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Presentation for ALT-C 2011. Supports the ePoster session 0176.

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E poster0176

  1. 1. Physician, teach thyself!<br />Learning technologists in the eLearning Support Group (eLSG) at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry are working with UG, PG students, core teaching staff and clinicians to develop learning materials, innovative approaches and online systems which improve all the processes by which doctors learn to become more effective teachers. <br />Sally Holden, Luke McGowan Zac Gribble, Richard Ayres<br />
  2. 2. context….<br />“The word ‘doctor’ means physician, and is derived from the Latin docere, to teach. All doctors in the UK are required to teach future generations of doctors, yet, unlike the preparation provided for their roles as clinicians and despite their expertise in what they teach, there has traditionally been a deficiency in appropriate teacher education in the medical profession. The role of doctors as teachers is <br />increasingly recognised as a core <br />professional activity that should not be <br />acquired through chance, aptitude or <br />inclination alone.”Doctors as Teachers (2006)<br />Board of Medical Education<br />
  3. 3. from UG to CPD: overview of eLSG support<br /><ul><li>staff support in all teaching/research roles
  4. 4. staff development in use of eLearning
  5. 5. staff development using eLearning
  6. 6. students as developers of eLearning materials
  7. 7. clinical education
  8. 8. clinicians in practice </li></li></ul><li>staff teaching UGs… <br /><ul><li>staff educational practice enhanced with the use of appropriate eResources
  9. 9. wide range of optional “extras”
  10. 10. considered essential by many students eg streamed plenaries
  11. 11. Life Sciences Resource Centre (LSRC) eStudy Guides
  12. 12. with new associated online LSRC Tutor guides using same approach as their students
  13. 13. in-Vivo benchmarking: ensuring equality of clinical assessments
  14. 14. staff development website
  15. 15. a blend of face to face and online training opportunities for all staff
  16. 16. will utilise all existing University based materials and add customised PCMD activities </li></li></ul><li>students teaching students…<br /><ul><li>2009/10: students produce online learning materials working with the eLearning group directly
  17. 17. RLOs, websites, podcasts, videos, and posters
  18. 18. 2010/11: demand to develop websites and RLOs has trebled (at least)
  19. 19. this year’s student developers have edited their own content once templateshave been designed
  20. 20. eLSG provide guidance and more interactive components
  21. 21. have worked with academic staff to produce a policy which will:-
  22. 22. streamline process, improve e/quality and address pedagogical issues</li></li></ul><li>students’ experience…..<br />Would you recommend this type of project to other students while doing their Doctor as Teacher SSU?<br />“Yes, Yes and Yes again.  The eLSG team have an incredible enthusiasm matched by an equally incredible understanding of how to turn an idea into e-reality.  They are quick to ask for clarification and they are always there and respond if asked a question.”<br />
  23. 23. clinical education…..further development of doctors <br /><ul><li>Clinical Education programme: PG Cert to Masters
  24. 24. eLSG have worked with the ClinEd staff to:-
  25. 25. redesign the programme for a blend of F2F and online
  26. 26. develop online “e-tivities”
  27. 27. design and run online synchronous learning experiences
  28. 28. participants develop their own medical curriculum during the course
  29. 29. reflecting on their own experiences and design their ideal approach
  30. 30. eLSG staff offer advice, guidance and practical help </li></li></ul><li>doctors in practice…<br /><ul><li>GP SLA toolkit: helping GPs support medical students in practices
  31. 31. based on Tomorrow’s Doctors categories
  32. 32. provides step by step online guide for GPs supporting students
  33. 33. Dementia Learning Zone: helping to diagnose dementia earlier
  34. 34. changing GP and healthcare practice in their treatment of dementia patients
  35. 35. Radiology Academy Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)
  36. 36. trainee radiologists delivering LSRC anatomysessions to medical and dental students
  37. 37. as part of their course they need to develop/use teaching resources </li></li></ul><li>summary…<br />The eLSG work with all staff and students to encourage and enhance the reflective practice required to develop UG students into good doctors, teachers and lifelong learners. <br />Development of appropriate eResources/approaches with staff and students has contributed positively to medical and clinical education.<br />By working closely with all “stakeholders” the eLSG is able to maximise the effectiveness of online approaches and all available eResources. <br />