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Deze presentatie laat zien wat Stork Technical services is, Wat we kunnen en wat we doen.

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Stork Technical Services

  1. 1. Stork Technical ServicesThinking and Doing in Asset Integrity Management Chemical Power Oil & Gas
  2. 2. Stork Technical Services: Mission & VisionVision:To be the leading global provider of knowledge based asset integritymanagement services focusing on the Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Powersectors.Mission:Stork Technical Services will help its customers reduce risk, assure safetyand improve environmental performance. We will enhance profitsthrough innovative solutions, and integrating thinking and doing.2 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  3. 3. Who We AreStork Technical Services(STS) has become one of the leading providers ofknowledge based asset integrity management services in the Chemical, Oil& Gas, and Power sectors.Our mission is to ensure maximum availability of installations andequipment and to help our customers reduce risk, assure safety andenvironmental performance while generating enhanced profits throughinnovative thinking and doing solutions.STS is headquartered in the Netherlands with local offices worldwide. STShas a current turnover of EUR 1 billion and nearly 10.000 full timeemployees.3 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  4. 4. Our Rich Dutch HeritageOur past stretches back to 1827 and with over 180 years of dedicationand customer service behind us. Charles Stork founded C.T. Stork & age 13, making him the youngest entrepreneur in the Netherlands.Charles Stork’s dedication to customer needs and innovative solutionslives on in the culture of Stork Technical Services, where we delivercomplete asset optimization services by thinking and doing. Pictures: (left) Charles Stork (right) C.T. Stork & Co4 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  5. 5. 5 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  6. 6. Stork Technical Services Worldwide our locations
  7. 7. Stork Technical Services Locations Delfzijl Leeuwarden Groningen Sneek Wormerveer Wehl Emmen Zwolle Velsen-Noord Almere Billingham, UK Amsterdam Naarden Hengelo Falkirk, UK Rozenburg Utrecht Rotterdam Botlek Dewsbury, UK Rancho Dominguez Sheffield, UK Roosendaal Veghel Newton Charlotte Aberdeen, UK Alzenau, DE Terneuzen Huntington St. Paul Cleveland Southport, UK Essen, DE Dunkerque Tessenderlo Antwerpen (Neder)Weert Beach Milwaukee Wixom Herne Regensburg, DE Gent Sittard, NL New Berlin Owego, NY Erkelenz, DE Leuna, DE Esloo Ithaca, NY Kuwait Doha, Qatar Liege, BESan Clemente Des Moines Jebail Pico Rivera Jupiter Obergartzem, DE Yanbu Houston Dubai, UAE Aruba, AN Abu Dhabi, UAE Kuala Lumpur, MY Singapore Bogota, COL Peru Gladstone, AUS Sydney, AUS Perth, AUS Whangarei, NZ New Plymouth, NZ 7 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  8. 8. Organization and Activities
  9. 9. Stork Technical Services: Operating Model STS Europe STS ME/Asia STS Americas Utrecht Dubai Houston Netherlands Belgium Germany UK Middle East Asia/ Pacific US/Latin and S. AmericaKey Account Management and MarketingAsset ManagementConsultancyRotating EquipmentElectric EquipmentProcess EquipmentSite ServicesInspection and Testing Mechanical Services E&I ServicesStork Rental ServicesWith over 26 sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, we provide complete solutions in the equipmentrental market for projects such as turnarounds, shutdowns or construction contracts under the 2Rent brand. In addition weoffer the complete range of sales, rental, technical support and education in specialist welding solutions under the Interlasbrand.Stork Materials TechnologyThrough laboratories located primarily in the USA and Europe our experts offer specialized materials testing, productevaluation, calibration, failure analysis, and consulting services to multiple industries around the world. 9 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  10. 10. Business Lines Product Lines Asset Integrity • Brownfield Engineering Asset Management • Project Management Services • Maintenance Management Delivery • Turnarounds • Relocation Consultancy • Reliability & Integrity Management • Maintenance Management Solution Solutions • Turbo Blading Rotating Equipment • Power Trains & Transmissions • Turbo Machinery • Gears Electric Equipment • Generators • Transformers • Drives • Electric Motors • High Voltage (diagnostic) Process Equipment • Thermal Equipment • High Pressure Equipment • Prefab Piping & Skids • Boiler Services • Heat Treatment Site Services • Pumps • Valve Services • Machining, Bolting, Torquing On-site Inspection and Testing • Testing and Certification • Calibration • Inspection Services • Non Destructive Testing Mechanical Services E&I Services10 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  11. 11. Our MarketsChemical, Oil & Gas, Power Chemical Power Oil & Gas
