SocialFlow Marketing Associate - proposal for joining team


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SocialFlow Marketing Associate - proposal for joining team

  1. 1. + Building out a comprehensive and interactive marketing strategy for SocialFlow A Proposal by Emily Chen
  2. 2. + Are you looking for a marketing associate who’s as passionate about optimizing networked sociality as these guys are?
  3. 3. + Roadmap I. What I will deliver II. How I am qualified to deliver effectively
  4. 4. + SocialFlow Marketing Goals Demystify networked communication Gather feedback about product Crowdsource suggestions for different use cases and implementation
  5. 5. + Whom are we communicating to ?
  6. 6. +CurrentSocialFlowclients
  7. 7. +Leaders inthe digitalmarketing/publishingspace
  8. 8. +Social MediaStrategists &CommunityManagers
  9. 9. +and anyone else whouses Twitter to shareinformation
  10. 10. + Deliverables
  11. 11. + Develop multimedia content that addresses: SocialFlow’s unique insights about the direction of social media optimization SocialFlow’s partnership developments Stuff our partners work on
  12. 12. + Case studies and engaging visualizations of networked communication in: brands sports Twitter TV news
  13. 13. and use this content to start as many+ conversations as possible (foster more user- generated content about SocialFlow)
  14. 14. In-depth Google Analytics analysis (eager to look at insights from audience segmentation) Quantitative FB + TwitterEvaluate Insightscontentstrategy andgenerate Social media listeningfrequent for sentiment analysisreports using:
  15. 15. +Look ataudience graphsto findopportunities toexpand brandreach.
  16. 16. + Work with Marketing Manager to decide how/if customized Facebook iFrame tabs fit into an interactive marketing strategy. - Plan and implement, if appropriate.
  17. 17. + Why me?
  18. 18. + for storytellingLoveand experience inpublishing has givenme strong intuitionabout- how to identify eachaudience- the bestcopy, interactivecontent, andconversations for eachplatform
  19. 19. +Passionate about usingquality content to buildcommunity- Almost accepted admission to M.S. in Digital Media at Columbia Journalism School- Videoblogged events for Performa ’09 and The L Magazine- attendee of Transmedia NYC meetups
  20. 20. + I’m highly organized. - Prepared entire video libraries at and for migration to Brightcove video player - Independently produced’s 2010 online holiday gift guide - Managed clothing samples for 5 simultaneous photo stories in Seventeen magazine 2009 Prom Issue
  21. 21. + Proficient in Photoshop:
  22. 22. + Love feedback: This is the first Powerpoint I’ve made and I look forward to making these vastly better!
  23. 23. And lastly, I want to learn about the development of SocialFlow and help as many+ people as possible to discover its use. Thank you in advance for considering me for the position of Marketing Associate.