Niyum framework


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The first php framework by khmer developer

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Niyum framework

  1. 1. Niyum Framework Presented by: Sitthykun LY Email: / Tel: (+855)12 3060 49 / (+855)95 7788 39
  2. 2. Content• History• Why Framework• Which Framework(Make decision)• Concepts  MVC  ORM  URL Mapping• References• Thanks you Niyum Framework
  3. 3. History• In during I’d worked in a Company. My boss suggested me to learn Mootools (javascript Framework) to help him to develop a Mcdonal web site and Others.• A project required to install Spring Framework to do the website so he need me to joint the team.• I asked myself, why did he use the framework instead of raw coding?• I’ve learnt and tested many frameworks. And I desired I will create my own framework in the future. Niyum Framework
  4. 4. Why Framework• Because of we’ve not written lots of statements again and again.• Time is limited(we have to set deadline).• We get more and more tasks everyday.• We need libraries and/or Classes.• We need standard code.• We need shorter.• …. Niyum Framework
  5. 5. Which Framework(Make decision)• Before we will select a framework – Must be known a project’s scope. – Must be analyzed and select a model• Select a framework – Must be known the strong and weak points – Heavy or light Niyum Framework
  6. 6. Which Framework(Make decision) (cont.) • (Java) Spring, Struts, … • (Python) Django, Web2py, … • (PHP) CakePHP, Zend, … • (Ruby) Ruby on Rail, Gems, … • (Javascript) Jquery, Mootools, … • … Niyum Framework
  7. 7. Concepts Niyum Framework
  8. 8. Concepts (cont.)• MVC – Model View Controller – The main aim of the MVC architecture is to separate the business logic and application data from the presentation data to the user. – Here are the reasons why we should use the MVC design pattern. • They are reusable : When the problems recurs, there is no need to invent a new solution, we just have to follow the pattern and adapt it as necessary. • They are expressive: By using the MVC design pattern our application becomes more expressive. Niyum Framework
  9. 9. Concepts (cont.)• MVC->Graphic Niyum Framework
  10. 10. Concepts (cont.)• Controller Niyum Framework
  11. 11. Concepts (cont.)• View Niyum Framework
  12. 12. Concepts (cont.)• Model Niyum Framework
  13. 13. Concepts (cont.)• ORM – Object Relationship Model • Object: An object is any unique person, place, or thing, either physical or conceptual.(Class: Template of object) • Model: Table of database Niyum Framework
  14. 14. Concepts (cont.)• ORM->Example:tbl_menu(id, menu, link, publiced, group_id, parent_id, level, order_id, access_level, target, hits) Niyum Framework
  15. 15. Concepts (cont.)• URL Mapping – URL mapping tests take an application relative URL, and assert that; it is mapped to a controller and/or action or view, the params contained within the URL are extracted as expected, and that the destination actually exists. Niyum Framework
  16. 16. Concepts (cont.)• URL Mapping->Example Niyum Framework
  17. 17. References•••• Niyum Framework
  18. 18. Thanks you : ) Niyum Framework
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