Driving Traffic To your Website
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Driving Traffic To your Website



If you want to make it on the internet you must have a look at this,Then follow the link for more free info.

If you want to make it on the internet you must have a look at this,Then follow the link for more free info.



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Driving Traffic To your Website Document Transcript

  • 1. ==== ====This is a must see articlehttp://www.social-wizz.com==== ====Recently, a page on one of my websites was bookmarkedor listed on Digg, a popular social bookmark site. Itgave me the perfect opportunity to study and analyzethe traffic coming from these social media sites. Readto discover the advantages and disadvantages of socialbookmark traffic and how it can be applied to yourown online marketing or site.Is Social BookMark Traffic Useless?First, we must make the distinction that no trafficis useless. Any visitor to your site is a good thingand should be welcomed. However, all traffic is notcreated equally, there are great differences in thesources of your traffic. This article takes a closeanalytical look at social bookmark traffic from aninternet marketing perspective.In case you havent noticed, right now social bookmarkand media sites are all the rage on the web. Socialbookmark traffic comes from such popular sites asSlashdot, Digg, Stumbleupon... basically these sitesare driven by their users -- that is, users or memberspick and bookmark the content they want to view anddiscuss.These social bookmark sites are extremely popular;they command the high traffic numbers most ordinarysites can only dream about obtaining.But is this social bookmark traffic useful?Is it worth your time? Should you be actively promotingto these social media sites? Is social bookmark trafficof any use to the affiliate marketer? Should youconcentrate your online marketing efforts on thesetypes of sites? More importantly, what are the benefitsand disadvantages of getting a front page listing ona sites like Digg or Stumbleupon?
  • 2. As a full-time online marketer I wanted to know theanswers to those questions. Moreover, I wanted todiscover how or if I could use these sites froman online marketers advantage; i.e. how can theyhelp me create more online income.Recently, the Digg listing gave me a first-handopportunity to really study these sites.Of course, nothing happens without a reason... I didactually court these social bookmark sites by placingthe free Addthis.com bookmark on all my pages. You cando the same. This simple bookmark lets your visitorsbookmark your content for you in all these sites; itonly takes a few seconds to place the bookmark codeon your webpages.But be careful; getting your site featured on thefront page of these sites can drive 100,000s ofvisitors to your site immediately, so much trafficthat it may overtax your server and crash it.So be warned; if youre actively promoting to thesesocial bookmark sites just make sure your servers orweb hosting is up to the demanding task of handlingall these sudden visitors.In my case, it didnt crash my servers but unfortunately,the page/link in question featured an old poorlywritten article I did on the history of the Internet.It was just some random facts and things about the web,not really an article at all. Why it was evenfeatured on Digg is a puzzle and beyond me.But still I am not one to waste an opportunity, so Iput my Google Analytics into overdrive and startinganalyzing these visitors and social bookmark traffic.It pointed out some very interesting factors about thissocial bookmark traffic.Most of this traffic will:simply bounce backvery few visitors will spend much time on your sitevery few visitors will even venture into your sitevery few will sign up to your newslettervery few will enter your marketing follow-ups/funnels
  • 3. (The unknown variable here being the content on yoursite, how good it is? How well does it perform?)Regardless, one common problem with traffic from thesesites, its very temporary traffic. The high volumewill only last a few days... until your item is movedback from the front page.These visitors will not stay on your site long andmost are gone within seconds, never to be seen again.A few may sign up to your newsletter or venture toother areas of your site but not many.Social bookmark traffic is very fleeting, likecustomers in the drive-through section in a fastfood restaurant, they grab the content and surf backto the major linking site very quickly and surfon to the next item.This traffic will behave very differently thanorganic traffic from the search engines, or fromyour newsletter traffic or from traffic in yourmarketing funnels. Much different.It was unlike getting one of my articles featuredin Addme or SiteProNews, where I can easily get 200or 300 new subscribers in a day. Plus, these visitorsare interested in my information and have been exposedto my content (article) before coming to my site.So there was no comparison; I would take thetraffic from these sites any day over trafficfrom the social bookmark sites. And I wouldtake free organic traffic from the search enginesover any other source of traffic includingPPC traffic.So the question remains - is social bookmark trafficuseless?First, as I mentioned before, you must realize notraffic is useless; any visitors to your site is agood thing. Without traffic your site is worthless,just a few files sitting on a server in the middleof nowhere.
