Revenue Model: How Does Your Venture Make Money?


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What do you think of a seminar specifically about building an appropriate Revenue Model for your Venture?

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  • Very simple and to the point. Good quick reference.
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Revenue Model: How Does Your Venture Make Money?

  1. 1. Revenue Models How Does Your Venture Make Money?
  2. 2. Agenda • Revenue Model vs. Business Model • Startups and Revenue Models • Overview of Revenue Model Options • Software Industry Specifics • 7 Revenue Streams • Pricing Strategy • Bottom Line
  3. 3. Business Model vs. Revenue Model • Business Model is Who, What, When, Why, and Where • Business Model includes Revenue Model • Revenue Model is how you make money • Revenue Model derived from 7 streams • Without a Revenue Model, there is no business
  4. 4. Startups and Revenue Models • Does a Startup Need a Revenue Model? • Freemium Is Dead (Free = Zero Value!) • Ad-based businesses are dead • You can’t know what the revenue model will be until you talk to potential customers • You MUST consider this early in the product lifecycle
  5. 5. Overview of Revenue Model Options • 7 Different Ways to Make Money • You can have an overall Revenue Model that pulls from all 7 streams • Don’t leave money on the table; Monetize Everything • Let the Market dictate your revenue model • Absolutely NOT only valid for Software Companies
  6. 6. Software Industry Specifics • Separate Delivery Model from Revenue Model • SaaS does not require Subscription Billing • On-Premises does not require traditional pricing strategies • Let the Market Dictate Revenue Model
  7. 7. 7 Revenue Streams
  8. 8. 7 Revenue Streams • During seminar we go into details of each revenue stream
  9. 9. Pricing Strategy • Avoid competing on price but instead on value • Know the market • know how and what the competition charges • know how and when your customers buy and who is involved • know the value you bring to avoid commodity pricing • CAPEX vs. OPEX only matters if the market says it does
  10. 10. Bottom Line • No Revenue Model means No Business • If you can Cure a Pain, you can Generate Revenue • If there is no pain, the best revenue model will not help • Until Someone Pays You, Its Just an Idea
  11. 11. Until Someone Pays You, Its Just an Idea