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  • 1. Energy Conversions & ConservationForces, Motion, and Energy p. 132-141
  • 2. Conversions• Changing one form of energy to another. – Kinetic Energy-Thermal, Electrical, Sound, Light – Potential Energy-Chemical, Nuclear • Elastic Potential Energy-Rubber bands; any object that will return to its original shape once it has undergone a potential  kinetic conversion.
  • 3. Some conversions of Electrical Energy Electrical Energy ConversionsHair Dryer Electrical  Thermal  SoundAlarm Clock Electrical  Light  SoundBattery Chemical  ElectricalLight Bulb Electrical  Light  ThermalBlender Electrical  Kinetic  Sound
  • 4. Types(s) of Energy:Heat (thermal) energy inflameLight energy in flameChemical energy in matchused to light it
  • 5. What is the energy transformation? • A fire burning. ___________energy  _________energy
  • 6. What is the energy transformation? • An apple _________energy  __________energy
  • 7. What is the energy transformation? • Nuclear Power Plant __________energy  ___________ energy  __________ energy
  • 8. What is the energy transformation? • Desk Lamp ____________ energy  ______________ energy
  • 9. What is the energy transformation?• Kerosene lantern___________ energy __________ energy ___________ energy
  • 10. Machines-Mechanical Energy• There are simple • There are complex machines such as: machines such as: – Screws – Scissors-2 wedges and – Levers-Claw end of a a lever hammer, see saw – Wheelbarrows-lever – Wheel & axle-large and wheel & axle wheel secured to a smaller shaft Complex machines are – Pulley-flagpole formed from 2 or more – Inclined plane-ramp simple machines.
  • 11. Conservation• Law of conservation of energy• Friction• http://youtu.be/GTVqtGTfIc8
  • 12. Closed System• Energy is conserved within a closed system where a group of objects only transfers energy to each other.
  • 13. Energy Efficiency• A comparison of the amount of energy before a conversion with the amount of energy after a conversion. – Remember, every time energy converts it loses friction.