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I spring quizmaker

  1. 1. iSpring QuizMaker. The Easiest Quiz Authoring Ever Creating great-looking quizzes has never been this easy. iSpring QuizMaker is the quick yet effective way to create Flash quizzes, exams and surveys. $299 $199 Volume Pricing Compatible with Windows 7 LMS Certified: AICC, BlackBoard, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 Overview Whats New Key Features Screenshot Tour Demos Tutorials Enjoy Easy Quiz Authoring with iSpringCreate captivating quizzes, exams and assessments in minutes with iSpring QuizMaker, an easy- to-use yet advanced quiz creation software. Measure knowledge comprehension in e-Learning, get customer feedback via surveys or create quizzes just for fun – it’s easy with the advanced capabilities of the all new iSpring QuizMaker. Quizzes created with iSpring can be incorporated into e-Learning courses, embedded into webpages, or uploaded and tracked at any SCORM/AICC compliant Learning Management System (LMS) or iSpring Online LMS. Design Effective Quizzes for Business and e-Learning
  2. 2. Whether you are experienced or new to quiz creation, with iSpring QuizMaker youll find it easy to create quizzes and surveys. QuizMaker provides powerful quiz creation features that are quickly accessible via an incredibly simple Office-style interface. Create graded quizzes and exams or surveys and assessments of 23 question types Mix graded questions with survey questions Accompany quiz questions with images, audio and video Add equations and formulas to create comprehensive math tests Insert slides with additional information between questions Manage and Customize Quizzes The answers can be shuffled and questions can be randomly selected from a question pool to ensure that each quiz taker is presented with a different quiz. You can also preview your questions as well as the entire quiz to check your work instantly. Organize branching scenarios based on user answers Set custom, result-based feedback to each question Randomize questions and answers Organize questions into question pools Control testing time and number of attempts Instantly preview a question or an entire quiz Customize text labels and choose player color scheme Create paper-based tests by printing a quiz Have a single Flash (.SWF) file for each quiz Track results via email, LMS or web server Upload quizzes to iSpring Online LMS with a single click Involve and Entertain with 23 Question Types With iSpring, creating quizzes with various activities is as easy as filling out a form. iSpring enables you to create questions with predefined answers or free answers as well as mixed ones.iSpring offers industry-standard True/False, Multiple Choice and Matching questions. Plus, you
  3. 3. will hold your audiences attention with new questions like Word Bank, Hotspot and Essay – 23 types in all. 11 question types for a graded quiz, exam or test: True/False Multiple Choice Multiple Response Type In Matching Sequence Numeric Fill in the Blank Multiple Choice Text Word Bank Hotspot 12 question types for a survey, assessment or questionnaire: Likert Scale Yes/No Pick One Pick Many Short Answer Numeric Ranking Matching Which Word Fill in the Blank Multiple Choice Text Essay Deliver Your Quiz AnywhereYour quiz or test will be available to all learners working on virtually any computer platform.iSpring creates a single Flash (.SWF) file for your quiz with all resources embedded. It can be easily attached to your message, emailed, or uploaded to the Internet. With QuizMaker you can effortlessly create a quiz and: Upload it to any SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th editions) or AICC compatible LMS
  4. 4. Deliver it via iSpring Online LMS for detailed quiz or survey results tracking Produce quizzes for BlackBoard LMS with no additional setup Integrate easily with your e-learning and training courses Embed it into your web site, blog or any other web resource Quizzes created with iSpring integrate with an LMS and you can receive reports with LMSfacilities. It’s also possible to receive detailed quiz results on a specified email or a web-server in XML format if you implement your own tracking system.