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Published in: Education

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  • 1. University of Phoenix Website Overview 20122. AccessingAccessing the student website, plays a crucial role in getting started in continuing your educationat the University of Phoenix. If navigation choices are unclear, students should remember to hitthe "Back" button on their first (and final) visit to a Web site. Once they enter, the real challengebegins, as it is no easy task to allow first-time visitors to get the maximum advantage of a site.The intent of this manual is to give step by step explanation of the student website to assist usersin minimal navigation issues.For visual tour of website reference the attached slideshow. 1. Sign in to the student website with login given to you by university. 2. Once signed in you will be given the option of changing your username and password to ones that you will be able to be able to remember.2.1 HomeThis is the starting point or front page of the student Web site. On the homepage youwill notice the below links: Top bar (student number, inbox, profile, what’s new, help and logout links) Quick Links Messages Current/ Previous/ Future Classes Recent activities2.1. a. Top Bar-With this bar you will be able to access your school email in box, your personalprofile where you are able to put specific information about yourself or add a picture of yourself,with the help link you will be able to access quick links that will also help to guide you throughcertain parts of the website2.1. b. Quick Links-in this section you will be able to access your schedule and grades, programcredits, student workshops, life resource center, and phoenix career services. In accessing theschedule and grades you will be taken to where you are able to see your current class scheduleand grades for classes completed. When accessing the program credits you will be given a pagethat will show you any credits that were transferred from other schooling completed and it willalso show you all of the credits that you have received and the credits that you still have tocomplete in your current program of study. When accessing student workshops you are able toaccess workshops that you have completed, search for workshops, or you will be able to look upworkshops by category. When accessing the phoenix career services it gives you many featuresthat will not only help with your schooling but also it gives you tools that will help you withemployment. 1|Page
  • 2. University of Phoenix Website Overview 20122.1. c. Current/Previous/ Future classes- with accessing these three tabs you are able to accessyour current classes that you are taking. The previous tab will only access your last class thatyou attended. The future tab will access your next class/classes that you are about to take. Onlythe materials will show when you are within 30 days of starting your next class.2.2 ClassroomNote:For visual tour of website reference the attached slideshow. Materials Discussion Assignments Grades2.2. a. Materials- With accessing this tab you are able to access all of your reading materials thatyou will need for the entire course that you are taking2.2. b. Discussion- With accessing this tab you are able to see all of the discussions that are heldbetween the teacher and all of the students in the way of weekly DQ questions and any specialannouncements that the teacher has for the class2.2. c. Assignments- With accessing this tab you are able to post any assignment that is due forthat particular week2.2. d. Grades- When accessing this tab you will be taken to a page that will give you yourgrades for each week2.3Library University Library Media Library 2|Page
  • 3. University of Phoenix Website Overview 2012 eBooks Center for Writing Excellence Center for Mathematics Phoenix Career Services2.3.a. University Library- When accessing the library you have many choices for the type ofresources that you are looking for. You are also able to ask a Librarian if you need help inlooking for a certain book.2.3.b. Media Library- When accessing the Media Library you will be able to access videos thatwill not only help with school but also regular life.2.3.c. eBooks- When accessing the eBooks section you will be able to find books from theUniversity for the area of schooling that you are exploring.2.3.d. Center for Writing Excellence- When you access the Center for Writing Excellence youwill be able to submit a paper for review to check for plagiarism or to see just how muchinformation that has been used in papers was taken from some other source.2.3.e. Center for Mathematics Excellence- When accessing the Center for MathematicsExcellence you are able to gain access to building your math confidence or presentations andvideos on math topics.2.3.f. Phoenix Career Services- When you access the Phoenix Career Services you are able tocreate resumes, cover letters, store information in a secure location, do career research, learn howto display information on a personal website, or prepare for an interview2.4 ProgramNote:For visual tour of website reference the attached slideshow. My program Services Credit assessment services Publications About the University of Phoenix2.4. a. My Program- When accessing my program you will have access to schedule and grades,transfer credits, program credits, official withdraw, academic catalog, and student code ofconduct. 3|Page
  • 4. University of Phoenix Website Overview 20122.4. b. Services- When accessing the services section you will have access to student workshops,GPA calculator, order transcripts, commencement, degree completion FAQ, office of disputemanagement, letter center, course waiver, university disability services, SASWeb – DoctoralDissertation, request for FERPA release, life resource center, and health insurance election form.2.4. c. Credit assessment services- When accessing the credit assessment services you will haveaccess to the prior learning assessment center, national testing programs, Berlitz languageprograms, and college and corporate transfer credits.2.4. d. Publications- When accessing the publications section you will gain access to the studentnotification of privacy rights, campus safety, library handbook, and online patriot2.4. e. About the University of Phoenix- When you access about the Universityof phoenix youwill gain access to the alumni association, alumni magazine, alumni mentoring, missionstatement, consumer information, careers at Apollo2.5AccountNote:For visual tour of website reference the attached slideshow. My account Payments2.5. a. My account- In this section you will have access to your profile, change your password,change your address/contact information, and student verification information.2.5. b. Payments- In this section you will have access to your account summary, paymenthistory, tax forms, and employer/tribal academic partnership program2.6Phoenix connectNote:For visual tour of website reference the attached slideshow.. 4|Page
  • 5. University of Phoenix Website Overview 2012 Overview University Directory Communities Groups Blogs Tutorials2.6. a. Overview- When you are accessing this area you will have access to your communitiesand groups and the community activity. With the community activity you are able to see yourcommunities and groups, friends, or posts from everyone in that group.2.6. b. University Directory- In this directory you are able to find anyone who is either a studentor faculty.2.6. c. Communities- When you go to this section you will be able to find communities thathave been set up in different areas to help with school life. These areas are learningcommunities, career and professional development, campus life, support communities, productlabs, and university library.2.6. d. Groups- When you access the groups tab you will have access to all of the groups thathave been started so far or you could also start one of your own.2.6. e. Blogs- When you access this section you will be able to look for blogs that have beenposted.2.6. f. Tutorials- When you access this section you will be able to receive direction on how towork your way through each aspect of the PhoenixConnect area. 5|Page
  • 6. University of Phoenix Website Overview 2012 6|Page