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Cyber safety
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Cyber safety


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Published in: Education

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  • The problem of children bullying or cyberbullying each other is not new. Most of us have encountered a bully at some point in our lives. Usually parents worry about their child becoming the victim to a bully or cyber bullying. As upsetting as it is to discover this behavior, you must stay calm. To successfully help your child, you must go about resolving the problem the appropriate way.Luckily, after reading articles online, I found a perfect solution that has been working perfectly for your son and the rest of the family.#SafekidZone, Check out here:
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  • 1. Cyber Safety
    Viv Eliane
  • 2. What is Cyber Bullying?
    Cyber bullying is when you are bullied through the internet, or other technology, by a person.
    You can get bullied by people writing mean things about you or things that aren't true.
    Putting embarrassing photos of people, that do not wish the images to be viewed by others, is another form of cyber bullying.
    These are examples of cyber bullying
  • 3. Cyber Safety
    Make sure you know everyone you add on facebook, msn etc.
    Put your profiles on private and change passwords regularly.
    Do NOT open junk mail because it could be a scam or hackers trying to get into your computer.
    Make sure you scan your USB, before you use it, in case it has a virus on it.
    Do NOT give out personal information.
    NEVER go to meet someone that you meet on the internet with out an adult.
    Check the web address for every site because it could be a fake.
  • 4. What to do when being cyber bullied
    Tell an adult or teacher.
    Save the evidence so you can show your parents.
    Do NOT respond.
    Report it to the website or the police.
    If you are on a messaging website
    then block and delete the people, who you don’t know.
    If a friend is being bullied then
    help them and tell an adult.
  • 5. Why People Bully
    Some people bully to be funny and don’t mean for you to get hurt.
    While others have every intension to hurt and embarrass you.
    Stand up for yourself and now who your
    friends are. They should help you!
  • 6. Ringtones
    Ringtones that you find on websites and TV are extremely expensive. They ask you too pay loads of money. Do NOT click on them because they can open scams and viruses.
  • 7. Scams
    Scams like “what’s your IQ” just want your personal information.
    The chance of you getting what they offer is very slim, it’s probably fake, so don’t bother!
  • 8. Thankyou for listening
    We hope that in the future you are cyber safe and don’t get bullied. Make sure that you do the right things to keep you and your friends cyber safe!