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aeonINSIGHT Company Profile

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[ aeonINSIGHT ] Company Profile

  1. 1. Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  2. 2. Contents Company Profile • Company • Organization • System Work & Experience • Vision & Mission • Clients’ needs • Service area • Competitiveness • Work process • Clients • Experience“Good is the Enemy of Great” Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  3. 3. Company Profile“First, get the right people on the bus, then they will figure out where to drive it”- Good to Great , Jim Collins
  4. 4. CompanyOVERVIEW aeonINSIGHT is the brand new UI Planning company of Marketing & UX consulting Creative UX Design as a subsidiary company of aeon COMMUNICATIONS which has core competency in UI design for 13 years . aeonINSIGHT has been born to expand our expertise from high quality UX design in various devices to understanding users first for user oriented interaction design. Since : June, 1998 We are pursuing a Korean IDEO, a CEO : Adrian, H. Kim genuine UX company, which can create UI Experts : 40 the upgraded user experience based on contextual inquiries. UX Consulting aeonINSIGHT is UX Research Marketing and UX Research Consultancy Since : 2010 which can provide a frame for CEO : SooJin, Jennifer, Ahn various points of view and Research Experts : 5 unique insights. 4 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  5. 5. OrganizationWHO WE ARE Administration UX Advisory Group Administration UX/UI UX/GUI Group Group New UX UI Part I GUI Part I Business Development & Sales UI Part II GUI Part II Group Group UI Part III GUI Part III Quantitative Qualitative Design Research Research Framework Team Team Team Collaborative Team Teamwork for UX Design Frame work 5 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  6. 6. OrganizationMANAGEMENT TEAM & ADVISORY Partner, CEO Soo Jin, Jennifer, Ahn • Project Manager and consultant of User research and UX & working innovation PJ for Uway.com • UX planning of Unified Communication PJ on iPhone & Android platform for KT • Trend research and service concept planning in UX Strategy PJ for Samsung • Project Manager of Samsung Internet@TV Skyview application PJ • Cheil Industry Corporate CRM Strategy consulting PJ • KT QOOK TV T-commerce reinforce strategy consulting PJ • FM communications MVNO entrance strategy consulting • SAMSUNG IPTV Open platform service cooperation with Yahoo USA • Smart TV new service plan and prototype with Google USA Widget Open Platform/ Next generation Remo.& UI design KAIST Information & Media MBA • SAMSUNG IPTV consulting project with IBM Global Unit (Marketing Research & Consulting, Decision Making, IT • SAMSUNG Biz model/Solution/UI prototyping for Mobile Content Consulting, IT Strategy), Strategic Entertainment, Media Management Program in USC Download service for Global with Disney • Solution Architecture and PM for Leeum PDA Guide System SookMyung Women’s University, Bachelor of Physics • Business Modeling Mobile Education Biz(MOBISTA) Honor of KAIST MBA Consulting Project PDA/HHP/PC Platform development project managing, Best Contributor in USC Strategic Entertainment and Responsibility for MOU with KT Strategic Div., Biz operation Media Management Program • SAMSUNG E-book Business Modeling, Device and Reader SW Design Executive of EiLab Co. Ltd. • Yepp eSchool Site development Manager of Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics Digital Convergence Team, Samsung Electronics • Home Network Media Sharing solution developer (UPnP solution) • ADSL NW system processor HW development 6 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  7. 7. OrganizationMANAGEMENT TEAM & ADVISORY Managing Consultant Associate Consultant Tae Kyung, Moon So Inn, Kwon Hongik University(IDAS), Completed a Design Management Marketing & Design Research, Strategic consulting User Centered Design Researcher, Universal design Project Manager Ducksung University, Motion Graphic / Flash Designer Bachelor’s degree of Information and Statistics Senior Manager of Websmedia Co. Ltd. Moderator and Qualitative Researcher and Analyst Marketing and Design Research Associate Consultant of ORC partners Marketing Researcher Co. Ltd. IT reporter of IDAS, IDTC( international Design Trend Center) Qualitative Researcher of Research Lab in Gallup Korea Co. ltd. • Microsoft and Adobe Systems site UI planning and • Medical In-depth Research, Auto