Tokyo2.0-Women in the Web Industry in Japan


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Tokyo2.0-Women in the Web Industry in Japan

  1. 1. Women in the Web Industry Fumi Yamazaki
  2. 2. <The 3 questions raised by the steering committee> 1) Why there are less women than men in the web industry? 2) What are the opportunities? 3)What are some cool examples of successful women in the web industry and what can we learn?
  3. 3. 190,000 30->100 3->10 783(220) Company # of employee Public (TYO, NYSE, LSE) Private (VC-funded) Private (100% owned by DG) Public (JASDAQ) Type <Background> - From January, I am a freelance traveler (and a researcher/consultant/blogger, etc) NTT NTT East
  4. 4. Is the current web industry an attractive place for the women? -Are the works interesting for women? -Are women appreciated in web industry? -Do they have good chances? -Are there glass ceilings for promotion? - Industry /corporate culture/company size and stage - NTT / Interscope / Digital Garage / Technorati Japan -Is the labor environment supportive of women having families? - Maternaty leaves / paternaty leaves - Working with 190,000 employees / working with 2 others <Why there are less women in the web industry>
  5. 5. <Learning from the successful women-Tomoko Namba> Photo CC-BY Joichi Ito 1986 McKinsey 1988 Harvard Business School (1990MBA) 1996 partner at McKinsey 1999 Founded DeNA, started auction site “Bidders” 2005 DeNA went public (Mothers) 2006 DeNA started mobile game site “Mobage-town” 2007 DeNA got listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange
  6. 6. - What you want to do is the most important thing. - Experience as much as you can. Having a “successful experience” is extremely important. - Attract good people. Those good people will attract other good people. <takeaways from Namba-san>
  7. 7. NTT->NTT Communications Recruit (marketing planner for All About Japan) Founded AI-land <Learning from the successful women- Risa Aihara > VERY focused on “women” - Women's Mailing List “LIFE” (1,300 members, women only) - Gap between “What the women expects on online shops” vs   ” what men are creating” drew lots of attention - Books about online shopping written through our mailing list. Recipe Blog Kosodate Style - Websites that makes women happy OL gourmet hunters Hon-cafe -Websites that collects womens' voices (restaurants, books)
  8. 8. - Think about what you like, what you want. Your own sense is important. - Create what you want as a user. - There is always the “right size” for projects. <takeaways from Risa>
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