  12. 12. STS Oil & Gas track record Wood-Stork AJS GLT GLT-PLUSClient NAM (Shell & OneGas (NAM & Shell NAM (Shell & NAM (Shell & ExxonMobil) Expro) ExxonMobil) ExxonMobil) Dutch North Sea Southern North Sea Slochteren, The Slochteren, TheLocation (offshore), Den Helder (offshore), Bacton and Netherlands (onshore) Netherlands (onshore) (onshore) Den Helder (onshore) 1999 (5 extensions of 2 2004 1998 2010Start years) Engineering, In-mass Renovation, Maintenance Modifications, Maintenance, Engineering, Management &Activities Maintenance, Project Modifications, Logistical Construction, Program Execution, Modifications Management, Support (53 offshore Management Operations, Re-design platforms) Level of Complexity & Integration 12 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  13. 13. STS Power track recordClient Electrabel GDF Evonik Saarbrücken Germany, Complete overhaul of Herne Germany, Power Plant VoestAlipne Stahl Austria,Location Power Plant Siemens Turbine 150 MW and STEAG Herne Industrial Power Facility Römerbrücke Generator Complete overhaul of Modification of AEG Turbine Revision and upgrade of MANScope gas expander and generator BBC Turbine 56 MW and 300 MW and Generator Generator Optimised performance Optimised performanceResult Facility successfully re- Facility successfully re- reached reached started started 13 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  14. 14. STS Process & Chemicals track recordClient • Chemical Park Delfzijl • DSM Benelux facilities • Chemical Park Chemelot, NL • Chemical Park Delfzijl, NLLocation • Chemical Park Botlek • Base Chemicals • Naphtha Cracker 3 and 4 • MIRAI modification project Netherlands & Materials Complete periodical shutdown Expansion of the Aramid Outsourcing of the local LT service partnership management and execution of production capacity from 12Scope maintenance departments originated from outsourcing both crackers, including to 17 ton, without hampering in 2006 (260 FTE in total) of the central maintenance related production plants the running production dept. in 1992 (400 FTE) processResult Departments successfully Preferred supplier for Integrated TA-management team, which enabled Successful completion of the integrated and equipped generic and specialised MRO, substantial reduction of both project, which was a major for day-to-day re- locations, projects and shutdown time and cost qualifier for future shutdown maintenance, TA’s and TA’s management and execution projects at lower TCO 14 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  15. 15. Our promise to the marketSafety – We place the highest priority on the health and safety of ouremployees while ensuring our work is done in the safest, most efficientmanner for our customers.Reliability – We are committed to providing reliable asset integrity servicesbased on an inherent understanding of our customers’ businesses, industries,risks, and the critical nature of uninterrupted production.24/7 Availability – Stork employees are positioned around the globe andaround the clock to ensure seamless service to our customers.15 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  16. 16. StrengthsSome asset integrity management companies create forward-thinking planswhile others provide skilled maintenance workers to ensure consistentproduction. Stork does both. We offer one-stop-shopping for our customersby thinking and doing.Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to act as trusted advisorswith our customers while we provide seamless asset optimization.Stork is a world class company with a global reputation for unparalleledasset integrity management. Anywhere in the world, Stork TechnicalServices is ready to collaborate with its customers to think and do.16 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  17. 17. Product Lines in STS Business Lines
  18. 18. Asset Management Product Lines Programs LT service Turnarounds Project/relocations Brownfield engineering Multi Discipline Multi Discipline agreements Scope of Services Scope of Services Scope of Services Scope of Services • Embedded engineering to • Maintenance Execution • One off turnaround • One Off ‘brownfield’ support other Product management with or management with regional regional projects in all Lines without regional services projects in all segments segments and all regions (on request) and all regions for • Bronwfield Engineering as customers with ‘multiple’ • One Off ‘greenfield’ separate product (on • Project or Turnaround potential regional projects on request) Management Programs request with or without regional • Monodiscipline in region, • Engineering Management services (on request) multi-discipline in product • Logistically complex for other Product Lines line, consulting in (mainly process industry) • Asset Utilization with consulting product line relocations • Connection with internal Maintenance execution process engineering management • Monodiscipline in region, (process equipment) multi-discipline product • Combinations of above and line other PLs18 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  19. 