Sales In-depth operation , Senior manager of Content Syndicating research, Small Hose hold in-depth research, Telecom • Samsung Home Entertainment User Research user research • Samsung washing machine usability test in London(UK) • Gang survey about real estate, mobile services. • LG User Lifestyle research - Entertainment Tomorrow, • CLT of serial, coffee, cookie, etc. • LG CAC Market research in Australia, • Over 300 times of FGI operator ( beverage, card, • LG DEUX Project(UI research for next generation), telecom, university, brand identity etc) • LG side by side refrigerator research for improving • Monitoring customers in SKT branch shop usability(observation and ideation), • Over 30 time of Survey about perception of unification, • LG MC value research; Finding value of mobile marketing, social trends. communication and user insights • Usage pattern research of Kookmin card, Shnhan card • Samsung MP3 Player user research(FGI and IDI) • BPI of E-Land • IDTC 100 words of insight for trend forecasting • Smart Furniture design for the School Life; School Furniture design through Ethnography 7 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  8. 8. OrganizationMANAGEMENT TEAM & ADVISORY CEO of aeon COMMUNICATIONS Advisory, Eye-Tracking User Modeling Advisory, Media Psychology Adrian H.Kim Jae-Hyeon Ahn Adrian H.Kim Hongik University, Master degree of Multimedia advertising University of Connecticut in US , Graphic Design Costa Rica Lincoln High School Psychology of Entertainment Media Consumers Strategic Media Management Advertising and Consumer Psychology Hanyang University, Information and Sociology, Decision Quality and Enterprise Risk Management Neuromarketing (based on Media Psychology & Adjuncts professor Psychophysiology) Instructor of Korea Information and Communication USC Marshall School, Visiting Professor Institute Graduate School of Information and Media Graduate School of Information and Media Instructor of multimedia in Korea National University Management, KAIST Business School Management, KAIST Business School of Arts International Research Partnership Advisory, HCI Industrial Engineering Advisory, Multimedia Interface Design RaRA Na Jong-hwa, Kim Yun-Jo, Kang User Experience Design/Usability Expert International Recruiting IA & New product Development Advisory Human Computer Interface study 2003 Grand honor of Korea Design Award Industrial & Operations Engineering Expert E-learning methodology by multimedia Sogang University, Graduate School of economics Analysis of Telecommunication Platform & Wireless (major in Information Technology Industry & communication system Hongik University, IDAS PhD. Internet Business Industry ) Musashino Art University, Master Degree of Art Current : Kunkook University HCI Senior professor, Formal Executive in Realnetworks Co Ltd in Executive of Korea Institute of Industrial Current : Kaywon Design Art University, Washington, USA Engineers Visual Management Professor Business Strategy Manager in SK Widerthan Co Ltd. Univ. of Michigan Department of Industrial & Kaywon Design Art University Chief Manager of Manager in SK Telecom Seoul, Korea Operations Engineering administration div. 8 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  9. 9. SystemRESEARCH FACILITIES FGI , Usability Testing Room Observation Room Video recording, Capable of 2~3 session observation Micro phone, Capable of 2~3 session at the same time 9 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  10. 10. SystemRESEARCH FACILITIES Eye-Tracking Testing Lab Industry-university cooperation with KAIST Media Management Lab, Eye-Tracking Testing Lab, work with PhDs of Media User modeling Experts 10 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  11. 11. Work & Experience“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”- Peter Drucker
