SixandCo : presentation WFA Toronto 03/25/07

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  • 1. The relation between consumers and advertisers in the Web 2.0 environment
    • Frédéric Colas, CEO of SixandCo
    • WFA Global Advertising Summit
    • Toronto – April 25th 2007
  • 2. The Digital Age Welcome to the Digital Age ! Where every aspect of social life can now be a digital experience
  • 3. The Digital Age Welcome to the Web 2.0 ! Where the internet moves from a giant information and shopping center to a worldwide network of communities with millions of active participants
  • 4. The Digital Age Welcome to the Web 2.0 ! How do the relations between Consumers and Advertisers evolve ?
  • 5. The Digital Age A power shift
  • 6. A Power Shift
    • The Web 2.0 has given consumers a voice, a publishing platform and a forum where their collective voices can be heard, shared and researched.
    Consumer Search Engine Forums Blogs CGC & Videos Brand site 1 Brand site 2 Internet portal Internet portal Online press Online press
  • 7. A Power Shift
    • Consumers massively express themselves and share opinions… including about brands and products
  • 8. A Power Shift
    • … And they trust more each other than they trust advertising
  • 9. A Power Shift
    • The New Marketing Dividing Line
    • Brand-Generated Communication
    • Vs
    • Consumer-Generated Content
    • … fighting for their share of influence over consumers’ purchase decisions
  • 10. The Digital Age New challenges
  • 11. New challenges
    • With more skeptical, more connected, more informed, more powerful consumers…
    • Advertisers need to :
      • Re-think their « official » brand communication to continue influencing consumers choices
      • Understand how to be part of the conversations in order to « influence » the Consumer-generated content
      • Leverage consumer participation to be more effective and relevant
  • 12. The Digital Age Re-building the Relation
  • 13. Re-building the Relation Balanced Transparent Interactive Collaborative Diverse
  • 14.
    • Co-creation:
      • Through dialogue and interaction, actively and deeply involving consumers and solicit ideas and participation in the creative process (product, advertising, customer services…)
      • The next generation of R&D, consumer research and creative process for agencies, all-in-one
    Re-building the Relation 1. Insight 2. Feedback 3. Co-ideation 4. Co-development Stages of Consumer Involvement
  • 15. Re-building the Relation
  • 16. A keyword to conclude CO Co -ownership Co llaborative Co -creation Co mmunities
  • 17. A few questions to finish with How to make your organization and culture compatible with dialogue ? How much control will you give up to your consumers ? Who is liable for the content ? How bold and open will you be when facing negative comments ?
  • 18. Thank you!
    • Frédéric Colas
    • [email_address]