OSBDC Social Media 101

OSBDC Social Media 101



What small businesses need to know about getting started with social media and how it can impact their business.

What small businesses need to know about getting started with social media and how it can impact their business.



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OSBDC Social Media 101 OSBDC Social Media 101 Presentation Transcript

  • About Today… Download This Presentation on SlideShare We’re here to help… Toward the end of day Consultations at your convenience
  • What We’ll Cover… 1. Why Business Should Engage in Social Media 2. How is it Beneficial 3. How to Begin 4. Tips and Best Practices
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social Media in the Workplace Common Objections: •  It’s a passing fad •  We can’t control what happens in social media •  We can’t control what our own people will say
  • Social Media in the Workplace Where to start: •  Social Media Engagement Policy •  Training •  Monitoring
  • Where to start •  Don’t get overwhelmed – you don’t need to do it all •  Focus on areas where your clients and prospects engage •  Start simple & make it effective •  Once you are comfortable in one, try another
  • How to BeginDefine Your Objectives•  What are your goals?•  Who is your audience?•  How often can you consistently interact?•  What type of information do you wish to share?
  • Facebook at a Glance•  618 million daily active users• 3.5 billion pieces of content (photos, videos, web links, etc) sharedeach day• Each user shares, on average, 415 pieces of content per year•  24% of user base 35-54 years old •  58% women •  42% men• The biggest growth of any age group from 2011 to 2012 was 45-54year-olds
  • Why Should You Engage?•  The 3 most important reasons small businesses leverage social media are: 1.  Connecting with customers 2.  Visibility 3.  Self-promotion•  70% of local businesses today are using Facebook•  47% of users say that Facebook had the greatest impact on their purchase behavior•  58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing
  • Connect With the End-User The power of sharing...
  • Facebook How-To’s 3 Cover Photo Benchmarking Shortened url
  • Cover Photo
  • Administrative Powers
  • Shortened URL
  • Other Ways to Grow Facebook ads Promote a post Run a contest
  • Make Facebook Work for YOU! •  Develop a unique voice & relate to your audience •  Have diverse content •  Ask for what you want •  Be consistent •  Benchmark
  • •  Since the beginning of Twitter there has been over 163 billion tweets sent •  In 2012, an average of 175 million tweets were sent from Twitter everyday in the US •  The average twitter user spends about 23 minutes a day checking tweets
  • Demographics and Usage •  53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets •  73% of Americans trust information and advice from Twitter •  31% of US Consumers have searched a hashtag they saw on TV
  • •  69% of follows on Twitter are suggested by friends •  79% of US twitter uses are more likely to recommend brands they follow •  67% of US twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow •  Only 26% of businesses frequently include calls to action in their tweets – 49% never include a call to action
  • Build Your Community Search Twitter for: 1.  Brands 2.  People 3.  Keywords
  • ReTweet•  Great way to connect with people you want to engage with.•  Don t just RT. Add value to the conversation.
  • Hash Tags (#)#joltbolt
  • Management Tools
  • Overview •  Over 200 Million members •  Business professionals •  79% are 35+ years old •  Linkedin promotes: •  Business intelligence •  Business development •  Creation of business relationships •  Conversation •  As of 9/30/12 professionals are joining at a rate of 2/second •  50 million new members in 2011vs 6 years to add first 50 million
  • Personal Profiles
  • Leverage Your Personal Profiles •  Establish a personal presence •  Connect with customers and other businesses •  Demonstrate your expertise
  • Company Profile
  • 5 tips to growing your business on Linkedin •  Share content and make updates •  Create groups and participate in discussions •  Build key relationships •  Add Linkedin button to your website •  Monitor your competitors
  • •  2nd largest search engine in the world•  Every minute 72 hours of video areuploaded to YouTube•  Reasons marketers use YouTube: •  66% for Content Marketing •  49% for Search Engine Optimization •  69% for Branding •  54% for Social Media engagement •  14% for Customer Service•  More than 20% of global YouTubeviews are on mobile devices
  • Getting Started
  • Uploading Video
  • Annotations
  • Friends & Subscribers
  • Engagement
  • Take Aways •  Establish a Presence •  Be consistent •  Engage •  Monitor, Track, Benchmark
  • http://bit.ly/OswegoSBD
  • • Jessica Harris• Senior Internet Marketing Specialist jessicaharris@site-seeker.com Phone: (315) 732-9281 x16 Site-Seeker, Inc. ♥ 2013