  12. 12. Vision & MissionMISSION We measure “for design” : We can extract crucial insights from you and users “ WE HELP YOUR INNOVATION & CREATION “ Provide appropriate methodology and analysis not the design to be “Guesswork” Rephrase client’s problem then provides more realizable and feasible solution When you are on the forked way, one is following user mental model, the other is pushing implementation model, even though you choose the way looking difficult (user research and design framing ), we can help you to find the easiest way with aeonINSIGHT’s crucial insight . 12 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  13. 13. Clients’ needsWHAT YOU NEED aeonINSIGHT respect your goal as well as user’s goal. Your success is our ultimate command. “We are facing serious problem “ We want something new, that we cannot solve it by our Problem sensational one, but we don’t Recognition Creative Ideas selves. “ know what to do” - Stagnated market share, - New idea, concept, Function list customer claim, cannibalization “We have new product, but don’t “Once we made our product, know who is right customers. Or but we are not sure about our Find Target who is the right user for our Improvements customers product?” quality. Let’s verify it.” - Usability test, Partial renewal - Segmentation& Targeting, Persona, User Behaviors… Your INNOVATION Goal CREATION Effective MAKING “ As far as we know, our way is right. Research just takes long time but we haven’t seen concrete result.”, “We also want to know about users, but we have lack of time and budget.” - Lack of motivation, lack of time and resource 13 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  14. 14. Service areaWHAT WE PROVIDE YOU aeonINSIGHT is an unprecedented company that provides you insights about market and users. We have know-how of marketing research and UX consulting for feasible recommendation Usage Context User Test Profiling Scenario Persona User Heuristic Modeling Design Usability Test Evaluation Frame working Market Secondary Trend Research Market Research Trend UX Guide Research Consumer Research Line Solution Trend Town Prototyping & DB observation Requirements Video Quantitative Tracking Concept Qualitative Test Integrated Online Insights Survey FGI In-Depth Field Home Interview Research Visits Self- Diary Ethnography 14 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  15. 15. Service areaWHAT WE PROVIDE YOU(DETAILS) aeonINSIGHT try to decently learn about what you need, then provide integrated insights. We integrated originally separated method, Quantitative research UX Problem and Qualitative research, then we analyze profile of target users If you want Research Definition and user behaviors. Therefore, we can suggest more accurate strategy for new product and innovation. INNOVATION Usability Test Formative While the product is in development, with a goal of diagnosing and fixing problems; User Test, Heuristic Evaluation, Expert Testing Review Provide broad perspective with Pre-research in a project , Secondary technology/user/market trend research, ideation from documents Market and professional research papers, based on know-how from If you want Research Trend Research various background and experience CREATION Integrated UX Design Over 10 years UI experts bring you concrete action plan after Insights, examining research result and integrated insights . We can Research Frame work figure out what the user’s real goal and mental model, then Concrete recommend actionable plan for new UI development Action item UX If you want With user centric design, it can raise competitiveness and Research Strategic acceptance, therefore it will lead to successful entrance strategy Effective Making + Design Information Provide online quick research method to raise efficiency of & Guide development Framework 15 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  16. 16. CompetitivenessWHY aeonINSIGHT? aeonINSIGHT is competitive because our approach is more scientific than UI consulting firms and more emotional than marketing research firms. Design Marketing Company 0 Research 10 10 UI Developers UX companies Online Research Marketing Web Agency Companies Research Ads Research Solution companies companies They more focus They more focus on on fast making, follow given We more focus on overall marketing research, requirements, simple user numerical data, interview unfeasible result Suggest various perspective by marketing Generate UI design exclusive insights strategy (STP, User profiling) Synthesize essential insights from Integration Quantitative research related on design, between quantitative and qualitative then making persona, and design guide research Suggest service model, concept, prototype Support UI development from solid for effective development background 16 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  17. 