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Navigating the New YouTube; Jolt & Bolt 12_15_2011


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Maximize the new YouTube in the New Year! YouTube has new look and feel and a new way to measure what's happening. …

Maximize the new YouTube in the New Year! YouTube has new look and feel and a new way to measure what's happening.

This presentation covers 1) what the new look means to you, 2) how to maximize the changes, and 3) what the new analytics tells you about your video community.

Visit and be sure to sign up for our 15 minute search and social webinar series that broadcasts every Thursday at 10am EST. Go to to reserve your spot today!

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  • BRIAN: Why not join us every Thursday at 10 am. Reserve your spot by registering at…
  • BRIAN: Copy of the power point will be available at
  • BRIANContact Kathy with any questions or comments:Kathy HokunsonVice President Sales &
  • Transcript

    • 1. The New YouTube Channel Pages & Insights presented by Kathy Hokunson December 15, 2011presents
    • 2. The New Channel DesignAccording to • More streamlined and consistent design • Easier way to find and view videos • New, more flexible layouts for featured content • Structured to keep your audience engaged even when you don’t have new uploads Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 3. What doesn’t change?• Videos• Playlists• Comments• Subscribers• Likes• Account Settings• About this user• Title• Tags• Visibility• Redirect URL’s• Vanity URL’s• Tracking Pixels• Google Analytics ID Number• Avatar• Background Images Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 4. Opting In Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 5. New Tabs Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 6. Appearance Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 7. Info and Settings Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 8. Featured Tab Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 9. The “Everything” Layout Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 10. Switching Back Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 11. Today’s BOLT BUZZ WORD CHANNEL Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 12. NEW! YouTube Analytics According to YouTube . . . • Strategy: – Use YouTube Analytics regularly to assess your channel’s performance, and investigate changes or trends across different metrics. • Why It Works: – YouTube Analytics provides actionable intelligence for creators to make better videos, implement or measure optimizations and develop more strategic programming. • How To Do It: – Gain fluency in YouTube Analytics product. Routinely assess channel’s performance and make changes to content or strategies based on performance analytics. Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 13. Where To Find Analytics Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 14. What’s Being Reported• Views Reports – Views – Demographics – Playback Locations – Traffic Sources – Audience Retention• Engagement Reports – Subscribers – Likes and Dislikes – Favorites – Comments – Sharing Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 15. Views Reports Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 16. Engagement Reports Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 17. So what??? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 18. ResourcesContent today was resourced from several excellent sources: – YouTube Blog – Mashable – ReelSeo YouTube Channel – Hubspot – Marketwire Access all the links at this link bundle: Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 19. Questions? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 20. Reserve your weekly spot today! Register at Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 21. Download the Slide Deck @ Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 22. Thank you for joining us! Don’t forget to enter today’s BOLT BUZZ WORD at You could win a $50 Gift Card! Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011
    • 23. Need more info? Site-Seeker, Inc. 2011