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  • 1. BRANDING – Necessity for MSME Presented by M.SIVASUBRAMANIAN
  • 2. Meaning of Branding
    • Brands are a means of differentiating a company’s products and services from those of its competitors.
  • 3.
    • A brand is not:
    • a product
    • a company
    • a logo
    • :
    • A Brand is
    • a promise
    • an experience
    • a relationship
  • 4. Definition of Branding
    • “ A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these that identifies the maker or seller of a product or services.”
    • -Phillip Kotler
  • 5. Need for BRANDING
    • To convey that you are established.
    • To attract more clients.
    • To increase your credibility.
    • To be more memorable.
    • To stand out in your field.
    • To give clients a sense of stability.
  • 6. Benefits of Branding
    • Memorability
    • Loyalty.
    • Familiarity.
    • Premium price.
    • Creation of Goodwill
    • Lower marketing expenses.
    • For consumers, less risk.
  • 7. An Effective Brand Name
      • Is easy to pronounce
      • Is easy to recognize and remember
      • Is short, distinctive, and unique
      • Has a positive connotation
      • Reinforces the product image
      • Is legally protectable
  • 8. Types of Brand
    • There are two main types of brand – manufacturer brands and own-label brands.
    • Manufacturer brands
    • Private label brand
  • 9. Examples
    • Colgate Protection
    • Lux Glamour
    • Axe Sexual Attraction
    • Gillette Quality
  • 10. Why Is It Necessary?
    • Competition
    • Differentiation
    • Enables decision-making by prospective consumer
    • Pricing
  • 11.  
  • 12. MSME
    • Micro Medium Small Enterprise
  • 13.  
  • 14. Why Branding is Necessity for MSME
    • For a business to flourish, it is more than necessary to have a reputation in the market
    • Reputation calls for publicity and a BRAND is one of the most critical tools for this purpose
  • 15. Why Branding is Necessity for MSME
    • Besides your product or services, it is your BRAND that leaves an imprint on people’s minds and touches their hearts
    • An expressive BRAND makes people turn their heads and open their eyes.
  • 16. MSME
    • A small business, even a sole proprietorship, cannot survive without branding.
    • The idea that the brand must be just a website or logo is incorrect.
    • The brand can be the business name, or, in the case of a sole proprietor, even the name of the owner
  • 17. MacDonald
    • Have you ever wondered that the ‘M’ for MacDonald is displayed individually at prominent places and everyone easily identifies it!
  • 18. MacDonald
    • People relate the big Yellow M with MacDonald’s burgers as soon as they see it anywhere.
  • 19. Conclusion
    • Effective branding and value creation continue to represent the cornerstone of every successful company. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace for services, retaining a customer’s loyalty is critical. This puts more emphasis on the need for effective total brand management.
  • 20. Reference
    • Marketing management – Philip Kotler