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Financial aid presentation

  1. 1. College Admission testsS A T-college ($49)A C T-college ($49.50)C O M P A S S-technical ($10) •When •Where •How
  2. 2. Estimated cost of attending the following colleges or universities for the year in 2010:• USCL $5624• Anderson University $27,500• Clemson University $24,285• Coastal Carolina $21,118• College of Charleston $19,569• USC $21,498• Winthrop $17,339• Lander $15,612• Wofford $40,580• Duke $53,390• Harvard $52,000
  3. 3. So! Why do somecolleges cost more than others?
  4. 4. Applying to college• Which college-reach, match, & safety• Be realistic with Financial Expectations• College Admission deadlines• College Admission requirements?(do the “colleges of choice” requirements and the high school graduation requirements match?)
  5. 5. SC requirements to graduate from High School- 24units• English-4 units• U S History-1 unit• Economics-1/2 unit• Government-1/2 unit• Other Social Studies-1 unit• Mathematics-4 units• Science-3 units• Computer Science-1 unit• Phys Ed or JROTC-I unit• Foreign Language- 1 unit for college prep (your college requires how many?) or Vocational-1 unit for tech prep• Electives-7 units
  6. 6. A P courses• Free or Nominal SC college credit For making a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP test Each AP course worth around $1100-$1200 depending the cost of semester hours• Helps prepare for the rigor of college courses
  7. 7. What type college or University• Large university-usually offers extensive and varied programs and cutting edge research• Small private 4-year-commonly a liberal arts education and more personal interaction• Technical or trade school-practical training and job skills• Community College-2 years of general course work and associate degrees in certain fields
  8. 8. Financial Aid 1 thing st FAFSAFree Application for Federal Student Aid
  9. 9. Prepare for FAFSA• Fill out taxes early• Fill out fafsa online• Do not pay for fafsa• Do not pay for firms to do fafsa for you
  10. 10. Different types of Financial Aid • Non-need based aid Based on student’s achievements or characteristics • Need-based aidAwarded to students who would not be able to pay for postsecondary education using only their family’s financial resources.
  11. 11. 4 major types of financial assistance• Grants-typically need based & depend on enrollment status-do not have to be paid back.• Loans-to be paid back (some can be forgiven). Need or non-need based• Scholarships- do not have to be paid back. Typically merit based• Work-Study-students work on campus to help pay for college.
  12. 12. Where does your family find information about scholarships?• Colleges or Universities• Community Organizations• Local or National Businesses• On-Line Scholarship Searches• Local Library• Counselor’s Office• School web page
  13. 13. State Academic Scholarships HOPE• 3.0 regardless of rank or SAT score• Good for only 1 year• Converts to Life with a 3.0• Must earn 30 semester hours $2500 + $300 for books
  14. 14. State Academic Scholarships Life Must include 2 of the 3• 3.0 GPA• 1100 on SAT or 24 on ACT• Top 30% of the graduating class $5000 including book allowance Must earn 30 semester hours
  15. 15. State Academic Scholarships Palmetto Fellows Must include all 3 criteria• Top 6 % of the graduating class• 3.5 GPA• 1200 SAT or 27 ACT $6700 freshman year $7500 sophomore/junior/senior Must earn 30 semester hours
  16. 16. Acronyms• COA-cost of attendance• EFC-expected family contribution (comes from FAFSA)• FN-financial need COA – EFC = FN
  17. 17. status• Is your student or guardian dependent or independent?• When you have step children, whose income is used when filling out the FAFSA?
  18. 18. Overage checks• Are you and your child prepared for overage checks?
  19. 19. Professional JudgmentCall the financial aid offices The financial aid administrators will work with you.
  20. 20. Sticker shock! Do Not Getsticker shock!
  21. 21. There is no silver bullet!This information is like medicine…While it will help cure the sick, it will not raise the dead!
  22. 22. The Springs Close Foundation Student loans Contact-Judy Rowell Tel 803-286-2197 Lancaster Tel 803-548-2002 Fort Mill Fax 803-416-4626 M-TH 8am-5pm Friday 8 am-2 pm