What the DCC can do for you


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Talk given by Sarah Jones at the Data Management Roadshow in Dundee, 5-6th December 2012

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What the DCC can do for you

  1. 1. What the DCC can do for you - five things we do Sarah Jones sarah.jones@glasgow.ac.ukDCC Northeast Scotland Roadshow, Dundee, 5-6th December 2012 #dcc_dundee
  2. 2. What is the DCC?• UK centre to support RDM• Established 2004• Primary funder is JISC• Three partners: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bath Helping to build capacity, capability and skills in data management and curation across the UK’s higher education research community ‐ DCC Phase 3 Business Plan How do we achieve this aim?
  3. 3. 1. Run training & events • Train researchers and research support staffIDCC conference • Annual internationalRDMF conferenceRoadshows... • Build communities through the Research Data Management Forum
  4. 4. 2. Provide guidance • Offer briefing papers, how to guides, manual... • Aimed at different levels & audiences • CC-BY licensed so they can be customised for your contextwww.dcc.ac.uk/resources
  5. 5. 3. Develop tools www.data-audit.eu https://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk www.repositoryaudit.euhttp://cardio.dcc.ac.uk
  6. 6. 4. Offer tailored support for unis• One-off training courses or events• Customised versions of DMP Online• Feedback on RDM strategy development• Pointers to existing models that you can reuse• Institutional Engagement programme
  7. 7. DCC Institutional EngagementsWorking intensively with 20 HEIs to increase RDM capability• 60 days of effort per HEI drawn from a mix of DCC staff• Support varies based on what each institution wants/needs• Deploy DCC and external tools, approaches and best practice• Lessons and examples to be shared with the community www.dcc.ac.uk/community/institutional-engagements
  8. 8. What we offer via DCC engagements InstitutionalAssess data cataloguesNeeds Workflow assessment Pilot RDM tools Develop DAF & CARDIO DCC assessments support support Guidance and training and team services RDM policy Advocacy with senior development management Make the case Customised Data Management Plans
  9. 9. 5. Synthesise good RDM practice • Monitor the RDM landscape How to develop RDM services • Support the JISC Coming soon! MRD programmes • Collate & analyse existing practice to point to good models
  10. 10. We can also amplify your work• (Re)tweet• Put details in Pipeline News & What’s New• Write guest blog posts• Profile your work in talks and trainingHelping you spread good practice andgain recognition for RDM
  11. 11. We’re here to meet your needs• Ask questions via the DCC helpdesk – info@dcc.ac.uk – simple enquiries or in-depth responses• Request a training course or other support• Tell us what guidance documents you need• Requests added functionality to DCC tools
  12. 12. What else do you need?Tell us, we’re here to support you! info@dcc.ac.uk
  13. 13. Thanks - any questions?For DCC guidance, tools and case studies see: www.dcc.ac.uk/resourcesFollow us on twitter @digitalcuration and #ukdcc