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  • 1. Samantha Spencer
  • 2. • Pierre de Courbertin was an active sportsman, he participated in boxing, fencing, horse riding and rowing.• He was the founder of the International Olympic Committee .• He gave a speech for 79 Delegates from nine countries, and they unanimously voted for the Olympics.• They chose Athens Greece, as the first location of the Modern Day Olympics.
  • 3. • The host country was Chamonix, France• 14 Events including, bobsledding and ski jumps.
  • 4. • Because of World War I the Olympics were cancelled in 1916. And were suppose to be held in Berlin, Germany.• Germany was banned from the Olympics in 1920, and 1924. They were allowed back into the Olympics in 1936.• Because of World War II the Olympics were cancelled in 1940, and 1944.
  • 5. 100 200 300 400 500 700 0 600 18961900s1910s1920s1930s1940s1950s1960s1970s1980s Participants1990s2000s2010s Participants
  • 6. • The Olympic Flame is a practice continued from the ancient Olympic games.• The Olympic Flame appeared first in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.• The flame represents purity, and perfection.• In 1936 the Olympic Torch Relay was introduced.• The torch is lit in Olympia, and passed along to from runner to runner to the Olympic Stadium of the host country.• The flame is kept until the closing ceremony.
  • 7. • Five interconnecting rings, that symbolize the five significant continents and are interconnected to symbolize the friendship to be gained from these international competitions .• Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red. These colors were chosen because at least one of these colors are found on every flag in every country of the world.• The Olympic flag was first flown at the 1920 Olympics.
  • 8. • The first opening ceremony was held in 1908.• Greece always leads the parade of nations during the opening ceremony. They are then followed by all other teams in alphabetical order, in the language of the host country.• The host country is always the last during the parade of nations.
  • 9. • Mary Lou Retton• Wilma Rudolph• Nadia Comaneci• Carl Lewis• Dorothy Hamill• The Dream Team• Bruce Jenner• Gabby Douglas• Michael Phelps