Start Smart: Positioning Your Software Venture for Success (2 hour version)


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The 2 Hour version of the Sixteen Ventures Start Smart seminar. This special version was created for the Feb. 2009 seminar in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Start Smart: Positioning Your Software Venture for Success (2 hour version)

  1. 1. Start Smart Positioning Your Software Venture for Success
  2. 2. Agenda • Pre-Game Prep • Idea Due Diligence • Technical Resource Engagement • Raising Capital • Missing Pieces
  3. 3. Ideas = $0.10/dozen • ideas don’t matter; execution does • people won’t steal your ideas • you need feedback from others
  4. 4. Pre-Game Prep mental • Focus • Failure IS an Option • Fear • Motivation
  5. 5. Pre-Game Prep organizational • Equity • Software Ventures 101 • Does the Founder need to be a Programmer?
  6. 6. Pre-Game Prep business • Revenue Model • Technology Has ZERO Value
  7. 7. Focus • One Venture at a Time • Don’t be greedy • Don’t “hedge your bets” • but <<famous entrepreneur>> has six ventures going at one time • he’s famous for a reason; you aren’t. Don’t worry about what he is doing. Besides, he has people. Mental Prep
  8. 8. Failure IS an Option • Nobody wants to fail but you must know it is possible • don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying • If you do fail, fail fast • do the “hard work” early to avoid failure later • do not hold onto an idea that won’t work Mental Prep
  9. 9. Fear is Okay • without fear, you lose focus • lack of fear breeds sloppiness • fear is a very personal word, and at this point in your venture, it is personal Mental Prep
  10. 10. Motivation • Desperation is the wrong reason to start a business, especially a product-based business • Looking for an “out” • Consider Service-oriented business rather than a product-based company Mental Prep
  11. 11. Equity • Understanding It; it is much more complex than you think • Two-Sides to the story • Until you are ready to engage proper legal counsel, you are not ready to discuss equity Org Prep
  12. 12. Equity your perspective • Equity is NOT currency • you are too early to be dealing in equity positions • hold onto as much as possible for as long as possible (this is not greed) • entrepreneurs often feel like those they bring in “need some skin in the game” as if that will get more out of them • pay cash whenever possible; it will save you money in the long-run Org Prep
  13. 13. Equity their perspective • you are asking them to invest in your venture • equity only pays on exit or buy-back • without control as well as equity, they are at the mercy of your performance or whims • cash is king Org Prep
  14. 14. Software Ventures 101 • ISV defined • On Premises vs. On Demand • If its on the web, its a software venture, right? • Growth vs. Lifestyle Org Prep
  15. 15. Founding Programmer? • Not required • Should be technical (or willing to learn) • should not learn to program • focus on the business • you wouldn’t learn to weld just because you wanted to open a body shop Org Prep
  16. 16. Early Team Members • Be Cautious • Attorney • Advisor(y board) • Board of Directors? Org Prep
  17. 17. Revenue Model • what is a revenue model? • 7 different ways to make money • do startup software ventures need to have a revenue model? • You can’t know what revenue model(s) to choose at this stage in the game, but you MUST be thinking about it Biz Prep
  18. 18. Technology = 0 Value • the fact that you use Ruby on Rails or Java to build your app means nothing • Postgres vs. MySQL? Who cares • Ajax UI? Android client? Nothing! • Solved a problem? Aha! Now we’re onto something Biz Prep
  19. 19. Idea Due Diligence • Goal: determine if the idea is a good idea, or a good business • Ideal Idea • Validation • Detailing your Vision • Presenting your Vision
  20. 20. Ideal Idea • It Solves a Real Problem in a Low-tech, fragmented vertical market, with few relevant competitors and a proven business model • Deviating from this rule increases chance of failure • Adhering to the rule does not guarantee success • Whole Product Solution, not just a Feature • No “Me Too” products just to be “in the market”
  21. 21. Market Validation • is there a market for the product/service? • Primary vs. Secondary Market Research • Target Market Identification • Competitive Research • Sustainable Competitive Advantage • Talking to Potential Users • You Must Be Present to Win
  22. 22. Detailing Your Vision • Extract it from your brain • put it into a format that other people can make sense of • screen mockups, process flows, etc. • You are not a Product Manager... forget UML, Req. Docs, etc... just draw pictures! • use this to get feedback, engage technical resources, and/or raise capital
  23. 23. Presenting Your Vision • Show trusted advisors, colleagues, friends, and family your vision drawing • make sure that they “get it” immediately from your drawings... if they don’t, refine • determine minimum features required for version 1.0
  24. 24. Technical Resource Engagement • Partner, Employee, Consultant or Software Development Firm • Protect your Intellectual Property (IP) • Build vs. Buy • Be True to your Vision • Hosting / Platforms and Architecture
  25. 25. Raising Capital • Go-to-Market vs. Raise Money • Money Talks • Choosing Investors • Formal Business Plan • Exit Strategy
  26. 26. Missing Pieces • Patents • Go-to-Market Strategy vs. Marketing Plan • Corporate Structure • Operations, Management, Staffing, etc.
  27. 27. Until Someone Pays You, Its Just an Idea