The SiMania Joint Duelacy  Chapter 8
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The SiMania Joint Duelacy  Chapter 8 The SiMania Joint Duelacy Chapter 8 Presentation Transcript

  • The SiMania Joint Duelacy- Chapter 8 Written by: sjdavis1024 aka Seera
  • Welcome back to another chapter of the SiMania Joint Duelacy. The narrator for the first part of this chapter (pre-university) will be the author, sjdavis1024 aka Seera. If you haven’t been keeping up, there are 7 previous chapters in this journal to read…
  • One of the first things Ursula does upon moving in is greet any walk-bys that come by. Despite her almost non-existent nice points, she actually gets along with most. What can I say? Nice points lie in my game. At least most of the time…
  • Aurora decided to show off her cooking skills by cooking up a lunch of chili con carne for the neighborhood walk-bys. The three people did enjoy her chili and resident celebrity chef, DJ [Verse] Potter, did ask for the recipe after both had finished lunch.
  • Nemo wanted to become an over-achiever so he joined the military Junior ROTC. He did occasionally bring home fellow ROTC members, but he didn’t always get along smoothly with them. Though they were friends, Ricky Cormier and Nemo got into a fair amount of arguments.
  • Delia soon maxed out her gaming interest. With all the gaming activities present in the house, it was not a surprise when she did so. She enjoyed online RPG’s and was often seen helping out fellow players in Dungeon and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.
  • Even though I didn’t have Delia for very long, I was still sad to see her go. I had hoped that I would have gotten the teens all platinum before she died so that there wouldn’t be any death pre-university, but all three kept rolling wants that weren’t quick to fill.
  • Delia McMania Loving Mother, Devoted Wife Loved games and rocking out on the drums She will be missed.
  • Very shortly after, the McMania teens got sent to university. Nemo decided to major in biology, Ursula decided to major in philosophy, and Aurora decided to major in Economics. And here is where I let Aurora take over narration. At least until they graduate and I do spare updates.
  • I decided my hair needed a new style after I got to university. I was definitely dressed for comfort, but it was nice enough that I could get away with wearing it to class.
  • Ursula decided to go on the more formal end. She did enjoy the pleasurable life, but she definitely was grounded in the fact that you need money to finance our preferred way of thinking. And a good way to do that was to make good first impression.
  • While Nemo was into money, he was influenced by Ursula and I and didn’t go too over the top with his outfit choice. I wouldn’t consider interviewing in it, but he did say your casual outfit did not have to be your sharpest looking outfit.
  • While we were out clothes shopping, we decided to socialize with the fellow students here. Ursula spent several hours talking with fellow student Corbin Pons. She even decided to stay out and have dinner with him instead of returning to the dorm with Nemo and I.
  • As Nemo and I left, I ran into a fairly cute guy named Adrian Jayapalan. I did manage to find out that he lives in the same dorm as I do before he had to run off to class.
  • I did spot him at breakfast, but he was eating with another one of the female dorm mates. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were a couple. The two did seem locked in conversation. I ate at a table by myself since I didn’t want to interrupt anything between them.
  • I learned later that the two of them are just friends. While the other girl wanted to make it more than just friends, Adrian didn’t want to move past friendship with her. He just wasn’t into her. We stayed up incredibly late getting to know each other. I’m beginning to think I have a crush on him.
  • A few days later, Adrian and I were flirting with each other. It turns out, Adrian also had a crush on me. He said I was the first girl he had really felt anything for. We were constantly seen flirting around for days after this. I think Nemo and Ursula eventually got tired of seeing us flirt.
  • One day, as I was headed off to class, Adrian surprised me with a very romantic kiss. I can’t believe that this relationship is going so fast, but it feels so right. We’ve even been on a few dates just here in the dorm. He says he doesn’t need expensive dinners to enjoy time with me.
  • Nemo soon found someone he liked as much as I liked Adrian. Her name is Shanna Ng. She lives in the dorm across the street. I think she wishes she lived over here or that Nemo lived in her dorm. Though, from what I’ve heard, her dorm is a party dorm, so I kind of wish we lived there, too.
  • Despite our several attempts at keeping fish here, all of the fish kept dying. I don’t know why we couldn’t keep them alive. [[I think Aurora bought the fish on her own, but no one would feed them, even though I left them on free will most of the time.]]
  • [[This is the very first time in playing Uni, that there have been autonomous romances between the dormies. This guy managed to juggle two romances without getting caught. Both loves lived in the same dorm. I think all three are romance Sims, though. But I had fun watching these two while the McManias were at college. They were in love by the time the McManias graduated I believe.]]
  • Ursula’s mean points show here as she autonomously got into a fight with this dormie. The two just do not get along. I think he keeps insulting our family, so Ursula has no problem getting into fights with the guy. I’ve never been around for any of the leading up to the fight so I can’t really say why they kept fighting.
  • I was so excited for Ursula when she told me she finally got her first kiss with Corbin Pons. The two really are cute together. They’ve been flirting back and forth for the past couple of semesters. I don’t think Corbin is quite ready for a commitment, but you never know. He might surprise me.
