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Evaluate It: Session B
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  • 1. Evaluate It! Session B
  • 2. The ITS Teamcc-licensed image via
  • 3. TeacherSurvey tcon nectsurvey image via
  • 4. Our Apps Qrafter Notability Explain Everythingcc-licensed image via
  • 5. The “Wheel”
  • 6. reflect question Thepresent Big plan 6 evaluate search organize
  • 7. S A M Rcc-licensed image via
  • 8. Southside Stache Syndrome
  • 9. Wikipedia It We’re going to create our own Wikipedia articles . . .cc-licensed image via
  • 10. Here’s the Protocol Keep it quiet (but collaborate a little) Write what you know Write what you find Cite what you findcc-licensed image via
  • 11. Switch!cc-licensed image via
  • 12. Switch!cc-licensed image via
  • 13. Switch!cc-licensed image via
  • 14. Switch!cc-licensed image via
  • 15. Reflection/Questionsimage via
  • 16. Evaluate It What criteria can we use to evaluate websites?cc-licensed image via
  • 17. Evaluate It Collaborate at your table to determine what you used to judge your Wikipedia article Write your elements on the blank sheet of paper providedcc-licensed image via
  • 18. Grade It! Read your article Highlight problem areas, sources, citations Grade your articlecc-licensed image via
  • 19. Grading the “Real” Wikipedia
  • 20. “Canned” Evaluation Process Let’s look at a “canned” set of evaluation criteriacc-licensed image via
  • 21. Don’t Get “TRAP”ped! Timeliness Reliability Author Purposecc-licensed image via
  • 22. Timeliness Is the information up-to-date? Can you tell when the information was Does the source published? present new information? unc information timelinecc-licensed image via
  • 23. Reliability Are the sources Does the author provide linked or cited so references, citations, they can be sources? found elsewhere?cc-licensed image via
  • 24. Authority Is there an organization Can you backing the determine website? the authors of the website? Is the website backed by experts? wikidashboardcc-licensed image via
  • 25. Purpose Is the information presented objectively (when needed)? Is the website commercial or non-commercial? Is there a clear bias for a single viewpoint?cc-licensed image via
  • 26. What About Hoaxes? “You can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true.”cc-licensed image via
  • 27. cc-licensed image via
  • 28. cc-licensed image via
  • 29. cc-licensed image via
  • 30. Explain Everything Explain Everything . . . Explained! After evaluating your website or photo . . . use Explain Everything to record your evaluation processcc-licensed image via
  • 31. Reflection/Questionsimage via
  • 32. Thank You! image via