Online php with oops & my sql & zend


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Online php with oops & my sql & zend

  1. 1. ONLINE PHP with OOPS & MySQL & ZEND Html / Xhtml Overview of Web Development o Client-side Programming o Server-side Programming Types of Webpages o Static Webpage o Dynamic Webpage o Server Webpage Types Of Languages o Programming Languages o Scripting Languages Introduction To HTML Structure Of HTML Tag o Empty Tag o Container Tag Basic Tags Attributes & Parameters Formating Tags Link Tags Marquee Tag List o Order List o Unorder List o Definition List Table Tag Form tags Frame Tag iframe Introduction To XHTML Difference Between HTML & XHTML Introduction To Doctypes W 3C Validations Cascading Stylesheet CSS o Introduction o Syntax
  2. 2. o Advantages Types of Stylesheets o External style sheet o Internal style sheet o Inline style Types of Selectors o Global o Class o Id o Grouped o Descendant Div's & Span tags Background o background-color o background-image o background-repeat o background-attachment o background-position Font o font-family o color o font-size o font-style o font-variant o font-weight Text o letter-spacing o Word-spacing o line-height o text-align o text-decoration o text-indent o text-transform o vertical-align o White-space Links o a:link o a:visited o a:hover o a:active Custom Cursors o Cursor Styles o Custom Cursors
  3. 3. o Using Custom Cursors Lists Tables Box Model o Border o outline o margin o padding Advanced o Dimension o Display o Positioning o Floating o Align o Pseudo-class o Pseudo-element o Navigation Bar o Image Opacity o Image Sprites o Media Types o Attribute Selectors o Don't Introduction to css3.0 JAVASCRIPT Introduction to javascript o Syntax o Statements o Comments Popup Boxes o Alert o Confirm o Prompt Variables, Arrays and Operators o Variables o Arrays  Associative Arrays  Array Properties and Methods Operators o Arithmetic o Assignment o Comparison o Logical
  4. 4. o Conditional Conditional Statements o if o if...else o if...else if...else o Switch Loops o while o do...while o for o Statement o Break Continue Events o Introduction o OnLoad and onUnload o onFocus, onBlur and onChange o onSubmit o onMouseOver..... Functions o Built-in Functions  Number(object)  String(object)  isNaN(object)  parseFloat() and parseInt() o Built-in Functions vs. Methods o User-defined Functions   Passing Values to Functions  A Note on Variable Scope  o Function Syntax Returning Values from Functions Built-in Objects  String  Math  Date  Boolean  Regexp  o Introduction  Create Object Methods and Properties  Methods  Properties  The Implicit window Object
  5. 5.  o The getElementById() Method Advanced javascript   cookies  o browser timing JavaScript Form Validation   Validating Radio Buttons  Validating Checkboxes  Validating Select Menus  o Basics of Form Validation Validating Textareas Working with Images  Image Rollovers   o Backward Compatibility Preloading Images Real-time Examples Beginning to PHP History & Versions Power of php What is PHP Installation and Configurations LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP, MAMP NetBeans IDE Installation In various operating systems Overview of NetBeans IDE Basics Basic Program PHP tags Comments Output function Data types php.ini settings Types of errors Variables Declarations Scope Super global variable Variables Constants Structures Magic Constants
  6. 6. Standard Predefined Constants Core Predefined Language User defined Constants Conditional Statements if if...else if...elseif....else switch Loops while do...while for foreach continue break Functions Creating Functions Passing Arguments by value Passing Arguments by Reference Recursive Function string functions include and require Statements Regular Expressions Validating textboxes, email, password, date, phone numbers, zipcode etc Creating custom regular expressions MySQL MySQL Introduction MySQL Installation MySQL Administration MySQL PHP Syntax MySQL Connection MySQL Create Database MySQL Drop Database MySQL Select Database MySQL Data Types MySQL Create Tables MySQL Drop Tables MySQL Insert Query MySQL Select Query
  7. 7. MySQL Where Clause MySQL Update Query MySQL Delete Query MySQL Like Clause MySQL Sorting Results MySQL Using Join MySQL NULL Values MySQL Regexps MySQL Transactions MySQL Alter Command MySQL Indexes MySQL Temporary Tables MySQL Clone Tables MySQL Database Info MySQL Using Sequences MySQL Handling Duplicates MySQL SQL Injection MySQL Database Export MySQL Database Import Working with the Files and Operating System Opening a file Reading a file Writing a file Closing a file Manuplating Directories Hard Disk Information Directory Functions Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes Errors Handling Using die() function Defining Custom Error Handling Function Possible Error levels Exceptions Handling Try, Throw, Catch Catch Custom Exceptions Date and Time Functions Getting the Time Stamp with time(): Converting a Time Stamp with getdate(): Converting a Time Stamp with date(): Date/Time Functions
  8. 8. Date/Time Constants Cookies Cookie Types of Cookies How to Create and Retrieve and Delete Cookies Sessions Session Variables Creating and Destroying a Session Retriving and Setting the Session ID Encoding and Decoding Session Data Auto-Login Recently Viewed Document Index PHP with MySQL CRUD Create_action Read_action Update_action Delete_action Uploading and Viewing and Downloading files Pagination Sending Emails with Autorespond and attachement User Registration Authenticate users with PHP Authenticate users with HTTP Protocols HTTP Headers and types Sending Mails using PHP Email with Attachment Chatting functionality,SMS Gateways and payment gateway integration PHP with XML What is XML Parsing an XML page Generating an XML page PHP with JSON
  9. 9. What is JSON JSON Functions Encoding JSON in PHP Decoding JSON in PHP Generating an JSON Page Web Services Why Web Services SOAP, REST Object Oriented Programming Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(), Constants, methods Encapsulation class Inheritance and types Polymorphism Constructor and Destructor Static Class Member, Instance of Keyword Accer modifiers Setters and Getters Static Modifier Constructors and Destructors Cloning and copy Objects Comparing Objects Helper Function Reflections What is AJAX Understanding DOM and XML Formats Understanding XML HTTP Requests Links with Ajax Working with Dynamic Forms Realtime Examples MVC Architecture DRUPAL JOOMLA Word Press Web Hosting Planning a web site
  10. 10. Project