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GAME 3400 Level Design - Introduction

GAME 3400 Level Design - Introduction






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    GAME 3400 Level Design - Introduction GAME 3400 Level Design - Introduction Presentation Transcript

    • Level Design Introduction – Sept. 7, 2012 Fall 2012 Seth Sivak
    • SummaryIntroductionRulesTopicsGamesSyllabusResources and RequirementsIntroduction to Level Design
    • On the Index CardNameEmail/Google AccountDropbox AccountFavorite GameGames you are currently playing
    • Trouble with Teaching Game Design
    • Who am I? Carnegie Mellon DisneyNortheastern Winds of Entertainment Imagineering Conduit Labs Zynga Boston University Orbis and IGF Technology (Creative (Gameplay (Lead(Mechanical (Programming Center Technology Programmer) Designer)Engineering) and Design) (Computer Group) Science)
    • RulesBe an adult Don’t be late (without prior notice) Hit your deadlines Do your best work Be a team player Pay attention in classNo busywork If any assignment feels like busywork just come talk to meCommunicate I am your producer, talk to me
    • RealitiesGame design is hardGame development is competitiveThis class is an opportunity, treat it like one
    • TopicsIntroduction to Level DesignMoment Based DesignArchitecting an ExperiencePuzzle DesignPlaytestingIndirect ControlFlow and TeachingWayfinding and Indirect ControlWorldbuilding and Storytelling
    • Games
    • SyllabusGoogle Calendar Link https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=q136fnig629qg ajuopjjqvd41o%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/ New_YorkThanksgiving! Story in Games The Player’s Journey Visual Storytelling Analysis: Gears of War Analysis: Diablo 2
    • ProjectsPortal 1 AnalysisPortal 2 AnalysisPuzzle Maker LevelAdvanced LevelMultiplayer LevelGroup LevelPost MortemPortfolio
    • GradesProjects – 85%Participation – 10%Weekly Analysis – 5%
    • Resources and RequirementsSteam Account (Windows Version) Portal 1 Portal 2Google AccountDropbox Account
    • LecturesSlideshare! http://www.slideshare.net/sjsivakYouTube! TBD
    • Introduction to Level Design
    • Game Design DefinitionsPlay Voluntary, intrinsically motivated activityGame Play with a goal A series of interesting choicesToy An interactive object used during playPuzzle A game with a dominant strategyNarrative Events connected to a themeStory A flow of events ordered to create an emotional outcome
    • What is Game Design? Game design is the craft of designing experiences thatwill evoke a specific emotional response.
    • Seriously, what is Game Design? Designing systems,mechanics and stories that allow for interesting, fun, moving, emotional and challenging moments.
    • Skills of a Game DesignerBe a good listenerBe a good teacherBe a good playtester Critical analysis of experiences Become a playerBe driven, inspired, creative and relentlessNever stop experiencing
    • What is Level Design? Level design is theapplication of game design.
    • What is Level Design? WHAT!!!!
    • What is Level Design? Level design is the craft of designing and buildingexperiences that will evoke aspecific emotional response.
    • Seriously, what is Level Design?Using systems, mechanics and stories to create interesting, fun, moving,emotional and challenging moments.
    • What games need level design?
    • What makes a good level?(discussion)
    • Additional Level Design Resourceshttp://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wii/nsmb/0/3http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/39.html
    • Analysis of Pac-man
    • Mechanics of Pac-manPellets – eat them all to complete the levelPower Pellets – use them to eat ghostsGhosts – get hit by one and lose a lifeBonus Fruit – eat them to get more pointsLives – lose all lives and the game ends
    • Systems of Pac-manMovement – always moves forward, move joystick tochange directionScoring – extra lives at 10,000 points, high scoreEnemies – each one has a specific movement AISpawning – Enemies and Bonus Fruit spawn at setlocationsTunnels – exit a tunnel one way, return on the other side
    • Story of Pac-man…Characters are interesting and deep
    • Level Design ConsiderationsGhost spawn locationPellet locationsPower Pellet locationsBonus Fruit spawn locationTunnels
    • Gameplay Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uswzriFIf_k
    • Interesting MomentsBeating a levelEating a ghostEating a bonus fruitHaving a close callLosing a lifeOutsmarting a ghost
    • Good Game/Level Design is…Creating opportunities for the player to make an interesting choice that results in an engaging moment.
    • Assignment 1Create a Steam AccountGet Portal 1 and Portal 2Play through Portal 1 List any interesting moment (gameplay, story, visual) Level it took place on Description of moment Why it was interesting Interest Value (how interesting was it?)Due Midnight 9/13 in Dropbox
    • Additional Pac-man Resources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man http://shaunew.github.com/Pac-Man/