  • While all of us are focusing on our skills and spending a lot of time with our loves, we did find time to spend time together. We are all close as we’ve ever been and I don’t think anything is going to change that any time soon.
  • [[These two just autonomously woohooed on the couch. I really wish the other guy’s lover had caught them in the act. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened, if anything. I use ACR’s jealously and I’m not sure the other lover would have been jealous or not.]]
  • Ursula decided she was just going to go for it and propose engagement to Corbin. I’ve heard rumors going around that Corbin hadn’t been seeing anyone else, so I don’t think that he’ll break her heart. At least not intentionally, I hope.
  • I was excited to hear from others in the dorm that the stupid college in the next city’s mascot got his butt whooped by our college’s cheerleader. He’s always coming around and causing pranks and other kinds of trouble.
  • Nemo and Adrian got along very well. The two got to know each other through talking and playing chess together. I think Nemo was glad that I had chosen someone who was very much like him in his goals. [[Both are fortune Sims.]]
  • Soon it was time for us to graduate. I threw a small party and invited Mom and Dad. I wish I would have been able to invite my grandmother, but I bet she’s watching this from wherever she currently is.
  • I decided to pop the question to Adrian during the graduation party in front of my parents. When Adrian said yes, it made Dad so happy. I’m just glad that I’ll be marrying someone I love and not someone I have to settle with because I am the heiress and I need to continue the legacy.
  • Soon, we had all graduated and grown up and were ready to head back home or to our new homes. We all graduated with 4.0’s and made a few friends. We all found someone to love and hopefully marry. Who knows when Nemo will propose. I just hope I do a good job as heiress. [[And now I’ll be narrating the rest of the chapter as I tell what happened to Nemo and Ursula after they graduated.]]
  • The first thing Nemo did when he moved into his new house was to invite over his love, Shanna Ng, and ask her to move in. She accepted the offer to move and in and brought a little money to the house. She is also a fortune Sim like Nemo.
  • Nemo eventually propsed to Shanna and Shanna said yes. They were very shortly married in a quiet little ceremony in the living room. The two would shortly thereafter go try to have a baby.
  • Soon enough, Shanna was showing. She was really happy that she was going to soon be a mother. She shortly told Nemo and he was also overjoyed that he was soon going to become a father.
  • A few days later and the gypsy matchmaker brought over a genie lamp earned by Shanna [Ng] McMania. I don’t know why it went to Shanna and not Nemo, but either of them can use it so I suppose it really doesn’t matter who it truly belongs to.
  • A few days later and Shanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Matthew. Matthew has Shanna’s skintone, green eyes, and black hair.
  • Matthew is named after First Lieutenant Matthew Scott on the show Stargate Universe. The people on the show are stuck on a ship called the Destiny. He’s one of the military people who tends to be able to bridge the divide between the military personnel on board and the many civilian people on board. But he will side with his commanding officer in conflicts between civilian and military.
  • Roger must have sensed that he now had a grandson as he was immediately walking onto their lot and ringing the door bell. This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen and I thought it was cute.
  • Soon Matthew grew up into a toddler. His personality is 7/7/9/2/1. Ursula’s mean points must be recessive as neither Nemo nor Shanna are that mean. However, excluding the nice points, he is very much like his namesake. Matthew Scott is active and outgoing and doesn’t strike me as playful.
  • Nemo’s desired job in science finally showed up in the listings and he was constantly bringing home friends from work. Though, I was having to have him and Shanna make a few friends with people they knew from college and maintain friendships they already had.
  • While Nemo was at work or gaining skills and friends, Shanna worked on teaching Matthew his skills. Matthew appears to be a fast learner, despite the current picture which was taken when Matthew was first learning to talk.
  • Soon Matthew grew up into a very adorable child. He looks a lot like his father and I just hope there is some of his mother in his facial features that I just can’t notice at his current age. Having a genetic clone of his father but with black hair would be boring.
  • A few nights later and they had a burglar. This is the first burglar I’ve had in my game in a long time and the first one where I’ve had the sound on. The sound is creepy. I hope no more burglars happen when I have my sound on.
  • Soon, Shanna was pregnant with their second child. Matthew was excited that he was going to be a big brother and Shanna hoped she would have a baby girl. Matthew wanted a baby brother to play sports with when he got older.
  • Shanna soon gave birth to a baby girl named Chloe. Chloe shares the same genes as her brother. I was expecting this with her having black hair and both of them having green eyes.
  • Chloe is named after Chloe Armstrong from Stargate Universe. She’s one of the civilians on board and one of the younger members. She’s the daughter and aide of a senator. She helps Matthew and another character Eli Wallace keep emotionally stable. She’s in love with Matthew and a good friend with Eli, though Eli wishes it was more.
  • She grew up into a very cute toddler. Her personality is 7/9/3/10/1. She’s just as mean as her older brother, not quite as active, and way more playful than he is. However, both are neat and outgoing. I like having siblings who are obviously related by personality, but still are different as well.
