+← Screen on Left sideAlt+Ctrl+↓/↑ Screen to down/Up sideAlt+Ctrl+1 HeadingAlt+Ctrl++ Superscript
  • 8. Page |8Some Selective Formulas for MS excelGrading :=IF(cell address>=80,´´A”,IF(cell address>=70, ´´B”,IF(cell address>60=,´´C”)))Sum:Sum(cell address:cell adress)Count:Count(cell address:cell adress)Maximum Value Find:Max(cell address:cell adress)Minimum Value Find:Min(cell address:cell adress)Average:AVERAGE (cell address:cell adress)Perday Salary =Salary of month ( Amount)*Months in Year(12)/Dayes in Year(365)
  • 9. Page |9Websites that provides help in learning MS Officewww.gcflearnfree.org
  • 10. P a g e | 10 List of shortcut keys for the program Microsoft Word Action Keybord shortcutApplication window-maximize Alt-F10Application window-previous Alt-Shift-F6Application window-restore Alt-F5AutoFormat Ctrl-Alt-KAutoText-create Alt-F3AutoText-insert entry Ctrl-Alt-VAutoText-insert entry F3Bold Ctrl-BBookmarks Ctrl-Shift-F5Break-column Ctrl-Shift-EnterBreak-page Ctrl-EnterBrowse a document Ctrl-Alt-HomeBrowse next/previous item Ctrl-PgDn/PgUpCapatilize word shift+f3Case-All Caps Ctrl-Shift-AClose Ctrl-F4Close Ctrl-WCopy Ctrl + CCopy formatting Ctrl-Shift-CCreate a nonbreaking hyphen CTRL+HYPHENCreate a nonbreaking space CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBARCustomize a menu Ctrl-Alt =Customize a shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Num +Cut Ctrl-XDate Field Alt-Shift-DDecrease font size CTRL+SHIFT+<Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-TabDialog box previous tabbed section Ctrl-Shift-TabDocument window-move Ctrl-F7Document window-restore Ctrl-F5
  • 11. P a g e | 11