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Armenia June 2008 PDA Assessment for Save the Children USA
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Armenia June 2008 PDA Assessment for Save the Children USA


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Armenia PDA mobile data collection survey education data database

Armenia PDA mobile data collection survey education data database

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  • 1. PDA Assessment - Summary Armenia CO - January 2008
  • 2. PDA Assessment - Summary Armenia CO – January 2008 Objectives for Armenia CO: Conduct an assessment for the potential of mobile data collection technology using Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) Provide training in use of the hardware and software and evaluate with in-field visit. Provide data management recommendations
  • 3. PDA Project - Summary Armenia CO Activities Week One Yerevan Office –  Hardware and software training for Project Officers, M&E and IT personnel Field testing of NOVA/CSHF QIT and Followup Visit PDA forms in Saravan and Vayk of Vayotz Dzor Marz. Week Two Yerevan Office – • Final training and activity review
  • 4. Yerevan Training
  • 5. Yerevan Training
  • 6. Yerevan Training
  • 7. NOVA - Community Involvement in Health Care Services Continuous Self- Assessment Form COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IN HEALTH CARE SERVICES Continuous Self- Assessment Form Marz: Name of Community: Date: Answer key: 2=yes ; 1=yes, but sometimes, needs improvement; 0=no Measurable/Observable Sub-Indicators For Evaluation Baseline Mid-term Follow-up Accessibility Provider conducts home visits for postpartum care 1 Do providers conduct postpartum home visits? 2 Do physicians visit the community once per month or more? 3 Does the community members aware about physicians visits? Physician visits community once per month or 4 Do physicians take time to see patients in the clinic? more 5 Do physicians record visits to FAPs at the village mayor office? 6 Do physicians do home visits? 7 Do village mayors have transport available in case of an emergency of a communtiy member? Community has an emergency transport 8 Does the community members know that emergency transportation is available if required? 9 Are the working hours are explicitly announced or posted at FAP? Facility is open and available during working hours 10 Is FAP open and available during official hours? 11 Is the community aware of the free services offered? 12 Are information materials describing free servicesavailable at FAP? Community is aware of free services offered Do providers inform clients of their rights to free pregnancy care (visits, lab tests, ultrasound, delivery) 13 n the first visit by signing individual medical forms Dimension Score Community-Provider Relations Dimension 14 Do providers conduct health talks on the following subjects: STD/HIV/AIDS; FP; pregnancy care; Provider conducts health talks Immunization; common childhood illnesses, including diarrhea, ARI, fever 15 Do providers prepare for health talks (inform community, prepare agenda, organise location)? Provider is informed about the community he or Do providers know the socio-economic status of the community? (average incomes, numbers at-risk 16 she serves individuals, population considered officially vulnerable and able to get free services) 17 Do providers discuss client care with family members and others only according to client wishes? 18 Are client records kept secure and away from public access? All patient visits are private and confidential 19 Do clients believe that what they say will be kept private? Do facilities have private space so that counseling sessions, physical exams, and procedures cannot be 20 observed or overheard? 21 Do providers inform clients of their rights to privacy and confidentiality? Do all providers treat clients respectfully, including: greeting clients politely by name, asking clients' Doctors follow basic counseling skill protocols questions about how they feel and listening attentively, ensuring clients understand the information 22 with clients provided by asking follow up questions, making sure that clients understand their rights to free services, privacy and confidentiality, etc. 23 Do providers regularly communicate with community leaders and members? Village mayor supports activities of health facility 24 Does the local authorities (mayors) support the facility financially or in kind?
  • 8. Continuous Self- Assessment Form
  • 9. Continuous Self- Assessment Form Drop-down Lookup Lists reduce typing and ensure data accuracy
  • 10. Continuous Self- Assessment Form
  • 11. Continuous Self- Assessment Form
  • 12. Continuous Self- Assessment Form