19. Consultancy Product Lines Strategy and Process Reliability and integrity Systems and Solutions Scope of Services Scope of Services Scope of Services • Strategic Asset Management • Reliability & Integrity audit • Advice on Asset Management (business model) audits & ICT systems, applications and tools advice • Reliability engineering • (Turnkey) implementation of Asset • Define and advice potential for • Maintenance engineering Management ICT Systems, applications improvement of Asset and tools Management Organisations • Integrity engineering • Compliance engineering • Improvement and upgrade of Asset • Implement improvement plans Management ICT systems and tools • Maintenance Management • Management of Asset • Create interfaces/reports/cockpits Improvement contracts • Training (in Asset Management • LTARP • Licenses and support of Asset concepts); on the job/web- Management ICT systems and tools based/classroom • Interim management • Training in Asset Management ICT • Management of Asset systems and tools; on the job / web- Improvement contracts based / classroom • Interim management19 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  20. 20. Rotating Equipment Product Lines Turbo Machinery Blade Production Gearbox repair Power trains • MRO • Reverse Engineering • Repair (lasercladding) Assembly & Maintenance of power packs (diesel • Field Service • Blade production for steam • Maintenance engines, transmissions) for and gas turbines, com- public transport and • Engineering pressors and expanders • Diagnostics military • Spare parts • Manufacturing Engineering & production of water chillers, NBC- For industrial steam turbines • Alignment filters, Airco for military (- 150 MW), compressors and specific GT-types • Equipment Management20 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  21. 21. Electrical Equipment Product Lines Generator Services Motor Services High Voltage PBS Scope of Services Scope of Services Scope of Services Scope of Services • Revisions Comparable with generators • Maintenance (Engineering) Loop testing of instrumentation and cabling • Overhauls • Service • Repairs • Placing new equipment • On-site services • Troubleshooting • LTSA’s • Consultancy • Spare parts21 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  22. 22. Process Equipment Product Lines (1) Thermal Equipment Piping and skidds High pressure Equipment• Deaerators • Skids & modules for • Expertise Center advanced onshore + offshore welding and materials• Burners direct & suppl. technology firing • Cranes • Up to 10.000 bar• Boiler pressure parts • Bridges • Heat exchangers• Swirlflash • Locks • Pressure vessels• Consultancy • Marine structures • Reactors• Small Thermal Systems • Furnaces22 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  23. 23. Process Equipment Product Lines (2) Boiler Services Heat Treatment• Consultancy & Boiler • Preheating during welding studies (using CFD & HPC) + post weld heat treatment• Boiler inspections / upgrades / overhauls • Furnaces• Emission measurements • HT annealing• Residual life time • Drying out of coatings investigation • Consultancy23 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  24. 24. Site Services Product Lines Valve Services Pump Services Bolting & Machining On-Site Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs): Centrifugal Pumps: Bolting: - Pilot-operated - Radial Flow Pumps - Hydraulic Bolt Torquing - Spring-operated - Submersible Pumps - Bolt Tensioning - Weight-operated - Sealless Pumps Machining On-Site: On/Off Valves: Positive Displacement Pumps: - Milling, Drilling, Turning - High Pressure - Screw Pumps - Grinding and Polishing - Mid Pressure - Piston & Plunger Pumps - Flange Facing - Low Pressure - Gear Pumps Leak Repair: Control Valves & Actuators: Compressors: - Leak Sealing - Hydraulic - Dynamic (Centrifugal) - Pop-a-Plug ® - Pneumatic - Positive Displacement - Lokring ® - Electric24 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  25. 25. Inspection and Testing Product Lines Testing & Certification Calibration Inspection Services ND Testing • Electrical wiring inspection • Test equipment • Tube Inspection • Radiographic Testing • Materials Testing (PMI) • Process Instrument • Tank Inspection • Ultrasonic Testing • Valves (SRV) • Automated UT – In service • Magnetic Particle inspection • Thermography • Penetrant Testing • Mechanised UT – New manufacture • Visual Inspection • Subsea Inspection • Hardness Testing25 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  26. 26. Why Choose Stork?• Full dedication to our customers’ goals• Flexibility to meet our customers’ needs• A true collaborative approach to our work• The best workforce within a variety of technical disciplines• Uncompromising safety• Sustainability• Integrity and reliability• Best of class asset optimization and methodologies• Understanding of our customers’ values and cultures26 STS General Presentation - April 2010
  27. 27.