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Application for Schools using Liquid Ozone

Application for Schools using Liquid Ozone



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Tersano pp presentation for schools Tersano pp presentation for schools Presentation Transcript

  • Healthy Cleaning with oxygenated water
  • Overview
    • Ozone defined
    • History and areas of use
    • Current users
    • Abilities of ozone
    • Safety and green benefits
    • Applications of lotus®
    • lotus® Benefits
    • Accolades
    • Conclusions/recommendations
  • Ozone defined
    • (O3) whereby an extra oxygen molecule is added.
    • Ozone is a natural oxidizer.
    • Natural sanitizer.
    • 50% more powerful than bleach.
    • Work 3,000 times faster than bleach.
    • Unstable.
  • Ozone’s safe history
    • Used for over 100 years
    • FDA approved for bottled water in 1982
    • EPA allows use of ozone with no reporting or record keeping. (Fed. Register 9/21/2007)
    • FDA expert panel approved at GRAS in 1997
    • FDA approved for use with food in June, 2001
    • Tersano develops patented lotus technology
  • Ozone’s areas of use
    • Sanitizing fruits, vegetables at packing plants
    • Cleaning and sanitizing produce at home
    • Sanitizing in wineries
    • Water purification
    • Replace chlorine in pools and spas
    • Hospitals to sterilize medical equipment
  • A few ozone technology users
  • Abilities of ozone
    • Sanitizing Agent
      • E. Coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Staph, Listeria and others
    • Odor eliminator
    • Multi-surface Cleaner (including food contact surfaces)
  • Safety and Green Benefits
    • Reverts to water and oxygen
    • Eliminates the supply chain related to chemicals
    • No MSDS
    • No training requirement for hazardous chemicals
  • Applications
    • Glass, chrome and mirrors
    • Hard surfaces
    • Bathroom fixtures
    • Carpet
    • Fabric and room deodorizer
    • Mildew and mold remover
    • Neutral cleaner
  • Education Applications Restrooms Cafeteria/food service Classrooms
  • Successes in the education market
    • White board cleaner
    • Can be safely used with children present
    • Sanitizes and cleans wresting mats and headgear
    • Foodservice areas
    • Daycare
  • Healthy Schools Network, Inc. is a 501 c3 national environmental health organization that does research, information, education, coalition-building, and advocacy to ensure that every child has a healthy learning environment that is clean and in good repair.
    • Recommendations
    • Purchase Healthier, safer, cleaning products (EPP)
    • Choose products that contain the lowest OSHA defined hazardous ingredients.
      • No or little VOC’s
    • Biodegradable
    • Made from renewable resources
    • Rated “green” by independent, third party
    • Recommendations Contd ..
    • Use disinfectants only as required by law
    • Avoid fragrances and dyes
    • Non-flammable
    • Non-reactive
    • Reduced packaging
    • Refillable
  • lotus® Benefits
    • Safe
      • Reverts to water and oxygen.
      • Leaves no residual odors or chemicals
      • Approved for food contact surfaces
    • Effective
      • Kills numerous bacteria including E. coli, salmonella, MRSA
    • No allergens
      • No odors
  • lotus® Benefits Contd.
    • Money Saving
      • No need to inventory chemicals
      • One solution for cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing
    • Greening the supply chain
      • Eliminates most costs associated with shipping
      • No inventory of chemicals
  • lotus® Benefits Contd.
    • Fast
      • Eliminates rinse step
      • 3,000 times faster than bleach
      • No safety training required as with other chemicals
    • Peace of Mind
      • GRAS designation
      • FDA approved process
      • NSF pending
      • GS-37 cleaning standards
  • lotus® Accolades