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Step-by-Step process for selecting, developing and benefiting from Talet for organizations of all sizes.

Step-by-Step process for selecting, developing and benefiting from Talet for organizations of all sizes.

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  • 1. THE TARGET Where Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Meet
  • 2. A New and Powerful Book by Stephen J. Blakesley • A book for those who want to improve their performance • A book for those who want to help others to improve • A book for organizations with both people and performance needs • Finally, a book for both manager/executive and employee
  • 3. 14 Powerful Chapters Part 1 Part 2 • What is superior performance? • Too Busy to hire good people • Who can be a superior • No Clarity performer? • Defining Competencies • Job Fit – the power of it • The Interview • Job Competencies • The Environment • Work Strategies • Talent is Worthless, • Emotional Competencies Performance is Priceless • Organization Emotional • Now Coach? Awareness
  • 4. Chapter I Superior Performance-What is it? Superior Performance has 3 essential parts!
  • 5. Chapter II Who Can Achieve Superior Performance? • Changing Outward • Changing Inward
  • 6. Chapter III Job Fit – The Keystone • Two Powerful Tools • PBJD • ICP
  • 7. Chapter IV Job Competencies - Can They Do It? • Hard Skills • Soft Skills
  • 8. Chapter V Work Strategies – How They Do It • Use it or lose it • How to maximize performance
  • 9. Chapter VI Emotional Competence – The Passion For It! • Self Awareness • Self Management • Other Awareness • Other Management
  • 10. Chapter VII Organizational Emotional Intelligence • The Environment • Building Leaders vs. Leading Managers • Hiring Passion • Team Building • Work/Live Balance • Self Awareness • Compensate Fairly • Commit
  • 11. Chapter VIII Too Busy? • Are they really too busy? • What is really important?
  • 12. Chapter IX No Clarity • How do we know? • Who can tell?
  • 13. Chapter X Defining the Competencies • Knowing what they are • Know how to use them
  • 14. Chapter XI The Interview • Candidates know the most • At least 1/3
  • 15. Chapter XII Environment, What Environment? • Most leave managers not companies • Everyone wants to get better
  • 16. Chapter XIII Talent is Worthless, Performance is Priceless • I don’t know how to use it • I need to know why
  • 17. Chapter XIV Now Coach? • Even the most talented need coaching • Not everyone is equipped
  • 18. Purchase “THE TARGET” for every hiring manager in your organization. Contact: for your autographed copy of this indispensable talent tool.