Using google+ for professional development and personal learning


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Presented by Stephen Judd at the 2013 National Association of Extension Program & Staff Development Professionals Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Google+ is an online social network which allows people to connect, share, and collaborate. By combining personal connections, topical communities, and real-time video conferencing, Google+ has become a valuable tool for Extension professionals as they try to remain current in their fields and learn from their colleagues and other experts.

Professional development for Extension staff is critical to maintain and enhance their expertise. Online networks can facilitate this by providing connections to people with similar interests and providing a platform to share insights, resources, and ask questions.

This session will focus on the tools available within the Google+ platform that allow people to connect with each other, become members of communities of interest, and collaborate in real-time. We’ll also touch on sense-making - how the process of sharing resources and information can help you better internalize and apply the knowledge you share.

While not a step-by-step “how-to,” participants will come to understand why many of their colleagues are active on Google+ and how they can join in the conversation or enhance the experience they are already having.

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Using google+ for professional development and personal learning

  1. 1. Using Google+ for Professional Development and Personal Learning ● Stephen Judd ● U. of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension ● eXtension Network Literacy Community of Practice December 3, 2013 - NAEPSDP Annual Conf. This material is based upon work supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Office of Family Policy, Children and Youth, U.S. Department of Defense under Award No. 2010-48869-20685.
  2. 2. The PLN approach to PD Not enough courses, workshops, etc. can be created for YOU to learn what YOU need to stay current and expand your expertise. Developing a personal learning network (PLN) empowers YOU to seek out and share information that matches your varied interests.
  3. 3. What is Google+ ? “Google+ brings popular social-media features like comments, photo- and musicsharing, videochat, etc. to your social circles. It's basically what any user chooses it to be, from an ongoing conversation to a platform of self-expression, with tools for making it as individual or collective as you want.” -
  4. 4. Useful for Extension PD? ● ● ● ● ● ● Connect with other experts Share and discuss Real-time videochat Broadcast “webinars” Topical communities Search / hashtag
  5. 5. Connect with other experts
  6. 6. Share and discuss
  7. 7. Hangouts - Real-time videochat ● ● Start on the fly Up to ten participants ● ● ● ● ● 15 in some cases Share screens, docs, etc. Richer interaction than conference calls Mobile FREE!
  8. 8. Hangouts On Air ● Open to the public ● Max of 10 participants in the video / call ● Broadcast live on YouTube channel and where embedded ● Automatically recorded to YouTube channel
  9. 9. Where the broadcast occurs ● ● Google+ Event YouTube channel of HOA creator ● ● Can be a Google+ Page Any webpage where video is embedded ● ● Can create a custom webpage and embed Hangout On Air when it is created Need to be able to edit page just ahead of broadcast
  10. 10. Communities ● ● ● ● Connect around topics instead of people Can be public or private Moderation Threaded conversations
  11. 11. Search / hashtag
  12. 12. Resources ● ● ● ● Extension community on G+ Network Literacy page on Google+ Martin Shervington Google+ Tutorials - Google+ sessions
  13. 13. Feel free to use these slides This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.