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This is a modified version of the slide presentation used during the live "Presentation Tools That Are Not PowerPoint" class visit. The handout that supplements this presentation is found at this link:

The handout is needed since the slides are run for a live audience with commentary. This is posted just as a reference.

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Presentation Tools

  1. 1. Presentation Tools 1. Video & Audio Recording/Hosting 2. Presenting Pictures 3. Enhanced Slideshow & Presentation Tools 4. Using Apps 5. Video Collection Tools 6. PowerPoint 2010 Tips 7. Preparation Tips
  2. 2. Video Recording & Hosting Create a digital story
  3. 3. Capture your own content on any one of these… Screen shot of a Google image keyword search results as of Dec2012 “digital camera images”
  4. 4. …or these Image collage from
  5. 5. YouTube Video Editor Image courtesy of
  6. 6. Image courtesy of
  7. 7. Audio Recording & Hosting Interviews, commentary, summaries, perspectives, and more
  8. 8. Images clockwise (from top left) courtesy of: Sansa, Olympus, Nintendo, Nokia
  9. 9. Image collage from
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Apps on mobile devices Voice Memos iTalk lite Tweet Mic Audioboo iPadio Pocket WavePad All screen shots courtesy of the companies listed. Find more audio apps within the App Store on your smart phone.
  14. 14. Presenting Pictures Create a digital story
  15. 15. Flickr Store the pictures in an online site and simply run the slideshow mode from the site for your presentation. Photos from the stream of Flickr user cremona daniel
  16. 16. Present directly from Pinterest boards Screen shot of Brian Wasson’s Pinterest board “Tablets and eReaders 2012”
  17. 17. Instagram (try the web viewer Image courtesy of
  18. 18. Enhanced Slideshow & Presentation Tools There’s more to presenting then just PowerPoint slides
  19. 19. Voicethread Voicethread example from user Ellen Phillips
  20. 20. Prezi Prezi example from user Adam Somlai-Fischer
  21. 21. Need a poster board? Try Glogster Screen shot of the gallery of glogs in the Glogpedia of
  22. 22. Mindomo Screen shot of The Greeks map by Yeraldine Ibarra
  23. 23. Using Apps
  24. 24. Presentation Apps Screen Recording Apps HaikuDeck SlideIdea Educreations ShowMe
  25. 25. Video Collection Tools
  26. 26. YouTube Video Playlists Screen shot of the New Tech playlist by Brian Wasson in
  27. 27. PowerPoint 2010 Tips
  28. 28. Avoid creating “Slideuments” Check out the post by Garr Reynolds where this term first gained recognition
  29. 29. Embedded YouTube video example Storify Tutorial In PPT 2010: InsertVideoVideo from web site Add the embed code from the video playback page. Use the “old” code. Note: The image above is not an actual video, but a screen shot of one. Follow the steps in PowerPoint’s Help section on this topic.
  30. 30. Embed Code on YouTube
  31. 31. Embed Audio and Video
  32. 32. When adding audio/video clip to slides…. Make sure both the presentation file AND the audio clip are in the same folder on your removable drive. Bring the entire folder to campus to run the presentation.
  33. 33. Preparation Tips