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How to Create an Online Brand Through Search


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This presentations uses a number of examples and quotations to demonstrate relevant factors in deciding on your branding and marketing strategy for your online company.

This presentations uses a number of examples and quotations to demonstrate relevant factors in deciding on your branding and marketing strategy for your online company.

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  • 1. How to Create an Online Brandthrough SearchDaytona 2012
  • 2. How to Create an Online TextBrand through Search
  • 3. How to Create an Online Text TextBrand through Search
  • 4. How to Create an Online TextBrand for Search
  • 5. My Four Branding TextHeroes...
  • 6. David Ogilvy
  • 7. Dave Trott
  • 8. Mark Earls
  • 9. David Hepworth
  • 10. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  • 11. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  • 12. David Ogilvy
  • 13. pictomag.
  • 14. The consumer isn’t a moron; she isyour wife.
  • 15. If you ever have the good fortune tocreate a great advertisingcampaign, you will soon see anotheragency steal it.This is irritating, but don’t let itworry you; nobody has ever built abrand by imitating somebody else’sadvertising. woodleywonderworks
  • 16. It takes a big idea to attract theattention of consumers and getthem to buy your product.Unless your advertising contains abig idea, it will pass like a ship inthe night. I doubt if more than onecampaign in a hundred contains abig idea.
  • 17. If it doesnt sell, it isnt creative. AMagill
  • 18. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  • 19. Dave Trott
  • 20. adewale_oshineye
  • 21. People buy a product for what itDOES.But they buy a brand for what itSAYS about them bucklava
  • 22. Every purchase decision is acombination of ‘desire’ and‘permission’ emiliokuffer
  • 23. Over 2,000 years ago, Democritussaid, “The mind is not a vessel to befilled, but a fire to be ignited.” Sean Rogers1
  • 24. Maurice Saatchi used to say,“I don’t have to win. I just have tomake you lose.” timtak
  • 25. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  • 26. Mark Earls
  • 27. paulisakson
  • 28. We use the brains of others to thinkfor us & as a place to storeknowledge about the world; almosteverything we know & do involvesshared knowledge from past &present people—billions of themby now. Beige Alert
  • 29. We are beset with emotions andcognitive biases, and much of thetime we avoid thinking altogether. Rennett Stowe
  • 30. The trick is to create something ofsocial meaning above and beyondthe product or service. GregTheBusker
  • 31. We do what we do largelybecause of our interactionwith - and under theinfluence of - others.And mostly without realizing it Ed Yourdon
  • 32. David,Dave,Mark,David.
  • 33. David Hepworth
  • 34. DonkeyHotey
  • 35. The Mail is the most-visitednewspaper site in theworld- because its found thatit can do just as well outof provoking itsopponents as in pleasingits fans. Treginefabext
  • 36. Beginning an email with the words‘I’m an unsigned artist’ is likesaying‘I’m an unemployed chef’”Surely announcingyourself as "unsigned"is a classic case of leadingwith a feature that isnt abenefit dullhunk
  • 37. Great records creep up on you likefriendship. The things that makethem great records are often notobvious on firstacquaintance.Most cakes havethe sameingredients.Only the goodones rise. Rubyran
  • 38. You learn to work like you learnmost other things, at first bycopying and then by graduallybuilding your own style. letmehearyousaydeskomdeskom
  • 39. fin.