  • 13. Continuous Self- Assessment Form
  • 14. Community Self-Help Fund Program Follow up Monitoring Report Form Follow-up Visit Form GENERAL INFORMATION: Project Officer/Mobilizer _____________________________ Marz____________________________ Network ________________________ Community ________________________ Date of visit_______________________ CONDITION OF FACILITY: I. Health facility upgraded/renovated __________ II. New facility established (temporary building/domik) _______ III. Electricity_______ IV. Water Running water______ Tank water______ V. Heating system_______ (please describe) _______________ VI. General condition of FAP: Floor: good ___ fair___poor___ Roof: good ___ fair___poor___ Windows: good ___ fair___poor___ Maintenance: good ___ fair___poor___ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________
  • 15. Followup Visit Form
  • 16. Followup Visit Form
  • 17. Followup Visit Form
  • 18. Followup Visit Form
  • 19. Followup Visit Form
  • 20. Followup Visit Form
  • 21. Followup Visit Form
  • 22. Followup Visit Form exitscreen: if answer == Y then show [RW] show [TW] goto [RW] else goto [HS] endif
  • 23. Followup Visit Form
  • 24. Followup Visit Form
  • 25. Followup Visit Form
  • 26. Followup Visit Form
  • 27. Followup Visit Form
  • 28. Vayots Dzor Field Testing - Saravan
  • 29. Saravan
  • 30. Vayk
  • 31. Vayots Dzor Field Testing - Vayk
  • 32. Vayots Dzor Field Testing - Vayk
  • 33. Vayk
  • 34. Vayk
  • 35. Vayk
  • 36. Noravank
  • 37. Collected Data Continuous Self- Assessment Form Do Facility Providers Has Suggest Education That Does Do Do al Are Are IEC Clients Facility Facility Does Facilities Providers Materials Education Materials Take Has Receive Received Have Maintain Available al Nicely Education Regular Essential Medicine Community Windows The For Materials Displayed al Inventory Medicine Cover All Provider That Facility Clients Available In An Area Materials Of On A Needs Of Accessibility Relation Environment Total Open And Appropria And At The Visible To On The Essential Regular Populatio Dimension Dimmension Dimension Dimension Close tely Protocols FAP Clients Way Out Medicine Basis n Score Score Score Score 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 21 28 20 69 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 15 23 22 60 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 21 23 23 67 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 16 17 22 55 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 21 22 24 67
  • 38. Collected Data Follow up Monitoring Report Form Health Facility Do You General Project Officer Communi Condition Upgraded New Facility Have RunningW UserName TimeStamp Information Mobilizer Marz Network ty Date1 Of Facility Repaired Established Electricity Water ater Provided area/ SC_0015 1/18/2008 0:15 Sofik Minasyan Vayots Dzor ayk V Saravan 1/18/2008 0:00 renovated Provided area/ SC_0018 1/18/2008 14:56 Guram Matiashvili Vayots Dzor ayk V 1/18/2008 0:00 Y renovated Y Y Y Provided area/ SC_0018 1/18/2008 14:53 Guram Matiashvili Vayots Dzor ayk V 1/18/2008 0:00 Y renovated Y SC_0018 1/18/2008 12:23 Guram Matiashvili Vayots Dzor ayk V Saravan 1/18/2008 0:00 Y Y Y Y Provided area/ SC_0007 1/18/2008 14:57 Vayots Dzor ayk V 1/18/2008 0:00 Y renovated Y Y Y Provided area/ SC_0007 1/18/2008 12:24 1/18/2008 0:00 Y renovated Y Y Y SC_0010 1/18/2008 12:35 Nune Soghomonyan Vayots Dzor ayk V Saravan 1/18/2008 0:00 Provided area/ SC_0010 1/18/2008 12:27 Nune Soghomonyan Vayots Dzor ayk V Saravan 1/18/2008 0:00 renovated Y Y Y
  • 39. Field Test Feedback Language issue Restricts PDA use by user Keyboard (large or small)/ input methods Learning curve will improve Coding of qualitative answers Copy & paste technique PDA’s accepted by respondents Better interviewer-to-respondent positioning Easily engaged than paper forms Quick, easy (excepting input method) Average 14% power usage over 2.3 hour use portable battery pack not needed
  • 40. Recommendations Conduct a PDA pilot in parallel with paper-based survey M&E indicators => database design => PDA form design Procure licensed copy of software and 1 additional PDA Continue to develop centralized data management strategy Evaluate GIS value – purchase licensed copy of Arc GIS w/ Spatial Analyst extension Gradually extend PDA data collection to additional program(s) that exhibit high paper usage and transcription costs) Increase value by sharing with NOVA and other partners Further comments….
  • 41. Qty Item Description Price 1 PDA (Ipaq 110) $255.00 1 2 gigabyte memory card (SDC) $42.00 1 mobile battery packs $98.00 Pendragon Forms software & 1 license 1 @ $54 ea. * $330.00 Total: $725.00 * Pendragon Forms software contains one PDA license