Generating Social Innovation, Tools, Techniques And Methods

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  • 1. Generating Social Innovation: tools, techniques and methods
    Robin Murray, Geoff Mulgan & Julie Caulier-Grice
    Lisbon 2009
  • 2. Goal: to map, analyse methods in use and emerging in all countries and all sectors to help social innovation practitioners develop the most creative and effective ideas….
    ….. and then to ensure that these have the greatest positive impact
  • 3.
  • 4.
    • Research on SI – US managerial literature on non-profits; Canadian and EU research on co-operative movement; biographies and autobiographies of social entrepreneurs; case studies etc.
    • 5. Inputs from practitioners from many fields: social finance, design, public policy, social entrepreneurship, incubation, public engagement, social movements …
  • Research …
  • 6. Focusing on around 500 methods seen through the lenses of ….
    The processes of social innovation
    Bridges, intermediaries and connectors – bringing together people and resources.
    The conditions for social innovation – within the state, grant economy, market and household.
  • 7. The process of social innovation
  • 8.
  • 9. The process of social innovation
    4. Sustaining
    Business models
    Organisation and management
    Ownership and governance
    Relational capital
    Venture finance
    Commissioning and procurement
    1. Prompts
    Triggers & inspirations
    New evidence
    Mapping & feedback
    2. Proposals
    Design methods
    Creativity methods
    Tapping public imagination
    Engaging citizens in public
    policy making
    5. Scaling and diffusion
    Effective supply
    Effective demand
    Organisational options
    Public scaling and diffusion
    3. Prototypes
    Finance for new ideas
    4. Changing whole systems
    New laws and regulation
    Social movements
    Re-wiring economies
  • 10. Design methods
    • Start with the user
    • 11. Make problems visible and tangible
    • 12. Rapid prototyping
    • IDEO – SPARC Lab, Mayo Clinic
    • 13. Think Public – Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust
    • 14. EMUDE – Sustainable Everyday Project
    Designers work with service users to rapidly prototype and quickly refine a set of cards that help patients communicate with their doctor or nurse. We also look at how design methods could evolve.
  • 15. Bridges, Intermediaries & connectors Connecting people, ideas & resources
    • Innovation champions
    • 16. Innovation teams
    • 17. Innovation hubs
    • 18. Institutions to drive innovation
    • 19. Innovation networks
    • 20. Innovation platforms
  • Learning Launchpad - UK
    One North - Singapore
    Centre for Social Innovation - Toronto
  • 21.
  • 22. Finance
    Crowdfunding - Ebbsfleet United
    Regional Innovation Funds £220m
    A total of £220 million is being made available over the next five years to support innovation and diffusion
  • 23. Systemic change
    Interaction of social movements, practical examples, power and politics, law and regulation to transform whole systems
    Example including waste/recycling, support economy, health and care, transport e.g. Curitiba
  • 24.
  • 25. web screenshot
  • 26. The first volume to be published...
    Social Venturing
  • 27. What is distinct from private venturing?
  • 28. The social mission...
  • 29. Business models
    Ownership & governance
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. Please come to our session on social venturing tomorrow! 