  • Then I decided to move on to Ursula’s house. She quickly invited over Corbin and asked him to move in. He agreed and brought in a little money. He is a romance Sim.
  • I sent Ursula and Corbin downtown to shop for clothes and they decide to woohoo in the photobooth. And that is the back of Adrian Jayapalin’s head. I had gone to their house and played them a little bit before I decided to play the spares for a bit and see how they get on.
  • While on the lot, and this time not as they were just leaving, the good witch showed up. So I had Ursula greet the good witch and start building up a friendship with her.
  • By nightfall, Ursula had finally made good enough friends with the witch to ask to become one. And so Ursula became a good witch. And she also became my first ever witch. Which means, I’ll probably continue to play her even after my turn is done.
  • Ursula spent a lot of her time making spell reagents. I really like how they can make the stirrer stir without holding it. I love the sounds. Yea, I have decided that I like witches.
  • Ursula and Corbin were soon married and Ursula McMania became Ursula Pons. The two were very quick for a pleasure and romance Sim to go off and try for a baby.
  • Aurora walked by the lot one day so I had Ursula greet her. I was so tempted to make Aurora a witch, but I figured if she was to become one, she’d have to do it without any cheats at all. I had used maxMotives on the community lot so Ursula could become friends with the NPC witch and become a witch.
  • Well, I’m playing based on wants and nice Corbin wanted to woohoo with 3 different people so I had him call up the matchmaker. I forget her name, but they have 3 bolts. It shouldn’t take long for them to go woohoo on their own.
  • Of course with a now showing pregnant wife, Corbin is probably going to be in trouble shortly with his wife. Unlike Corbin, Ursula’s ACR jealously settings mean she gets jealous when people she’s married to cheat.
  • The interaction of her catching Corbin cheat sort of glitched up, probably due to Ursula being pregnant, but Corbin is here apologizing his heart out to Ursula for cheating. I’m probably lucky that Ursula is pregnant. I didn’t want these two to become enemies and with Ursula’s 1 nice point, she was bound to make that happen.
  • They discuss the state of their marriage inside after the woman is sent home. The two of them decide that since this was the first time he cheated on her, that she would try to forgive him, but he was never to see the woman again for fear of it happening again.
  • They did still have their arguments over the whole situation, but Ursula was having some trouble forgiving him. She still loved him, but him cheating while she was pregnant had hurt and hurt bad.
  • Very shortly afterwards, Ursula had forgiven him enough and calmed down enough to enjoy some make-up woohoo. The two were still in love and Corbin did truly feel really guilty for giving into temptation and cheating on Ursula. And deep down, Ursula knew that.
  • Corbin could not wait to become a father and Ursula was really ready to have a child. She just hoped that Corbin could be a good father to her unborn child. She was somewhat unsure of how well she would be as a mother, but figured if Nemo could be a good father, she could be a good mother.
  • Soon, Ursula gave birth to a baby girl with exactly her own genetics named Samantha. She was really happy to be a mother and Corbin was also really thrilled to finally be a father.
  • Samantha is named after Colonel Samantha Carter from the shows Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. This picture is from Stargate Atlantis. She’s an astrophysicist and is usually one of the main members of SG1 who come up with solutions to their problems. Especially when they involve science.
  • Thanks ACR. I really wanted some time between birth and the next pregnancy. Not even 12 hours after giving birth to Samantha, Ursula and Corbin get to work on baby number 2.
  • Samantha soon grew up and is a very cute toddler. Her personality is 2/10/4/10/9. Her personality doesn’t quite fit the personality of her namesake, but she somewhat looks similar.
  • Including this picture because it’s just so cute. She didn’t try to catch butterflies, though. Toddlers just do everything cute and it really helps when the toddler is also cute, which Samantha is.
  • Soon, Ursula gave birth to Teyla. Teyla has blonde hair, blue eyes, and her mother’s skintone. Both parents slightly wished that they had had a boy, but none were upset that Teyla was a girl. They would love her no matter what.
  • Teyla is named after Stargate Atlantis’s Teyla Emmagen (as seen on the left of the above picture, coincidentally next to the namesake of Samantha). She is one of the people that the Stargate Atlantis team meet who helps them with their enemy the Wraith. She joins the team and is a big help when they are dealing with other alien races. She is also good at martial arts which also helps.
  • Speaking of Samantha, she grew up into a very adorable child. However, I can tell that Samantha Pons and Matthew McMania are related. She’s quite the little bookworm and didn’t mind going into the red in fun to learn how to study.
  • Teyla soon grew up to be a very adorable toddler. Her personality is 4/10/2/2/6. Definitely not like her namesake as Teyla was most definitely active and not lazy. [[Please ignore the fact that she’s in the same toddler outfit as Samantha. I was lazy and didn’t feel like sending an adult out to buy new clothes, which I forgot to buy when out buying Sam’s new clothes.]]
  • Ok, and that’s where this chapter ends. Next chapter will probably be a long one as it’s focusing on Aurora’s life as heiress. If you are reading this and still aren’t a member of SiMania, then please join. It’s a small community of Simmers who are very friendly and helpful. The link to the site is: idx