  • 4. Obtaining visitors is one of your first objectivesas a webmaster. You have to get visitors to yoursite or its game over.The best kind of traffic is traffic coming fromorganic search, visitors who come from the searchengines seeking exactly what youre offering onyour site. These are targeted visitors who willconsider your offer, real your information,maybe buy a product or sign-up to your newsletteror follow-up system. They often become repeatvisitors to your site. These are your ideal visitors.This is the kind of traffic you want.Social bookmark/media traffic is different but itdoes have some saving graces.Mainly it can help expose your site to millions andhelp brand your site or business. It can get the wordout about your site. Start a buzz.If you have a site that appeals to the mass market,then these social sites could be an excellentrecruiting ground for visitors and traffic.These social sites are good for another reason;getting your links on all these high traffic,high PR7 and PR8 sites cant hurt your searchengine rankings. Once featured on a site likeDigg, your link will appear on many secondarysites around the web, so far 500+ and counting.Monkey see, monkey do. Although it has never beenmy main ambition to get featured on Fark.com, allthese sites do have high PR ranks so from a SEOstandpoint it is not necessarily a bad thing.Since many of these visitors will be using theFirefox browser which has the Alexa toolbarembedded - your sites traffic rank will increase.Over 50% of the bookmark traffic coming to my sitewere using the Firefox browser. Alexas trafficrankings are not a true picture of the webstraffic but its a good measuring stick,nonetheless.Google might even consider it when ranking yoursite. Google basically considers their wholeindexing system as a democratic voting structure...
  • 5. sites give a vote by linking to your content;wouldnt it also be reasonable to assume moretraffic means more votes. So wouldnt getting alot of traffic or being featured on a site likeDigg where the users vote to propel the bestcontent to the front be the ultimate vote.One strange thing I did notice, for some reasonthe traffic from Stumbleupon was different. Thesevisitors stayed longer on my site and reacted morelike organic traffic. Maybe the Stumbleupon site isof a higher quality and this may have been reflectedin the quality of the visitors coming from there.It also reminded me, all traffic from these socialmedia sites cant be judged with the one brush.This whole experience also pointed out anotherimportant factor; it made me realize how unsuitedmy content is for the general web surfer or themainstream web. Just how much my online sites aregeared towards marketing and selling. My main goalas an affiliate marketer is to gather leads and makesales for the companies and products I promote. Allmy sites and content were planned and organized tofirst draw in targeted (warmed up) visitors from freeorganic search and from my online articles.If I or anyone wanted to take advantage of thissocial media traffic, you would have to createyour site/content to appeal to these surfers andthen somehow draw them into your marketing funnels.I dont know if the majority of the users of thesebookmark sites would make good prospects, but myguess is not very likely, the nature of the beast.But it would largely depend on what youre offeringon your site and how well it is suited to these users.So I am not drawing any conclusions yet.Hopefully, I will have further chances to study trafficfrom these social sites and get the long-term effects,especially in regards to my keyword rankings in thesearch engines before making any final judgments.For now I will keep an open mind but the jury is stillway out whether or not social bookmark traffic is worththe interruption to the daily marketing tasks of your site.Just seems like much ado about nothing.
  • 6. The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous websites, including two sites onInternet marketing. For the latest and most effective web marketing tools try: Internet MarketingToolsOr why not try our Free Marketing Course Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may befreely distributed if this resource box stays attached.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Titus_Hoskins==== ====This is a must see articlehttp://www.social-wizz.com==== ====