Designing the design process
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Designing the design process



Lessons learned from stalking OMA/Rem Koolhaas

Lessons learned from stalking OMA/Rem Koolhaas



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    Designing the design process Designing the design process Presentation Transcript

    • oma: cosmos creatorsthe design of design processes
    • CCTV HQ
    • Seattle public library
    • Seattle public library
    • Seattle public library
    • Casa da Música
    • Casa da Música
    • Casa da Música
    • questionHow can one design buildings likethat?
    • idea,studio,context
    • idea
    • freedom to work“You can walk out or you can stay thewhole night and you can work here.You have a freedom to continue towork.” – Mark Veldman146 WW
    • the models“When you have creative minds youget a lot of ideas. The luxury product isin the fact that we can actually test allof them.” – Stephanie AkkaouiWW icon
    • a step further“[A]n overproduction[..]. Because theOMA is really looking for a higher levelof theoretical input in the project. [...]Oma wants to go a step further interms of really original ideas, pushingthe local context, thinking aboutarchitecture.” – AbjihitAY 44
    • the critic“What the OMA process focuses on isnot the creator but the critic. In ourway of working, the important personis the one who is shown variousoptions and then makes a criticaldecision.” – Rem KoolhaasDZ
    • IdeaYou’ve got the freedom to do what youwant, but they duty to turn ideas intoprototypes. You won’t be told what tomake, but if what you’ve made isn’tbeautiful, intelligent and innovativeyou’re not done yet.
    • studio
    • cosmos“The design studio does not simplyform a microcosm, which wouldexplain, give reason to, or reflect theoverarching macro structures. It israther a universe, an entire cosmos.”AY 27
    • there is no outside“Designers never go ‘outside’; there isno outside. Manhattan, Seattle,Cordoba are brought into the office;their life is re-enacted in the studiopractice.”AY 85
    • studio
    • repeat“Creating requires architects torecollect and to recycle, to interpretand to repeat, to redefine andreassemble. In this process of doingthis, new ideas spark the designers’imagination, new shapes emerge.”AY 95
    • idea/model
    • over and over againAt first glance there appear to beperspex and foam models for dozens ofprojects - but close up you see they’reall clearly the same site, a masterplan inMoscow, modelled over and overagain, with different arrangements andrelationships of buildings.146 WW
    • much faster“It’s easier with the model and you candemonstrate everything in a fewseconds, much faster than with asketch.” – ErezAY 47
    • the ones that remain“this process [of design critique]makes you drop several aspects of theinitial design bit by bit; the ones thatremain are those that we think arereally important.” – ErezAY 34
    • re-At the OMA, the studio is turned into aworld in which the solution canmature. Round after round, the world,the model and the idea becomestronger and sharper
    • context
    • re“the ‘re’-stands at theheart of design.”AY 103
    • books“Rather than presenting the mainbuildings concepts and its big ideas, aconcept book made by OMA restagesmoments of office life on its pages andre-enacts the main design events thatmade this building possible.”AY 74
    • archives“Archiving the models allowedarchitects to keep the traces ofcreativity for a longer period of time;de-archiving them meant they couldrediscover those traces of designinvention that time had left intact.”AY 65
    • layer upon layer
    • layer upon layerOMA is constantly rebuilt on the ruinsof many old OMAs
    • eternal seminar“In many ways, OMA functionsas an eternal architecture-school seminar, with Koolhaasin the role of professor.”DZ
    • Dancing star“One must have chaos within togive birth to a dancing star” –Nietzsche
    • sourcesAlbena Yaneva – Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture: AnEthnography of DesignDaniel Zalewski Intelligent Design – Can Rem Koolhaas kill the skyscraper Wiles – Inside OMA, ICON 100
    • oma/progress6 October 2011 - 19 February 2012Barbican Art Gallery
    • thanks!