17. Work processHOW WE WORK? aeonINSIGHT invented the brand-new UX research process which is integrated strategic consulting, marketing research and UI design. We are the unique company to provide complete UX process. Client Requirements Verification Problem Definition Strategic Consulting + Marketing Research + UI consulting Research Strategy Concept Test Design & Recommendation Understanding Structure Problems Problem Analysis Statement User Test Conduct Card sorting Research Marketing Strategy Gang Survey UX Issue Tree Cording & Analysis Task complete Segmentation/Targe Symptoms Research ting/Positioning Open Question Heuristic problems Problems cording Vision & Identity Evaluation Causes Descriptive Analysis Methodology Service Model Market Trend Usability Analysis Prioritize Issues Research Synthesis Findings Design Framework Document Set Hypothesis Internal Interview Customer Insight User Modeling User Analysis Persona Integration Context scenario Segments Characteristics UI Guide Line UX Research Usage Patterns Requirements Table Qualitative User Behaviors Concept definition Quantitative Information Architecture Prototyping 17 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  18. 18. Work processCUSTOMIZED PROCESS FOR CLIENT aeonINSIGHT has a modular process for your innovation and creation. We analyzes users then provides essential insights about users’ mental model and goal to create unique value for users . aeon INIGHT provide customized UX consulting service for your Innovation and Creation We analyze users’ behaviors , then synthesize essential insights. We provide our know-how that you can give concrete value to users through the knowledge of users’ mental model and users’ goal Service Development Process SW Cording Customer architecture Define Needs Ideation & Planning Beta Test Requirements Analysis UI design GUI design Market Trend User Insights, UX Frame Work UT Research Analysis  New concept, RFI, Strategic  UX Guide, IA, Interaction,  Usability UX Research Recommendation Visualization development Evaluation 18 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  19. 19. ClientsOUR CLIENTS • Marketing and User research, UX consulting for Uway.com – Uway JongAng • QOOK TV Commerce Reinforce Strategy consulting project for KT - KT • Cheil Industry Fashion BU CRM Master plan project – Cheil Industry • UX Strategy and Trend Research for next generation appliances – SAMUNG • HOME Network UX & User Research - SAMSUNG • Global Hunmin Jungum XP GUI Usability Test - SAMSUNG • ZIPEL FGI - SAMSUNG • EZON Home network Usability Test – SCOMMTECH 1998 06 Founded CyberdevelopersAeon co. 1999 01 Lycos Korea recommended site 07 Simmani recommended site 2000 07 SAMUNG Electronics UI/GUI strategic partner 2001 01 Multimedia Ads strategic partner of Hyundai Construction co.ltd 2002 04 Establish AEON communications co.ltd 07 Internet Shopping Mall (www.hora.co.kr) open 09 Shinsegae I & C Strategic partner 2003 04 TV series Animation “Story of Jjangubyul” developing 2004 02 SAMUNG Electronics TN UI Strategic partner 11 Selected “2004 Small but Strong company” in HANKOK newspaper UI/GUI design of Ubiquitous Robotic Companion for government 2005 01 SAMUNG Leeum Gallery PDA guide System Developing 08 SAMSUNG Robot UI/GUI, Wibro Service ‘APEC’ prototype UI/GUI 2006 12 SAMSUNG Headquater Bld. Office Network Solution UI/GUI 2007 10 JAPAN ‘WIMAX test market – Okinawa Turing Guide Solution Design 12 Pantech & Curitel, ‘KDDI, AT&T Cell phone GUI strategic partner 2008 09 LG Electronics ‘HomeNet’ UI/GUI strategic partner 19 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  20. 20. ExperienceUSABILITY TEST 20 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  21. 21. ExperienceUI ANALYSIS & DESIGN FRAME WORK 21 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  22. 22. ExperienceMEMBERS’ EXPERIENCE KT Qook TV T-commerce Field Survey Analysis FGI Report Usability Test Strategic Consulting 22 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  23. 23. ExperienceMEMBERS’ EXPERIENCE Ethnography for Students’ Research for universal design Appliance Usability TestHome visiting for appliance usage furniture evaluation index(case by automobile) 23 Marketing & UX Research Consultancy
  24. 24. Interaction Design is not Guesswork!Users Goals, not features, are the key to product success - About Face 3, Alan Cooper Yarntax Bld., 2 F. Youksam-dong 667-4, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea (135-080) Tel : 02-569-5110 , fax : 02- 569-5115 Email : aeoninsight@aeoninsight.co.kr @2011 aeonINSIGHT/ Marketing & UX Research Consultancy This material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, translated in whole or in part, without the express consent of aeon IINSIGHT.